Archived Testimonials

  • No problems at all, she was an absolute pleasure to drive, started up no worries at all without the choke. It will always be a memorable moment in my life having such an authentic classic like Holly-Rose for a few days to enjoy like she was mine. Hopefully one day the new wife will let me have the 73 XB 2 door I have always dreamed of now she got to experience an old classic. Jason April 2021
  • Matt and I had a lovely time!! The car drove beautifully and the booking etc was seamless. Thank you so much. Jane April 2021 (Blanche)
  • We had a fantastic day, enjoyed by us all. Highly recommend to anyone. Nick and Rob were wonderful to deal with. Thank you. Sue April 2021 (Sally)
  • We all had a really great time and no issues with the car. Look forward to doing it again another time. Sam April 2021 (Rocky)
  • Bertie was so much fun to drive for our wedding! We’ll definitely look at getting her again in future (maybe our anniversary?) The process of picking of picking up the car was painless & easy. Thank you for a great experience! Konrad April 2021
  • Absolutely no issues at all. A great trip down memory lane. Mitch April 2021 (Blanche)
  • I had such a great day out with Charley and I will definitely hire again for a day and maybe even a couple of days. Michael was friendly, helpful and relaxed. He explained everything – the quirks, how to use the overdrive and the hose when refilling. It was really such a pleasure to drive and I would absolutely love to own one. This is the next best thing though, maybe even a better option actually! I will be a repeat customer and am so grateful to be able to so. Rachel April 2021
  • Thanks so much, Stanley was great fun! So fantastic! We didnt have any problems at all, although we struggled with the Miles/Hr a little at first. We had a fabulous time and the car was in such perfect condition, it was a real head turner. Alysha March 2021
  • I had the best time. I have wanted to drive an E-type since I was a kid – ticked that box. We drove out to Wisemans Ferry for lunch, and a few other places. Penelope behaved herself beautifully. Definitely a cruiser. Harder work to drive in the city but no problems at all. Thank you for trusting me with your car. Terry March 2021
  • There were no problems at all with any aspect of hiring Stanley, the owner was very accommodating in changing the pick up time in the morning. He also gave me a very good run down about the car prior to driving out for the day. The day out with Stanley was great in every way, the car was presented in immaculate condition, was my first time ever in driving a MGB. Have been passenger few times, was great car to drive. Jozef March 2021 (Windsor)
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the day’s drive and experienced fine and wet weather, so I had some practice putting on the soft top to stay dry. This is the closest I will get to having an MGB which I have been fond of for many years. Geoffrey March 2021 (Gloria)
  • We had a great time in the car, loved every part of it. Communication was great and easy to rearrange the day because of weather. I have sent your website to other friends who saw what we did and wanted to know more. Jon March 2021
  • Thank you so much. Joe was a great guy and the car was incredible. Still can’t wipe the smile off my face. Thank you thank you thank you. Callum March 2021 (Stanley)
  • We had a great day in Rocky. It was a birthday present for my partner who is a Mustang fanatic. She was a bit hesitant to hop behind the wheel to start with but once she did I couldn’t get her out. The only problem I had is now she wants one of her own more than ever. Thanks for the opportunity to drive your car. Steve March 2021
  • All went well. It did make me realise how much modern cars have advanced since the 70s and 80s when my wife and I owned a MG Midget. Apart from the relatively heavy steering (I’m too used to power steering!) and the difficulty putting the roof up and down again, we thoroughly enjoyed our day out. Ross March 2021 (Charley)
  • My wife and I had an absolutely great day with Stanley recently. We drove up to Healesville for the day, creating a good deal of interest, both on the road and wherever we stopped. It was great fun to drive this beautiful vehicle and many memories came back to me of long ago, when at age 19, I bought and drove a 1961 MGA! I cannot thank and compliment Stanley’s owner (Joe) enough for his Pre-Drive comments and assistance as I picked up the car that morning. The beautiful car was immaculate inside and out and this was also noted by several onlookers during the day. Thanks again Joe for your time, expertise and knowledge which added so much to our experience. The whole day turned out to be a memorable, fabulous time!
    Daryl February 2021
  • Thank you for arranging the hire of Madeline, my partner loved the experience and frankly so did I. Christian February 2021
  • I am John, Olivia’s dad. I am the one that drove Sally the Mustang for the day. I was given this as a gift from my girls for my birthday. WOW!! Are the first words that came to mind. I was a little nervous I have to say thinking about having to drive someone else’s pride and joy around. When we got there the owner made us feel very relaxed and welcome and he explained everything about the car and its temperaments and do’s and dont’s. I was very relaxed by the time I got in the car and being that the car was obviously a daily drive car and was not showroom condition I felt even more relaxed. So much so I felt comfortable driving the car almost immediately. It has been a dream to someday own a classic car like this one day so this gave me a great insight to what it would be like. It had a great presence on the road and the rumble it gave with the V8 engine was awesome!! It certainly turned heads everywhere we went and it was a pleasure to drive an old mustang like “Sally”. The girls loved it and were enjoying every minute with the wind in their hair and the sunshine to boot!! We took her through the Swan valley, Guildford, around the city, Northbridge, Kings Park and around the beach through Fremantle and the marina at North Coogee. It was a hot 34 degree day but we still enjoyed the top off the car and enjoyed every minute we had with the Mustang. We absolutely loved the day we had and it was bloody awesome!!! Thanks again for a great idea of providing Vintage and Classic cars for the everyday person to drive and enjoy and I can’t thank my girls enough for the great present and day they gave me!! John February 2021
  • We had a great time !!! Peter was a great host, very informative as well as easy to liaise with as needed. Thanks for the experience!! Jodie February 2021 (Windsor)
  • We had a great time in the MGB. Went up through Yea to Alexandra and returned the same way. The ran without missing a beat there and back. When we went to pick it up the car was spotless and in excellent condition the owner should be very proud of it. We found Joe to be very helpful and explained everything to us in a clear and precise manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone it is something I can now tick off my bucket list. John February 2021 (Stanley)
  • t was a lovely day out in Pip and a nice surprise for my partner Jo. The owner was really nice and very passionate about his cars. Jason February 2021
  • We loved Ronnie – definitely will take him for a spin again!! No problems at all! He was perfect for our wedding. Thank you for allowing us to hire him and thank you for being so flexible and making things work for us. Nadine February 2021
  • We had a great time and plan to do it again. Kim February 2021 (Charley)
  • We had a fabulous day out with Sally. My husband was so thrilled with the day he has told all his friends about vintage classic car hire. We were given lots of information on the car and felt reassured and comfortable driving her. A thoroughly enjoyable day. Julia February 2021
  • It was an awesome drive and I had no issues with the mustang. Definitely will be taking it out again in the future. Andrew February 2021 (Black Mamba)
  • We really enjoyed the Mustang, it is a beautiful car, the engine has a great sound. We got a lot of attention when we were driving it. I know it is a 50+ old car and it is in amazing condition, everything was awesome. Szilvia February 2021 (Windsor)
  • It was absolutely amazing. We had a great time and no issues at all!! Tahnee February 21 (Rocky)
  • Sharkie was a great car to drive. Loved cruising in him and definitely will be taking him out again. He’s a real head turner. Thank for a great 24 hours. John February 21
  • Stanley was perfect! Lovely day! Sarah January 21
  • Holly-Rose was amazing, JR was terrific. The day was beautiful and we had no problems whatsoever. We honestly couldn’t have asked for a better experience, so thank you. Michelle January 21
  • We had a wonderful time. It made my wife’s day that much more special. Rocky is such a beautiful car and we felt very special for a day. Just made me wish I had the forethought and kept my muscle cars I had in my younger years. Jason is a good bloke and very easy to deal with. Tim January 21
  • We had a lot of fun with Matilda and she ran flawlessly. Thanks again for putting up with all our messing around re this booking! Simon January 21
  • It was so much fun, loved it. I took the family for a drive to Toodyay, we all loved it. Lots of laughs, cause I stalled it twice. It was great. Ken January 21 (Jessie)
  • We hired Ronnie for our daughters wedding – which turned out to be a wonderful occasion and made even more special with the presence of Ronnie. Ronnie managed to attract a lot of attention as I am sure that he does wherever he goes – and that is ideal for a bride!! Vic January 21
  • The day out with Sally was fun and enjoyable, nice to have the wind in ya hair. The pick up and drop off was easy and friendly. A great day out. Kevin December 20
  • We had a great day out driving Rocky the Mustang. We did have some rain in the morning but managed a roof down drive in the afternoon. We took lots of photos and my wife enjoyed dressing in some 70’s outfit to remind us of those early days. Thanks for being flexible with dates. The owner was also flexible with times and gave us good advice on a breakfast spot before the drive. Well done and thanks. Dennis December 20
  • The day out with Sally was fun and enjoyable, nice too have the wind in ya hair. The pick up and drop off was easy and friendly. It was a great day out. Kevin December 20
  • We had a great day, thank you! My husband thoroughly enjoyed driving the car. Helen December 20 (Bertie)
  • It was fantastic! Went from Docklands to Apollo Bay. Stanley is a little hard to start in the cold mornings but once warm we had a ball. Many thanks for great service. Il be back. Jerome December 20
  • We had a great day out with Ronnie. My brother in law who is 88 has always wanted a Jag and never bought one. Ronnie had a good trip down the freeway to Bowral, then we took Graeme out for a drive in the country and he LOVED IT !! The smile on his face was a delight to see – and we had one of the photos enlarged to about 400 mm x 300 mm and sent it to him which he also loved. Ronnie behaved impeccably – well, he’s Pommie isn’t he. I loved driving him, on the way home a guy in a new F Type gave me a toot and cheery wave. Hopefully we will use your services again one day. Roger December 20
  • We had a great day in the car. We went to lunch at Palm Beach (luckily before this Covid cluster). The car itself was fantastic. Just the sound of that exhaust when you squeezed the throttle a bit – was such a joy. And I was surprised at the relatively small amount of fuel that we used. It was easy to drive and we got a lot of looks. There were no problems with the car at all. The owner was so very helpful as well, and easy going. We will do it again one day. Martin November 20 (Black Mamba)
  • We had such a wonderful day out with Penelope. She performed beautifully and has left us with some very lovely memories. Hayley November 2020
  • We enjoyed our road trip with Pip. The MG is a lovely vintage to drive and overall we had a great day. Leanne November 2020 
  • We had a amazing day with Charley. It was the best birthday present ever. I’ve always loved Red MG sports cars and to have one to ourselves for the day was such a buzz. From the moment I sat in the car and the engine started I felt so excited. We went through the National Park to Wollongong along the coast, we were in another lifetime! We had a ball. Thank you for showing us the ways of Charley and the amazing opportunity to drive him.
    Fiona and David November 2020
  • We had a great time driving the Shelby Cobra. I bought the experience for my partner’s birthday on Red Balloon and he absolutely loved it and won’t stop raving on about it! It’s one of his top 3 ultimate cars he has always wanted to drive (we have also taken your Jaguar e-type for a day hire as well). The car had a lot of power and talk and definitely attracted a lot of attention. Thanks again for giving us access to be able to drive this amazing car.
    Elisa November 2020 (Shelley)
  • My girlfriend and I had a fantastic time driving Jessie despite a couple of minor mechanical hiccups (just not that familiar with this type of vehicle) which added to the whole adventure 😀 Thanks again for the opportunity to drive this classic car and for the wonderful service demonstrating the features of the car. Glenn November 2020
  • Had a fantastic day out with Penelope. She is a beauty. I loved the open air driving experience that she gave us as she purred along the twisting roads. Best Sunday drive by far. Thank you very much. Alan November 2020
  • The car was awesome and drives like a dream. We will definitely rent Charley again as my wife fell in love. Thanks. Chris December 2020
  • Sonia and I had a great time with Blanche. All went well with a nice drive to Blackheath, top down, a picnic lunch at Glovett’s Leap then onto the other side of the highway to a lookout over the Megalong Valley. The drive home was via the Bells Line of Road through Bulpin and Kurrajong, and still manager to return Blanche by 6:00pm. The car ran well with very few problems and was an eye turner. There were even a couple of passengers in a number of passing cars taking photographs. Thank you for a wonderful experience. John October 2020
  • We thoroughly enjoyed the day with Charley. No problems with the car. Thanks for organising. Clive October 2020
  • Taking Pip out was great! Was really good being able to drive myself and best man to my wedding and showing up in style. The owner, Rob, was really helpful too and made it all too easy. Rod October 2020
  • Gloria is beautiful and was a great experience, thank you. Kayla October 2020
  • We loved taking the Mustang up the mountains to Binna Burra, then cruising the coastal strip from Main Beach to Burleigh. The car purred and took us back to the 60’s in our hey day. We picked up the car exactly the time quoted and handover went very smoothly. Have recommended classic cars to friends. Brian October 2020 (Stella)
  • We had an amazing day with the Black Mamba. My Husband loved it! We had many admirers during the day! Peter and his wife were lovely and so accommodating to our family and our plans for the day. Friends and family have asked what company we went through and I’ve been sure to pass on your details. Jo October 2020
  • Our time with Sally was problem-free and most enjoyable. The instruction by the owner was both helpful and interesting which made for a top day. Doug October 2020
  • No problems. Thoroughly enjoyed the day. My son and I had a wonderful day driving thru the Royal National Park and down the Illawarra coast. Barry October 2020 (Charley)
  • Thanks so much, she was so much fun to drive! Great memories 😊 Reena September 2020 (Pip)
  • I LOVED my time with James and hopefully can take him out again another time. The instructions were very well received and made for an easy hire. We loved the long ride and found the top down more comfortable than I thought! We had a little trouble getting the top back on (as I had the lesson on getting it off) but we managed it fine. Loved by us all. Caz September 2020
  • We had a wonderful day cruising around the city with the wind in our hair. It was great fun and now all our friends want to try it too! Denise September 2020 (Windsor)
  • Mum and I had a fabulous time, thanks. Gloria was very easy to drive and lots of fun. I would do it again. The whole process was very easy. I did put a positive comment on one of the related sites. Thanks and cheers. Ashlea September 2020
  • My boyfriend and I had such a fantastic time driving Blanche around. It was amazing. We enjoyed playing some old music (including Bond soundtracks) and enjoying the wind in our hair. He also enjoyed being thrown in the deep end learning how to drive the car so quickly. Lots of fun. It was awesome. Thanks so much. Beth September 2020
  • Gloria was just great, and we had a pretty good time. Tymon was very helpful. and we appreciated the time that he gave us to show us some of the other impressive machines that he had. Shane August 2020
  • I have 2 high performance cars but the wife wants a red convertible mustang, so I thought I would give her one for a day (Windsor) to see if she likes it. It was a winner and the car didn’t miss a beat. looks like I will be investing in one soon. Darren August 2020.
  • Organising Charley for the day was easy. When I turned up in the morning to collect him, Keith the owner was more than eager to tell me all about the history of the car and how to use it. Driving charley was super easy and was a definite attention grabber from everyone. Light and zippy, we didn’t want to give him back at the end of the day! Dan August 2020
  • I can’t stress enough how amazing our experience was (Holly-Rose). JR played along with the surprise and his partner Ange went out of her way to get my partner’s reaction on film and take photos of us. The whole arrangement worked so smoothly, and even at short notice I really appreciated that JR was able to accomodate us. The car was in wonderful condition and we didn’t have any problems driving, especially after taking it around the block and having everything explained to us. Overall, a wonderful and memorable experience. We had a really special day! Elizabeth August 2020
  • Ronnie performed well & I really enjoyed hiring the Mk2 Jag which despite being an old car was a pleasure to drive on the open road. Just the thing for cruising around the Southern Highlands over the Long Weekend. Bill July 2020
  • We had a great time in James. Hubby loved the surprise for his 50th. Keith was an awesome owner and we had everything we needed. Cheers, Libby July 2020
  • We had a fabulous experience thanks! The owner contacted me the day before and shared great directions where to go to pick up Jessie. He was flexible re the time and was waiting by the car when we arrived. The Mustang was pretty original, clean and ready to go and proved reliable throughout the day. Johnny loved his birthday present – the car was so cool, everywhere we drove people waved or hooted, one guy took a photo of us in it! We had the best day, one Johnny will remember of his time in Perth forever. Thanks so much for organising this for us. Gabriella July 2020
  • Jurgen was fantastic thanks! Loved the car. Thanks so much! We will definitely use again! Alex July 2020
  • Stella was great! Thanks. Bec July 2020
  • Was a great day out in Matilda, the car ran really well and was a pleasure to drive. Keith was wonderful as well. Marcello July 2020
  • It was a really good day in Jurgen and a really good surprise. Many thanks. Claire July 2020
  • We had an absolute ball with Daisy. Such a wonderful little mini. No issues at all at all to report. The weather could have been a little nicer but that didn’t stop her 🙂 Tim July 2020
  • Thank you for the ride for the weekend! We had a great time. Other than the fact, my partner now wants to buy one, we were very happy with everything. Stacy March 20 (Black Mamba)
  • We had a great day out with Roger the MG. Went to the botanical gardens at Mt Tomah. MG ran sweet.Terry is a true gentleman! We will book him again! Dave March 20
  • I just wanted to let you know how happy we were with Brucie. My dad had an amazing day. Thank you so very much. Beck March 20
  • Had a great experience with Stanley. Hoping to hire some other cars in the future. Salih March 20
  • We had a great time in Road Runner and a beautiful tour of the Great Ocean Road. Like all vintage cars it had its quirks and a brilliant car on the open road. Pick up / drop off was super quick and easy too. Thanks so much for facilitating everything! Roger and Kymberley March 20
  • Just wanted to say that we had heaps of fun on our drive in the mustang on Sunday! The process was smooth and very well run between you and Mick. Thank you! Rita March 20 (Windsor)
  • We had a great day with Rocky. My partner was suitably surprised! Lindi March 20
  • I just wanted to thank you for our Sophia joy ride. Stephen enjoyed himself immensely. Thank you to you for being so accommodating, friendly and approachable. We all enjoyed our time in Sophia. Emma even spoke at School about her ride in a Ferrari. Leanne March 20
  • Had a ball today in your Black Mamba, really appreciate you giving your time to us. Something we will never forget. Will be back one day soon with our kids if you’re still rocking these awesome machines. Thank you and best wishes.  Rameth March 20
  • We had a great experience driving the MG. Rob’s initial briefing was very thorough and highlighted the most important stuff. The weather was great and it was wonderful to enjoy the beauty of the Perth hills in such an iconic vehicle. A day to remember which lived up to our expectations. Peter and Anne February 20 (Pip)
  • Just want to say had a great day yesterday with the MGB & the owner was fantastic, car & day was great, thanks. Brad February 20 (James)
  • It was a pleasure to drive Sally for the day, and most importantly the kids loved it and made an entrance at their ball. I really enjoyed driving her (sounded awesome) and certainly hit the mark for what we hired her for. Rob was a pleasure to deal with, and flexible with times even I though I was about 15mins late to drop her home (couldn’t find a petrol station!). Dan February 20 (Sally)
  • We had a blast! Really loved having the car, it was amazing! Our best friends are going to rent the car for their wedding in November. Emma February 20 (Windsor)
  • The car was great! Absolutely enjoyed it. It’s great driving through the countryside and leaving modern technology behind for a little bit. Everything worked without hiccups. Arne February 20 (Black Mamba)
  • The MGB hire for the day was a present from my family for my 80th Birthday. I took my wife for a run out to the Yarra valley. It was a beautiful day and it brought back many wonderful memories us as we were together when I had the MG TC. Although it was fun driving a manual geared sports car with with no power steering and drum brakes that were not power assisted, it made me appreciate the ease of driving the modern cars of today. The car owner was very helpful and gave me very detailed instructions about the car and made sure I was able to drive it OK. All in all it was a wonderful experience. Brian February 20 (Stanley)
  • We had no problems at all, Rob explained everything we needed to know about the car. Part of our day out was taking it for a short spin in the country, and it drove extremely well considering its age. We had a great day. Mike February 20 (Sally)
  • We really enjoyed our day out in Holly-Rose. The family bought the voucher last year for my dad’s 70th Birthday. We paid a bit extra so my husband could have a drive and they both loved it as did mum and I as passengers. JR was very good to deal with. The car was in great condition and lots of fun to drive. We really appreciated that JR was willing to change the date of our booking at the last minute due to the weather. In the end we went out on the original day and the weather turned out great. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Holly-Rose or Vintage & Classic Car Hire. Trish February 20
  • Rocky was great! We had an incredible weekend cruising the Barossa with the top down. It’s amazing how many friends you pick up as you go. Alex was also fabulous. He couldn’t have been more accommodating and at no time did he ever make me feel anxious about taking Rocky out. We’ll certainly be doing this again. Thanks for everything. Pete February 20
  • Just a quick email to let you know everything went smoothly, Paul was a pleasure to deal with and his car was amazing. My wife loved her weekend. Jim February 20 (Fangit)
  • It was a lovely vision to see my favourite car outside this house. It was even better when I found out that the car was there for me to drive, as a surprise 60th birthday present from my son and husband! Although worried at first that the car would be hard to handle, because we are used to manual, cars we just needed to adjust to the car’s unique qualities. After some in-depth tuition about the car, my son drove and I sat in the passenger seat until we had reached our first stop, where I took over the driving. I felt very special as we drove through the winding roads and got many admiring glances from onlookers. The car also sounded really good, especially when going through any tunnels! This was a lifelong dream and so lucky to be given the opportunity to drive the car, I would recommend this to anyone who likes vintage English cars, thank you for the experience! Ann-Marie February 20 (Penelope)
  • We had a great time. No complaints with the car or the pick up/drop off arrangements. We had a lovely day at Lake Leschenaultia. Very helpful service and would definitely recommend to anyone. Thanks for your help. Emalyn February 20 (Pip)
  • Thanks for a memorable experience in Brucie, a great classic XY Fairmont. It was a pleasure to drive and everyone involved were so helpful and friendly. Tricia February 20
  • I was the lucky recipient of the outstanding gift from my wife for my 60th birthday. I would like to pass on my thanks to the owners for sharing there 1965 Ford Mustang for the day, it will be long remembered. We had a great day cruising around and pretending for the day that Holly-Rose was ours. We had no problems on the day and I would also like to thank my wife for being so imaginative to give such beautiful memories of the family cruising down the road with the top down and the wind in our hair. John February 20
  • The joy ride in a Citroen 2CV was fantastic, It brought back so many fond memories to my mother She loved it. Thanks for making it possible. Michael February 20
  • The car was everything I thought it would be, being an owner of an old car myself. I know what to expect with driving a car from the 60s…. Bertie performed faultlessly and I will definitely hire him again. Ben January 20
  • It was Brilliant! It was a surprise for my mums 70th… and it was a dream come true for her. She had a ball… Brad January 20 (Sally)
  • Penelope was great fun to drive in spite of her age. The engine responds well to the power range and steering is direct and gives a solid feel down the road. We got plenty of waves, toots and admiration for her sleek bodyline. Very enjoyable and look forward to doing it again soon. Andrew was generous in letting us have the car for both days. We treated like our own and made sure all liquids, air and petrol were how we found it. Simon January 20
  • We loved being able to take Rocky for a spin. We borrowed it as a present for my Dad’s 60th and he was in shock when he saw it pull up. The Mustang was the one car he would watch on TV and dreamed of being able to drive. He drove for a bit but really appreciated being able to sit back and just enjoy the ride. We took it to Hahndorf and down past some of the beaches. Truly a great experience. We would totally love to rent it out again in the future! Jacinta January 20
  • We greatly enjoyed our weekend with Stanley and Sonny was very helpful. Wal January 20
  • We had a great day. It was good to get Dad out for a day because the stroke he had last year has kept him more or less housebound. He enjoyed it thoroughly. After driving through Royal National Park we went on to Stanwell Tops, Wollongong and the Australian Motorlife Museum near Dapto. Back home via Mt Kembla / Mt Kiera. A really nice drive. Mick was great. Thank you. Wayne January 20 (Brum)
  • It was an amazing drive, Keith was a true legend. Immensely enjoyed his wonderful driving prowess as well as the beautiful girl (Sophia). The day was truly amazing and I have recommended it to all my friends and work colleagues. Geoffrey January 20 (Ferrari joy ride)
  • Thank you, we really enjoyed the the drive with Bertie. The owner was really helpful and the process for pick up and drop off was really easy. Thanks so much. Anita January 20
  • We LOVED the experience with James! Such a fun car to drive, even with the smoggy weather! I would highly recommend this for anyone! Sahir January 20
  • Really did enjoy ourselves, it is a beautiful car and Andrew looked after us. Traveled down the south coast to Helensburgh, and then to the Scarborough pub for lunch and then a beautiful run back up the coast. It ran beautifully, sound was gorgeous with plenty of power, handled well and the Japanese gearbox is excellent. No oil leaks and temperature was stable on a hot day. Had a wonderful day and have already recommended to a number of friends! Mark & Sharon December 19 (Penelope)
  • Thanks again for everything regarding Shelley. I absolutely loved the car and it was an amazing experience. Yes the gear shift from 3 to 2 and to 1 was sometimes a bit tricky but overall I got used to it. The roof was no problem at all. It actually only rained once a little bit so it was no hassle at all. So absolutely no problems on my side. Alex December 19
  • We had an amazing time. It was all positive – nothing negative to say! Thank you for organising it for us. Sarah December 19 (Penelope)
  • It was great! My partner loved the car & drive, it is a beautiful car. Many thanks to the kind people who own her. Dawn December 19 (Holly-Rose)
  • We had a fantastic time. Nothing negative to report at all! It was a great day out. Isaac December 19 (James)
  • Everything was so amazing with Penelope, not just on the wedding day, but over the whole hire. Was definitely a highlight for me personally as I’ve literally got a poster of a 68 E-Type on my wall above my desk. Andrew was great to deal with as well, great communication and made everything super easy. Glenn December 19
  • It was great! Absolutely no complaints from me. A little bit temperamental/learning curve but what can you expect from a ‘65?! Had a great time. Jared December 19 (Windsor)
  • We had a amazing day, cruised through Swan Valley. Sally ran well. Nic December 19 
  • We had a great day and the car was great. No problems at all. Nigel December 19 (Roger)
  • Really did enjoy ourselves, it is a beautiful car and Andrew looked after us. Traveled down the south coast to Helensburgh and then to the Scarborough pub for lunch and then a beautiful run back up the coast. It ran beautifully, sound was gorgeous with plenty of power handled well and the Japanese gearbox is excellent. No oil leaks and temperature was stable on a hot day. Really did have a wonderful day and have already recommended to a number of friends !! Mark & Sharon December 19 (Penelope)
  • Blanche is a sweet little car and her owners were lovely. Niki November 19
  • Rocky had a great day stretching his legs down south, enjoyed the climb up Willunga Hill (twice). Lunch at the Victory Hotel with lots of admirers and comments, then more leg stretching to Jetty Road Brighton (ditched the brother in law – picked up wife, who now wants a convertible. More admirers, lots of people taking photos. Left wife at bar, picked up son and took him for drive. Showed him what “old” cars can do (he has a “WRX”) then took Rocky home for a rest. Great Day – Brother in law wants to know what we are going to get next time! Have recommended to others. Graeme November 19
  • We had a ball!! Blanche was a dream to drive and the arrangements for drop off and pick up worked well. Even had to put the roof on and off due to storms!! Definitely recommend her for a day out. Jane & Hannah November 19 (Blanche)
  • We had an amazing day with Sally and no problems at all. Alanna November 19 
  • It was fantastic. Driving Rocky around the Adelaide Hills and the Barossa was the highlight of our trip! Shirley November 19
  • Our wedding day was amazing. My wife loved the Mustang, she was so surprised and really happy. Thanks to Mick for his awesome service on the day. Davies November 19 (Windsor with driver)
  • We had a great time in the car! There were no problems, overall such an awesome experience! Thanks for all your help arranging it all! Emma November 19 (Jonah)
  • The day was fantastic. We had a lot of fun. The owner was very nice, explained to us the car and all the little details we would potentially need to know. He was keen to check with us during the day, if everything was all right and when bringing the car back he was very relaxed. All in all, a very nice experience. Many thanks. Daniel November 19 (Raymundo)
  • Everything went awesome. Rob was a great bloke and very accommodating – after dropping off the bride, he came back after the ceremony for photos, even though it was very close to the end of the 3hr hire. And many of the guests had a good ole yarn with him. Definitely will recommend your services to anyone in the market. Nick November 19 (Sally with driver) 
  • We had an amazing day out and about with Shelley! Such a beautiful car and it was truly a show piece! I can recommend Shelly for anyone that is looking for something different. I could not wipe that smile off my husband’s face – it was money well spent! All the best wishes to you and your team. Daniela November 19
  • We loved it so much we are madly looking for a car to purchase for ourselves. The whole rental process was great and Alex was super relaxed and gave us a great run through of the car. Tess October 19 (Rocky)
  • We loved James. Jins, the owner, was amazing and the car drove beautifully. It made our wedding so special. Daniel October 19
  • No problems, perfect weather and we had a lot of fun reliving past experience. Mark October 19 (Blanche)
  • It was all good. Loved the car and the sun turned on a good show. The owners were great and very helpful. Rob October 19 (Windsor)
  • We had a great time with Rocky. Picking the car up and dropping it off was easy and straight forward, we had no issues with the car at all. We acknowledge obviously it’s a pretty old car and it had it’s quirks, but nothing really unexpected. It drove well and was reliable for its age. David & Christina October 19
  • It was a great experience. Tony was a very good owner in calling before the day, giving me a run down of the car in the morning. Very happy customer! Mitch October 19 (Joncat)
  • It was a beautiful experience. Enjoyed it. Thank you for your help. Michael October 19 (Windsor)
  • We loved taking Stella out for a spin, everything went perfect. It was so cool waving to all the other Mustangs out on the road that day. Thank you for the experience! Hope to do it again some day. Melina October 19
  • My dad and I had a great day out with Roger – he didn’t miss a beat. We drove through Galston Gorge and up the old Pacific Highway to Moonee Moonee Workers for lunch (with support crew of my mum, wife and daughter) listening to The Shadows, Dad’s favourite band – the MP3-equipped stereo was a nice surprise! We were also pretty chuffed to get ‘the wave’ from another MGB driver and an old Jag! Thanks to VCCH and Terry for the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a piece of motoring history! The experience certainly put a smile on my old dad’s face so, mission accomplished. Stuart September 19
  • Black Mamba was fantastic and we had a great day. Andrew was super helpful in arranging pickup and drop off too. Mark September 19 
  • We had such a wonderful weekend with Blanche, and what a great car she is! We were lucky enough to be blessed with absolutely gorgeous weather and truly got to feel we were out in it. Who knew you could feel that content from just being a passenger in a classic car. Thanks again for being so accommodating to us. Alice September 19
  • My husband was thrilled with his surprise…! We loved taking Violet out to stretch her legs, the kid’s loved seeing the difference in the old cars (ash tray and lighter)…. Fair to say my husband is now looking on the market for one for himself! Thank you, she really was a beauty. Amber September 19
  • It was bloody awesome!!! Really enjoyable experience. Nothing wrong with the car at all and enjoyed the experience! Good website and great offerings. Cameron September 19 (Windsor)
  • The car was fine….Terrific day. Might be back sometime for one of the Jags. Ian September 19 (Roger)
  • It was a brilliant day out. Fantastic turn-around on the availability and ridiculously easy handover with the owner. Couldn’t have gone better. The sound is fantastic and there was plenty of space for 4 people, 5 at a stretch. The car is in great shape and clearly well-loved. No negative feedback to speak of (all quirks of the car were quickly pointed out by the owner, and clearly part of the experience). Thanks! David September 19 (Black Mamba)
  • It was fantastic! My husband absolutely loved the experience (despite being a little nervous, understandably!). Andrew was just excellent – very knowledgeable and explained all of Raymundo‘s nuances carefully and clearly before we hit the road. He was also incredibly flexible with time (delivery and pick up) which we really appreciated. Absolutely a five star service – thank you once again for making it possible. Rach and Joel September 19
  • We had a fantastic day, thanks! Mick was a very friendly fellow and happy to chat all about Brum and his other cars with my husband. My husband got a terrific surprise and really enjoyed the experience. We had the best day for weather of the weekend down on the Southern Highlands and it was a lot of fun. Thanks for your help with all of this. Lynley September 19
  • We had an amazing day. The car was unbelievable and ran extremely well. No problems whatsoever. A fantastic experience. Wayne September 19 (Black Mamba)
  • My husband surprised me for my birthday by hiring this gorgeous Corvette for the day. Andrew was great & showed me through the entire car to make me comfortable & confident with my wheels for the day! It was so much fun to drive & it didn’t take me long to feel comfortable & confident in the car. My husband and I had such a good time together and we will definitely be hiring the car again! Renee. Thank you Nick & Andrew for helping me organise my wife’s special day, from the immediate responses, to the organising to meet my requirements you both where very helpful to making it all happen. Can’t thank you both enough. JT September 19 (Raymundo)
  • We had a blast, easy to drive and fun (we were able to take the top off for part of the day). No problems at all with the vehicle or the handover, very smooth. Many thanks again. Sally. September 19 (Bertie)
  • The weekend and the car where perfect. Jins was easy to work with. I’ve already shared your details with a bunch of people who wanted to do what I did. Royal National Park and classic cars are a great combo. Blake September 19 (James)
  • Ranga was so great to drive, we had a great time! We will definitely consider you guys in the future. Demi September 19
  • Absolutely loved the MGB GT. Ran like a dream all day. I was quite surprised just how nice and quick the car was. I was expecting it to be a bit doughy as it’s a 1970 vehicle. It’s best described as a reasonably large go cart. So low, and just sticks to the road. Having power nothing, the feel through the steering wheel and even the brake pedal are just fantastic. It’s truly a ‘driver’s” car. Thanks again. Nigel September 19 (Jeremy)
  • We absolutely loved it….could not have had a better experience and day to celebrate my husband’s 50th. Thank you so much! Janine September 19 (Holly-Rose) 
  • Had the joy of spending time with Keith and Sophia, it was a truly great day. Keith and the car were very professional and did everything possible to ensure the experience was a positive one. I’m looking forward to trying some of the other cars in their stable.  Trent September 19.  
  • I have given your details to a mate of mine who was fascinated with our adventure. All went well and Johnnie was fun and a ‘bucket list ticked’. A lot of photos were taken by me and also others at the restaurant. The Caddie is a great car but cars have progressed so far and good to enjoy historical vehicles. Very positive comments for a great day! Glenn September 19
  • Our few days with Penelope were absolutely AMAZING! My partner was ecstatic when I removed his blindfold and presented his his short term gift (his ultimate car!) She was just beautiful and my partner said amazing to drive, once his muscles built up from the steering. Sunday was exquisite so we made the most of driving that day with the top down (St Albans and the Blue Mountains). Many people took photos and a few enquired about hiring so we passed on your website. Thank you again for such a smooth booking process. Robyn August 19
  • We loved our day out with Jonah. The only problem we had was the weather, which was a little cool especially for our rear passengers, who I think have only just thawed out. This of course was not Jonah’s fault. We all had a wonderful day and we will definitely do it again in the future. Thanks Nick and thank Michael for us too. Lena August 19
  • We absolutely LOVED our time in Moggie. It was an incredible experience. The car has a few quirks, but Andrew was fantastic in pointing them all out. The hand brake was very tricky but we managed. We would love to take Moggie out again in the future and thanks to Andrew for making our experience so easy. Thanks again. Bridgette August 19
  • We had a ball on the day. Really enjoyed the experience and would love to do it again. Had no issues with Gloria and she was very well behaved. Michael August 19
  • We hired Sally the 1969 Ford Mustang Convertible and loved driving up the West Coast and down to Jarrahdale. They definitely made cars differently back then. We loved the roar of the V8, quality seats and quality of the era’s workmanship. Rob the owner was very helpful. Andy August 19
  • I can’t thank you and Cass enough for the effort you both put in to ensure I got the car for our special day. The car was epic – I had multiple family members tell me on the day to ask if it was for sale. It ran like a dream. Also a huge thanks to Cass, the pick up timing was difficult to fit in as she already had work commitments, but she was more than accommodating and for that I can’t thank her enough. The car made the day extra special. We will definitely be using you again in the future. P.S. She said yes! Lincoln August 19 (Ferdi)
  • I loved the Camaro! Didn’t want to give it back. Ben August 19 (Violet)
  • We had an amazing time with Sally. My husband was in his element. Robbie was a delight to deal with too! There were no problems at all. Jodes August 19
  • All good – Jurgen was wonderful…I even managed to squeeze in the back for a short stint! Thanks for all your assistance through my many enquiries! Chris August 19
  • Penelope was amazing! Mark had a grin on his face the whole weekend, she drove beautifully and didn’t miss a beat! It was the perfect way to spend his 50th and even I was happy with the other lady in his life (for a couple of days anyway!) Thank you so much, we have already recommended your company to friends. Fiona & Mark July 19
  • No problems or issues at all. Everything was smooth sailing. Sergio was really helpful, he even installed his own baby seat for me before I picked up the car. I’ll be contacting you soon for another booking. (Any new v8s joining the fleet, keep me in mind). Elias July 19 (Black Mamba)
  • No problems at all, thoroughly enjoyed the old girl. Was a huge hit at the wedding. Jordan July 19 (Ferdi)
  • I was very happy with my day out in Brum everything went well and the day was perfect. Mick was very good and helped us to get accustomed with the car, so full marks all round. Rodney July 19
  • We thoroughly enjoyed our day, owner was friendly, and explained everything needed. Keryna July 19 (Sally)
  • Oh fantastic! Thanks so much, we have had a stupendous weekend! Couldn’t quite believe we were driving such a beast! Will definitely use your services again.One that will be permanently in our memory bank! Thank you so much!! Kate July 19 (Rocky)
  • Everything was really great! The owner Sergio was absolutely lovely, very helpful and informative when he ran through the car with us, everything went off without a hitch. Tanya June 19 (Black Mamba)
  • The organisation was very helpful. Pick up from the owner was easy. The car was a real head-turner, sounded unreal, and we loved driving it down the coast and back for a few days. John June 19 (Stella)
  • The car was great, my wife and I had a great time and it made it that bit more exciting for us. Sergio was great to deal with so easy going and cool about it all. We will definitely sometime in the future hire it again. It was great and if it ever goes up for sale, I want it haha! Thanks to Sergio and yourself for all your help! Ben May 19 (Black Mamba)
  • Overall my day with Matilda was great and definitely a memorable experience which we won’t forget. It brought back all the memories with the fuel smell and reminded me of how far we have come in automotive technology. Andre May 19
  • We had a fabulous day in the Black Mamba! She’s a beauty – didn’t miss a beat. Sergio was very helpful. Thanks for sharing your beautiful cars. Angela May 19
  • McQueen was great! Very smooth ride, we had an excellent day. Thanks so much. Everything about the car was perfect and it was good to have the owner give us a quick ride around the block to “settle in” to driving her. The car was spotless and my mate’s jaw dropped when he realised we were getting to take McQueen for a ride. Thanks again for the hire! We look forward to next time. Ben May 19
  • The car was gorgeous and we loved our time with her very much. Thank you for making her available to us. Karina April 19 (Rocky)
  • We loved taking Gloria out for a spin as surprise for my partner’s 40th birthday. We had a fantastic day driving her around. Such a cute classic car. The owner was great and we had no problems at all just great day driving with the wind in our hair. Anna April 19
  • I had a great time with the Mustang – it was a really special way for my wife and I to celebrate our wedding. I could not have been more happy with the experience, and the owner was very friendly and helpful as well. Thank you so much. James & Leonie April 19 (Flo)
  • My parents had an absolute ball! My dad in particular was in his element. He’s building an Austin Healey so we thought it would be a great form of encouragement for him to finish. Cathy April 19 (Silverado)
  • It was a fantastic surprise, it was for my partner’s birthday who enjoyed the Mustang ride immensely. Car was fantastic and Sergio the driver was very friendly and informative sharing his knowledge of the car with us. Would highly recommend the joy ride to anyone. Genelle April 19 (Mustang Sydney 6 bridges joy ride
  • Stella was great to drive around and we had very good weather so the top never went up. It was good to drive a real car again (I used to own a 64 Galaxie) after having newer ones for so long. While Stella felt old at first, within half an hour I was used to her and had a big smile on my face all the way home where I picked up my wife and kids and went cruising. Only problem was I had to take her back. Glenn April 19
  • The car performed amazingly well for its age and it was a joy to drive. Terry had good instructions prepared covering all angles in case needed. We didn’t. Pick up in the morning was a breeze with Terry’s wife, taking her time to answer questions and getting us on our way. A quick round the block to get a feel for Roger and off we went. A solid 260k’s. Overall it was great to drive a car where you still have to listen and feel to judge how well the car behaves and responds. Sacha April 19
  • It went great! Thank you. The service I had was amazing! Very thorough instructions. I will recommend to other people! Alexander April 19 (James)
  • I had a fabulous time driving this car! It’s as gorgeous to look at as it was to drive – I loved every minute of it! Deanne April 19 (Gloria)
  • We had a fabulous day cruising the Adelaide Hills in Rocky. It was a perfect day with no issues. The service at pick up & drop off was excellent. Just a magic experience & we look forward to doing it again one day. Jeff April 19
  • Our day out in Pete was excellent. The car was a pleasure to drive and really made for a great day out. It performed perfectly well. Dean April 19
  • We had a lovely day, it was my partner’s 50th birthday that day and he had a great time taking me (and our daughters one at a time) for a drive up around the hills. The car was awesome and Craig, the owner, was fantastic. We will definitely be booking Stanley again!
    Michelle April 19
  • My Dad took the MG for a spin – it was a birthday gift from my family. He had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the day. Thanks very much for your loan of the car – it was a dream come true for Dad and Mum enjoyed herself too. Thanks for your hospitality. Andrew April 19 (Gloria)
  • I had a great time driving Stanley throughout the Dandenong Ranges and Yarra Valley. It was fun enjoying the sights and sounds with the top down and imagining life in a simpler time without all the gadgets and comforts of modern motoring. I had forgotten what it was like without power steering in tight parking spots! Overall it was a great experience. Peter April 19
  • Terry and his wife went above and beyond for us during a great (but very stressful wedding). The car is amazing and everyone was impressed. Thanks so much. James April 19 (Roger)
  • We had a great day driving up through the hills and then taking the kids for a spin once they got home from school. It was an eye opener on how much cars have advanced in 45 years though. Will thoroughly recommend it to my friends. Stefan April 19 (Bertie)
  • Everything was great. I really enjoyed the car and it’s something I will definitely do again. Craig April 19 (Black Mamba)
  • I just wanted to thank you again for re-scheduling our drive for today. My fiancée and our family had the most amazing day travelling through the Yarra Valley. Craig gave a thorough rundown on the car and also provided excellent tips on the places to see. Best day ever!!! Craig April 19 (Stanley)
  • I certainly did enjoy myself and it was great to spend the day with someone older – it was my 40th Birthday the day I had Stella! If there were any complaints, it was only the lack of ABS, Power Steering, Central Locking and Air Con – how cars have progressed in the last 53 years! But no, these were not issues at all – they added character. A great venture you have, and I’m glad I came across it. Joel March 19
  • We had a wonderful day with Bertie. We drove to Port Elliott and back at 80kms an hour. Others on the road weren’t impressed at our speed, but once they saw Bertie they were happy to have a longer look at the beautiful car as they overtook us. We just LOVED having her for the day and it was such a treat for mum, who learnt to drive in a similar car. By the way, Ed was very helpful and thorough with all the instructions. Thank you again for a fun trip down memory lane for our mum. Karen March 19
  • We had a total ball in Aaron’s car. We took her up to Mt Tamborine for the day. She was gorgeous and purred the whole time. Weather was great and didn’t have to raise the roof til mid afternoon when it started to shower. Loved the looks we received….I mean, why else would one drive one of these gorgeous gals?! Aaron’s a cool guy… was great doing business with him. Would I ever hire Stella again? In a heart beat…she was a gorgeous gal to be part of. We truly had an awesome day eating some delicious food in Mt Tamborine; met some lovely people and felt really chuffed to be in this gorgeous car. JulieAnne Wolfe March 19
  • We had a great day. We took Penelope for a run up the old Pacific Highway to Lake Macquarie and back through Toronto and Central Mangrove. Penelope was a dream to drive, great pick up and very responsive steering. Sure there was some little things I “nit pick” about but when you consider Penelope is a 1968 Jaguar and can still compete and out perform some of the modern day cars, one has to admit she is totally stunning and still turning heads. Thanks again for a absolutely perfect day. Rose & Rob March 19
  • Thanks for your assistance with everything. We had a great day and enjoyed Stanley immensely. It was very smooth to pick up the car and go on our trip. There were no issues with the car. The whole day was one of the best days of our lives! (that comes from a guy who gave up his TR3 when he married and had to move to a family car when he surrendered it). Mary March 19
  • Absolutely perfect day. Everything was excellent and Tony was extremely helpful and gave us a very good run down on the car before we left for the day. I found it very easy to drive after getting used to the heavy clutch pedal and the car performed like new. I would like to take it out again one day when I can afford it. Maybe we will look at one of the other cheaper cars, but nothing is going to be as good as the E-Type V12. It is such a lovely car to drive especially on such a perfect day weather-wise. We went to Trentham and parked on the park near town for a picnic. You wouldn’t believe how many people stopped and talked to us about the car. One guy was passing in his TR6 and just had to stop and take a look – he was very envious. Thank Tony again and look forward to the next time! Keith March 19 (Joncat)
  • We had a great wedding and used the car when we were having photos and transporting the bride to the wedding. There were no problems with the car, we had a blast in it. Richard March 19 (Chuck)
  • Our drive in Charley was great. Aaron, the owner, was helpful, courteous and easy going. Charley purred smoothly and definitely made us look very cool. The Gold Coast Hinterland is just perfect for driving a convertible. The return of the car was also smooth and easy with Aaron communicating/replying immediately to our sms. Nelleke March 19
  • It was fantastic. My husband absolutely loved driving the Corvette! And we loved the fact that we could take it to wherever we pleased. Thank you once again. Have a lovely day! Veronica March 19 (Raymundo)
  • My daughters wedding was the perfect wedding. Ronnie and its driver added to the success of the day, thank you. Pieter March 19
  • We had an amazing time. The Porsche was an absolute joy to drive, especially on the open road where it just purred along. Everyone stared us as we drove around in what my wife declared was absolutely the coolest car in Sydney. The glorious sound, the nailed-on steering, the joys of its beautiful design. One of the best days we could imagine. Garfield March 19 (Jurgen)
  • Thanks, I had a great time. I wanted to try an MGB as I am tempted to buy one and Roger went a lot better than I expected, now just have to save my pennies. Although my son wants me to hire a Cobra next time rather than saving for a MGB. Chris March 19
  • Had a great time driving up to my mates on Lake Macquarie. Took wife and daughter and dropped them in Toronto to do the high street shops. My mate and I went off for a drive around the East lake. Jim March 19 (Ronnie)
  • I just wanted to thank you so much for today. Sil had the best time and has not wiped the smile off his face even still now. I think I enjoyed the joy ride equally as much as him (he just spent more time looking at the intricate details). Your car is absolutely beautiful and we are very grateful to have had the experience you allowed us to have today. Thank you soooo much for the best experience ever!!! Sil & Ange March 19 (6 Bridges Joy Ride)
  • Everything was great. The car went very well and we did not experience any problems whatsoever. Had a great day. Alan February 19 (Roger)
  • There were more photos taken of the car than the bride! The look on the wedding party’s face made it all worth while. Craig was very helpful and overall I felt it was good value! George February 19 (Chuck)
  • My girlfriend and I loved it. It was a birthday present for myself and we had an amazing day. Driving in a car like that was an awesome experience and can’t wait to do it again! I’ve already recommended it to my friends! Josh February 19 (Black Mamba)
  • Had a great day, perfect weather. We drove to Cottage Point, West Head & Palm Beach. Car ran well and the owner was very helpful in organising pick up & drop off times. Ian February 19 (Blanche)
  • Had a truly fantastic day with Blanche, she was everything I remembered from having an MG many years ago. She drove and handled well and you couldn’t expect anything more. Will and I have been letting our family and friends know about the opportunity to have these vintage cars for a day as it’s a great experience. Brian February 19
  • Black Mamba made our day! Car didn’t skip a beat and the car looked the part! Absolutely stunning. Loved having the privilege of driving this beautiful car and we look forward to the next time. Thanks for your great customer service too. Himmy February 19
  • We had so much fun! Car was great. Could have a better sound system would be my only suggestion! Katherine February 19 (Sally)
  • Thanks again Nick, my dad loved it as his Birthday surprise, we took him to Kollector cars and Classic Throttle Shop to soak up all the beautiful classic cars before taking Shelley out for a good drive through some National Parks for the afternoon. The car was an absolute beast and lots of fun to get so many looks at the traffic lights and wherever we pulled up, we had people walk up to us and want to chat about the car all day. No issues whatsoever, and Peter was very helpful. Great experience hope we can do it again one day! James February 19
  • Had a great day, the car didn’t miss a beat. Trouble is now my wife wants to buy one. Ha! Jeff February 19 (Blanche)
  • Everything was great. My husband George loved driving the car. Mick was super friendly and informative. We would recommend this to everyone. Maria February 19 (Windsor)
  • The HUGEST thank you for what was honestly the most wonderful wonderful day out in the ‘Black Mamba‘! It was a treat for my husband Rowan’s birthday ( that I benefited from hugely! ) and it was so amazing he’s decided it will be a ‘yearly’ occurrence – He was literally sitting last night, with his dad, deciding what car he’ll take out next year! Peter was absolutely wonderful at handing over the car to us, giving us enough information that we were able to enjoy the car and look after her, but without making us feel nervous that we were zooting away in his second wife! My dad used to own a beautiful Cobra and I can only imagine how protective he would’ve felt had we asked to take her for a spin! We drove up and into the Kuringai Chase National Park, before heading down for a lunch at Jonah’s – The weather was balmy and beautiful, and we were at times left speechless but how beautiful Sydney was ‘with her top down’! especially noting things like the smell of eucalyptus trees, and the ocean as we wound down around Church Point! We’re thinking that next time we might extend the booking to keep a car overnight – once we’ve worked out what to do with our two small kids!! Maybe you should start offering that as part of your service too. Thank you for what has honestly been an experience for the books, that as I said will no doubt be repeated – Rowan is busy planning a drive for his brothers and dad in Brisbane in the coming months so expect to hear from us soon! All the very best, and a huge thank you to both you and Peter for making our birthday boy’s dreams come true! Aimee February 19
  • We had a great day, it was a surprise 65th Birthday present for my husband and he was absolutely thrilled. Mick was great and everything went really smoothly. Sharon January 19 (Windsor)
  • The day was a blast, a real surprise. It brought back memories of when some of my family used to own these types of cars many years ago. And to drive one myself, with the looks and the power to go was memorable. Brucie was very smooth and comfortable and did not miss a beat. The old style gear changing was a challenge at first, but it got better. Driving one of these old cars, albeit GT replica has inspired me to actually purchase an XB GT replica only 2 days ago as a project. I have always liked the XY shape, its subtle lines and of course the raw muscle. It gave me the feeling of ‘I’m coming through so get out of my way’! Thank you for offering such a unique and amazing service and allowing us to enjoy these old birds and to remember how things use to be. John January 19
  • We had a great time with Gloria . Tymon was very helpfully. We quickly learnt that it is best not to drive around in the hot Brisbane midday sun. It was far more comfortable early morning or late evening. Already recommending it to our friends. Lloyd January 19
  • I had the most amazing Mustang experience. Mick was amazing to deal with, so kind and thoughtful. I will highly recommend this experience to anyone. Thank you for a wonderful time I had an absolute blast with my friends to celebrate my birthday. Penny January 19 (Windsor)
  • We had a fantastic time driving Raymundo from Seaforth up to Berowra and the M1. My husband Simon really enjoyed it, it was a great treat on his birthday. Karen January 19
  • Thank you, we had a great time with Sally and Rob, the owner. All went well. Maya January 19
  • Just wanted to write and extend my compliments about this stunning car! Our day was amazing, the car was perfect, my partner could not believe his eyes when we picked her up. We had cheers and thumbs up from people all day, and I don’t blame them haha. A smooth process and an even smoother drive. Peter was fantastic and took his time to explain the car! She was a beauty and we will definitely be hiring her or something else from your range again! Thanks so much! Miree January 19 (Black Mamba)
  • The drive was fantastic, Peter was a pleasure to deal with, very friendly and assisted us on a good route to drive. Kyle January 19 (Silverado)
  • It’s not a silky smooth machine. It’s like having a like a rough as guts old uncle visiting from Queensland who says the wrong thing out loud after a few beers. Worth the money for the rarity tho, and there were no dramas in pickup or drop off. Thanks. Brendan January 19 (Brucie)
  • Both Penny and I had a wonderful day filled with great memories. Alfie January 19 (Stanley)
  • Our day out with Roger was wonderful. My husband really enjoyed driving it and had a great time. The owners were also very helpful and welcoming, they showed us in detail the “tricks” to start the car and drive it. It was a good experience! Thank you so much for making it happen. Axelle January 19
  • We had a really great day out with Rocky! It was very different driving an old car like that but we had a great day cruising through Adelaide’s hill and wine region. Brooke January 19
  • It was a great day. Rob was fantastic in explaining the car and how to best enjoy the day. The car itself was for my father who owned one in the 70s. He was in his element and thoroughly enjoyed the experience from start to finish. “This is real driving” was my father’s quote. Shane December 18 (Pip)
  • We have enjoyed having Miss Daisy for the day, My husband was so surprised to have finally ride in a beautiful Jaguar. It was a memorable day for my family and we would like to thank you and the owner for making it possible. Nadia December 18
  • We’ve enjoyed it very much! Great experience to drive such a classic. We enjoyed the ride! Bianca December 18 (Stella)
  • We enjoyed the day and managed to squeeze in lunch in the Swan Valley. Owner Rob was helpful and enthusiastic about his car, it was a delight, particularly on the open road. We also found that a number of people tried to engage us when stationary, about the car, its history and how it was to drive. Overall, a positive and rewarding experience. Nic December 18 (Pip)
  • The car was absolutely fantastic, really enjoyed it and made our special day even more special. I’ve shared some photos with the owner and will share some more once I have some photos from the photographer. Everyone commented on how beautiful car was, it was really pleasant to drive and I would not hesitate to take her again for a drive. No problems at all, apart from having to return it. Ramiz December 18 (Miss Daisy)
  • Thank you so much for a once in a life time experience! Steve really enjoyed Penelope and one day look forward to riding her again!  Thanks Keith!   Ann December 18. 
  • The day was great – Dad really enjoyed his gift. Took him back to his much younger years!  Miranda. December (Joncat).
  • We had a great weekend, the car behaved beautifully and enjoyed a trip to the Yarra Valley and Gembrook. Tony and his wife were lovely and very accommodating.  Lee November 18 (Joncat)
  • We had a great time on the weekend – thanks for all your help in organizing. We absolutely loved driving Tiddles and it added to our weekend away. Thanks again. Tom November 18.
  • We had a fantastic day travelling down to Kiama via the lower coast road ,the 5 grandchildren each sharing the ride down and back with the top down The car ran perfect and Mick was very helpful explaining the car to me . It is a real head turner even when we were stop for a breath test it turned out the officer had also hired the same car so he was on for a chat and said he has bought one since
    Thanks again.  Phil November 18 (Windsor)
  • It was all good. Had a great time. Craig was great to deal with. The car ran beautifully. The only downer was that the day was too short! Steven. November 18 (Stanley)
  • It was fantastic, the owner could not have been more helpful. We will 100% use you again!!! Most appreciated. Simon November 18 (Roger)
  • We had a fantastic time with Silverado. Such a classic car with so much wonderful character most cars miss these days. Silverado turned a lot of heads in the streets. The ride was comfy and overall it was most enjoyable. I know I’ll happily hire from you guys again. It was my second time this year and the entire hire process was again well organised and everything worked out perfectly. I would most certainly highly recommend your company. Ákos November 18
  • I would just like to say a big thank you for all the behind the scenes admin regarding our booking with Raymundo! We had the best time, what a beautiful car! Andrew was such a pleasure to work with too. All in all a great experience. We hope to use this platform again in the future. Rachel November 18
  • I had an absolute ball!! I really didn’t want to give it back hahaha, hence my extended time. I loved everything about the car!! Thank you. Talia November 18 (McQueen
  • We had a fantastic time with Stanley! He was fantastic to drive and didn’t give us any problems on the way. Everyone we came across, was keen to look at him and we loved showing him off. The roof was easy to put up and down and was a real highlight of our stay in Melbourne. Overall we had great fun and an experience we’ll never forget. Many thanks. Josh November 18
  • We had a great time thank you so much. From the very beginning the owner was really helpful, friendly and showed us everything we needed to know about the car and was even accommodating to a later return (really appreciate it). And the car well you know the cherry on top. We loved it. Thanks once again. Alin November 18 (Charley)
  • We had a great day out in Ferdi the VW Beetle. It’s been a while since I had been in an older car. Paul November 18
  • We had a blast. We had a brilliant 3 days and loved the extra HP this car has, sounds and looks awesome ! Certainly gains attention. All our friends are envious. Thanks for being flexible with voucher time usage, a positive experience all round. Jayne November 18 (Black Mamba)
  • We had a great time and would certainly recommend this to other people. My partner had hoped that this experience would cure me of wanting to own one myself, but I think he has realised that may not be so easy! Nanette November 18 (Pip)
  • My family and I had an absolutely awesome day in the Mustang. Peter made us feel very welcome when we arrived and gave us a thorough but hassle free run down on the vehicle and the hire conditions. Every minute was memorable. We flew our son up from Melbourne as the family purchased the gift for my birthday. The car was built in my birth year. We went to Kiama Blowhole, met up with my parents and gave my eighty year old Dad a bucket list ride. The car draws plenty of attention for sure! We’ll definitely be using this service again. Cannot thank Peter enough and how the hire works – great service! Robert November 18 (Black Mamba)
  • Terrific day. Great car, drives beautifully. Edward (the owner) was great.Terry October 18 (Bertie)
  • We had a great day driving Shelley. In fact, we enjoyed it so much we are thinking about buying our own Cobra. Michael & Leanne October 18
  • We had a very enjoyable day with the car and couldn’t have picked a better day for a drive with the weather being very kind. The car performed as well as I expected. All in all, the day was very enjoyable and brought back a few memories of my old “39 Club Coupe”. Les October 18 (Black Mamba)
  • Had a great time thanks, great weather and great old car!! Hopefully we can do again some time. Matt October 18 (Sally)
  • There were no problems at all, everything went well and we had a wonderful day! Sergio was very helpful and provided a lot of useful information on pick up, which itself was easy and we were away on the road in no time! It is a lovely car to drive and for a day, my wife and I were in our own little world! Nige October 18 (Penelope)
  • It was fantastic everything was excellent, no problems at all. Thanks so much! Lisa October 18 (Rocky)
  • Sean had a fabulous day with Black Mamba – he is still talking about it. His comment to a friend was “it was rough as guts and fun as hell”. Peter could not have been nicer at pick up and drop off – open and honest & clearly a lover of cars. We would recommend this to anyone – in fact, I already have. Sharon October 18
  • Thank you for an awesome experience with Bertie. Kim, my wife, enjoyed the car so much she has asked me to ask you if you if Bertie was ever for sale, we would be interested! Thank you so much. Glenn October 18
  • Hired Silverado for my wedding at Bowral. Was a really great experience! Would recommend to friends. Car was running smoothly. Peter was very friendly and helpful. Tim October 18
  • First things first, I must acknowledge the fact that I bombarded you with numerous questions constantly emailing. BUT you have been SO patient and polite in responding to each and every query promptly. I love that! 5 stars to you and your company. On meeting Rob, we realised we know each other! I am a model and radio host by profession and I did a photoshoot with him few years ago (Rob is a photographer). He’s a gem! Sally was a beauty! My partner, Jarrod was enthralled with the surprise and Sally was really good throughout the day and had many heads turning! So glad that Rob explained the car in detail… We had a wonderful experience. Thank you so much. Neha October 18
  • We had a wonderful day! Will definitely use your company again! Windsor was everything a 65 Mustang should be – dream come true for my husband – great surprise anniversary present! With thanks. Kevin & Genelle October 18
  • We had a great day out in the Cobra with no issues whatsoever. The owner was great, giving me a real good run thru on the car before heading out. Thanks again. Brendan October 18 (Shelley)
  • James was an incredible drive. Loved every minute in it ! We even got it detailed for the wedding! Jonathan October 18
  • I thoroughly enjoyed driving the Mustang, McQueen, and Peter the owner was a pleasure to deal with. Darren & Justine October 18
  • We had a great time with Rosie. I was the bride and I drove her up the mountains with my three children. They loved it. She looked very beautiful on the day and was an experience to drive her. Katie September 18
  • We just wanted to drop you a message to say how great the experience of hiring Gloria was. Tymon could not have been more helpful and agreeable, and took great care to ensure we made the most of our hire. In particular we really appreciated swapping from Gloria to Jeremy due to the wet weather. The icing on the cake was that Tymon washed my wife’s car which we left at his property over the weekend! Thanks again and best wishes. Ed & Amanda September 18
  • Everything was great. Mick was wonderful, explained everything to my husband really easy to deal with. The car was very cute, such a fun day. Melissa September 19 (Brum)
  • The day worked out perfectly for my husband and three daughters. Peter was punctual, professional and very nice and they all really enjoyed themselves – including all the attention from passers by! Thanks for a great service! Sarah September 18 (Rocky 6 Bridges joy ride)
  • We had a lot of fun. The car performed beautifully, no problems at all.  It is really refreshing getting back to basics. Thanks also to Edward for his help and friendliness. David September 18 (Bertie)
  • Thanks to Patrick (and his wife) for making the pick up and drop off all so easy and pleasant. Simply: it was a wonderful experience. Penelope is a joy to drive, to just sit in and admire that amazing bonnet and to hear her growl, if you find a straight to work her. I/we had a wonderful day out. Keep up the good work. Richard September 18
  • Dad loved the joy ride, and even better, Simon suggested mum and I could jump in the back. My father is extremely knowledgeable with classic cars so it was great that dad had someone to talk to about it. We all really loved the call, the ride, Simon was more than accommodating and friendly/personable.WE LOVED IT!! I’m so glad I found your site and decided to call to check if you could do joy rides. Many thanks and I’d highly recommend Black Mamba to anyone. Romina September 18
  • My dad and my husband loved their Father’s Day surprise! We picked up the car from Terry who was very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable and heading out to St Albans for lunch. The roads were perfect for the MGB and the guys thoroughly enjoyed driving such a fun little sports car. They didn’t want to take it back! We encountered no problems along the way and would definitely consider hiring Roger again! Thank you. Alex September 18
  • We had the most amazing day. I was able to pull off the surprise for my husband’s 50th. He still has the smile every time he thinks of Friday. It is a memory that will last a lifetime. Aaron was very helpful and made the process very simple and was very accommodating. Charley was beautiful to ride in and my husband said was a great experience to drive. Thank you for the service you provide it made a dream possible. Susan August 18
  • We had a wonderful day. We turned lots of heads and even had some toots & waves. It has been a few years since I drove a manual and it has been MANY MANY years since I drove a car similar to Rosie. Thoroughly enjoyable day. Stephen August 18
  • Had a great day. Stella was marvellous and we enjoyed a tour across Tambourine Mountain. All ran smoothly and the owner was very hospitable. Andrew August 18
  • We had a fantastic day out, with no negative feedback at all. It was quite funny to have all the other vintage car drivers in the world waving at us for a day. I had no idea that this went on. Sarah August 18 (Bertie)
  • It was a great adventure to drive an MG again after so many years. Aaron was great and informative and the car Charley in very good condition and a pleasure to drive. Lyn and Mike July 18
  • Bertie went well and was lots of fun to drive. We had a great day, thanks. Jeff July 18
  • Really had a blast with Daisy. She was so enjoyable to drive. Credit to the owners for keeping her in such pristine condition. Didn’t have any problems for the day. Did about 100km of driving around the city and down to Williamstown. If I’m in Sydney at any time soon I’ll be keen to try the Mini Cooper. Michael July 2018
  • The day was great, we drove up Old Bells line of road and then back down into the city , perfect weather. Thanks again. Andy July 2018 (Bertie)
  • Had no dramas whatsoever, runs a treat and was a great experience for my best mate as it’s his favourite car! Cheers for a great day! Nath July 2018 (Brucie)
  • We loved the day in the car, Paul was a really friendly and relaxed owner. All in all, a great surprise for my partner. A fabulous day.  Ayesha July 2018 (Fangit)
  • I would like to thank the owner for giving me Flo to hire out for the day, the car was amazing and does get a lot of attention which was great. Fantastic car to drive and the owner was even more brilliant to deal with. If I was to hire a car I would definitely hire Flo again. Once again thank you for your service. Abdul July 2018
  • I have to say it was a new experience driving the Mustang. The car was just fine and Colin briefed us on the car and away we went. The weather was not the best so we could not take full advantage of the car and drop the roof on the Great Ocean Road. Anyway, it was fun and that is all that matters…many thanks. Greg July 18 (Chuck)
  • We had so much fun driving Matilda! My Dad could barely drive it with his huge feet and chunky shoes but my husband found it very easy and a delight to drive. We enjoyed cruising/bouncing around the streets after our wedding. And Matilda looked very cute with ribbons on! Thanks for letting us drive your car, we hope to hire again in the future. Ciara & Ahmed June 18
  • I loved the trip with Heinrich. It is an amazing car and I am intending to book it again in December. Norman April 2018
  • It was such a great day with my mum. She was really happy whilst I was driving for her. We appreciate the owner’s time and the car. Simon June 2018 (Gloria)
  • Had a good time with Pip, went back in time with the gears but eventually mastered them. We will probably do it again, next time in Melbourne. Chris June 18
  • It was great.. car had its foibles just like any 50 year old has a right to, but that is part of what the experience is all about. Wouldn’t change anything. Simon May 2018 (Pip)
  • Absolutely no problems at all, we thoroughly enjoyed the drive in Stella, we want one ourselves now! Olivia May 2018
    We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Car cruises well. Spent most of the time with the top down. No problem with cold morning starts. Great fun. Greg May 2018 (Brum)
    Johnnie made us all happy. I was the designated driver. It was loved by everyone, it’s a great birthday present for the day and a great way to spend time with a old legend.. Thank you and Allan, the owner, for the opportunity to enjoy it. Zlatko May 2018
    We had an awesome 3 days. Charley was amazing and I now have ticked another thing off my bucket list. Aaron was great to deal with. I will never forget this experience. Steve May 18
    From the driver’s perspective, a very enjoyable touring car and brought back fond memories of my old 1958 Mk 1 2.4 litre manual.  In some ways akin to driving from an arm chair. Ronnie ran well and economically. Ian May 18
    We had a fantastic day out and Stella was divine. The day was a surprise for my husband’s birthday and he was just so chuffed with the 1966 Mustang. Thank you all for a lovely day we will certainly use vintage and classic car hire again. Anne May 2018
    Our day was sensational, both the weather and driving Windsor. We bought lots of extra kilometres and just cruised wherever our fancy took us. Lots of things ticked off my bucket list, especially when we ended up at Mt Panorama. As a long term Ford fan, there was nothing better than driving that iconic stretch of road that means so much to me in a Ford Mustang V8. Pure heaven and bought a tear to my eye. All I needed was Allan Moffat in the back seat. To Michael, thank you for the loan of your majestic Mustang and to my gorgeous wife Jill, thank you for the best birthday present. A day I will never forget. Steve April 2018
    We absolutely loved it, we have told everybody how much fun we had. Tony April 2018 (James)
    I want to say that we really enjoyed our 3 day trip away with Brum. It was a great experience, he was admired by all and we loved having him as ours for 3 days. Loved it and would highly recommend the experience. Thank you so much to my kids for the great birthday gift. Robert April 18
    Our sons bought this package for my husband for his 60th birthday. Joncat’s owner was very pleasant and helpful. The day was extremely enjoyable, and we particularly enjoyed driving the Jaguar on the open roads. The car ran beautifully and it was a real treat for me being a passenger in such a beautiful car. It was extremely comfortable and clean. Overall a great day, and we would highly recommend the experience. Many thanks to you and the owner of Joncat. We would happily ‘babysit’ his car any time! Karen April 18
    We had a great time and James behaved very well! Felix Apr 2018
    All good, we had an awesome time. The weather was great and the car was a pleasure to drive. Many thanks. Robert & Lina April 2018 (Windsor)
    One word ‘Perfect’. Had a blast, so thanks to you and Terry. We didn’t want to take Roger back ! Andrew April 2018
    My wife Emily and I had a great day! The ride along the Putty Rd to the Hunter Valley was surprisingly comfortable. We will surely be repeat customers. Richard April 2018 (Matilda)
    Just some positive feedback. Shane and I had a great day yesterday, the car was just wonderful, my husband thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The weather gods were kind to us and Rob was very nice to meet. (Pip) Heather April 2018
    We had a wonderful trip in Miss Daisy, all four of us put a bit of pressure on the old girl up the hills to Marysville, but no problems whatsoever. Lovely to drive!! Car was in pristine condition and we received many jealous looks from fellow travelers. Will definitely do this again. Mark March 2018
    The “Mustang Day Out” was a birthday present for my husband from our kids. He said it was the best present ever!!! A lovely car and a fun day. Thank you and thanks to Warren for allowing us to share his joy. (Black Mamba) Roz March 2018
    We did have a great time. I wasn’t the driver as I can’t drive a manual however my partner did enjoy himself once he got used to the handling of it. He was very surprised I had done it and his friends thought I was awesome for it. Louise March 2018 (Brucie)
    It was an absolutely incredible experience. It was a surprise for my wife who had an absolute blast. Carsten March 2018 (Pip)
    We could not have had a happier time driving Pete in the Perth Hills last weekend. My boyfriend loved the surprise. The owner gave us a good handover and Pete drove really well. I really appreciate you accommodating my last minute request. Elfie March 2018
    We had a great day out in Rocky (although one of my friends tried to change the name to Clive – I don’t know why). We even got a compliment from a couple driving a brand new Mustang!! The owner and his wife were super nice and so helpful & patient when one of our party was late. Thanks again to you & Rocky’s mum and dad for a wonderful day. Morag March 2018
    We had such an amazing time! The car (Roger) was perfect and the owners were very accommodating. Truly a great experience that we will be recommending to all of our friends. Bianca March 2018
    He (Stanley) had a fantastic day. Car and owner were both a pleasure to deal with. Will be back again for sure! Leif March 2018
    We had a great time with Rocky on our trip to Orange and the Mustang ran perfectly. Rocky certainly got lots of attention, i.e. people waving from cars, tooting and taking photos. At one roadworks stop all the Council workers stopped work, stood at attention and one even took off his hat and placed it over this heart. I even took my own chamois with me to wipe the Mustang over each morning keep it looking immaculate. We were lucky with the weather and had the hood down for the 3 days. Phil March 2018
    Loved the car (Windsor), we had a blast. Kylie March 2018
    The whole experience was wonderful. Rob was helpful and very nice. He directed us well on the car. Definitely be recommending Sally and Rob to friends and family. Thanks to all. Tenyka March 2018
    It was a beautiful day. Actually, I am very glad, that I was able to take my father to be in his dream for the day. He always wanted to own a Corvette, but he never got to it. Raymundo was a joy to drive. He was in good condition and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I have not stopped talking about it to all my friends and family. It is fantastic that people have the opportunity to be able to drive such classic muscle cars. Andrew was a really lovely guy to deal with so kudos to all of you. Akos Feb 2018
    No problems at all and had a great day out, really enjoyable experience and have recommended it to a few people already. Joseph was helpful and make the pick up/drop off nice and easy. Thanks for a great day! Tom March 2018 (Bertie)
    Had a blast driving the MGB (Bertie). Just like the old days. Brought back lots of memories for Carol and myself. It drove really well. One of the best birthday presents I’ve had. Some serious discussions need to be had with the better half about getting another one, forty years after the first. Ian Feb 2018
    It was the BEST day. So much fun, we will do it again another time. Owner was great too. Patricia and John Feb 2018 (Gloria)
    We had a great day thank you very much, unfortunately for my wife I now want to buy one!! Lloyd Feb 2018 (Stella)
    We had such a fun day with Bertie! So easy to drive!! Kirra Feb 201
    It was great! No problems with Chuck at all and Colin was easy to find & deal with. Michael Feb 2018
    We had a fabulous day in Black Mamba. We basically went up all around the Tambourine mountain area, we had two different people wanting to know if we wanted to sell it, another one wanted to know if we hired it out and with the onlookers there was a lot of interest in the vehicle up there, I must admit it did look good and sounded nice especially when you put the boot in to it, I only did that a couple of times for a bit of pose value and we got a lot of thumbs up. A great day was had by all and would certainly recommend to anyone who was interested in doing that sort of thing. Doug Feb 2018
    I enjoyed driving Matilda the engine is good has enough power to enjoy the ride, and the car is a great condition in general. In all, we had a great time driving to Hunter Valley and back and we are considering to rent Matilda again. Keith is a fabulous guy and knows a lot about Matilda and gave me an excellent introduction. Norman Feb 2018
    It was fantastic! We had an amazing day and the owner made it a very easy and quick process with picking up and dropping off. We will definitely be telling our friends and can’t wait to do it again! Samuel Feb 2018 (Gloria)
    It was great! We took Prince our for a spin and a cruise, no problems on our end! Peter Feb 2018
    Our family had a wonderful day out with Stanley in Warburton. The car was in immaculate condition, drove beautifully and we were able to take some memorable photos of my 3 daughters and myself with this superb MGB (Stanley). Thank you for the opportunity. Colin Feb 2018
    This was a surprise for my son’s 30th. He always wanted to buy one so I thought this would be a great gift. We had a beautiful day to have this ride. He was surprised and we all enjoyed the ride. Beautiful car and thank you to Peter, great driver. Glenda Feb 2018 (Mustang 6 Bridges Joy Ride)
    We had a lovely experience and Keith is such a lovely knowledgeable man. We could have talked for hours. Helena Feb 2018 (Matilda)
    We loved her! Matt Feb 2018 (Penelope)
    hanks so much for the car (Raymundo) and the experience and I really appreciate the lengths you went to in providing great customer service. Andrew was also fantastic and the car a dream. We had a lot of fun and my mate got a real kick out of it. I look forward to using you guys again in the future. Thanks again. Rajeh Feb 2018.
    I was the recipient of a surprise pleasure drive on my birthday around the hills of Sassafras & beyond with Stanley for a full day & I had a ball !! You see I drove the same vintage red MGB with overdrive 45 years ago & sold it with regret after my marriage as there was no garage available for it. I thoroughly nursed Stanley at the start then opened up on straight roads with a memorable burble from the exhaust then the flick of the overdrive for the ultimate peace of mind. Stanley behaved beautifully throughout – a tribute to your maintenance of this vintage classic providing me with a day I will always treasure. Best regards & thanks. Kevin Jan 2018.
    We had the most incredible day in Shelley! I know the Cobra is a racing car, but I didn’t really comprehend that I was actually going to be driving what Peter described as “a racing car very thinly disguised as a road car”. From the moment Peter started it and we heard that V8 rumble, we knew we were in for something special. It took a little while to get used to the power with a very embarrassing stall at a set of traffic lights. I channelled my inner racing driver and held up my hand to show that we were stopped on the grid:-). As we were driving along Harris Street in Ultimo, an Irish voice called out “you lucky people”. Wherever we stopped during the day we had people come over to talk about the car. They were amazed that it was a rental. At Mt Keira lookout we ran into three hot rodders. They asked us to take the car over and park next to their cars for pictures. I’ve attached pics of the day. We will be back for more. Phil & Gil Jan 2018
    Rocky was wonderful.  It was an amazing experience lol Chris loved the attention he got haha men heheh Thea Jan 2018.
    Hi Keith, we had a wonderful day driving Bertie up to Mount White. It performed like a like true sports car of the 60’s fast, nimble & fun. Never missed a beat and that gear box is sweet, especially when driving the sweeping curves and corners. Plenty of waves & toots from passing passengers! We will do this again!  Karen Jan 2018.
    We had a fabulous time. Tymon explained the quirks of Gloria really well. Thanks again. Melissa Jan 2018.
    We loved Bertie and the day could not have been better! Thanks so much for providing such a well maintained car and allowing us to have the best day. Jacqui Jan 2018.
    My wife has wanted to ride in a Mustang for years. So I hired Chuck and we did a road trip down the Great Ocean Road with the lid down until it started to rain at Lorne. Lid up and traveled further to Apollo Bay. Sun and lid down. Chuck was a much loved car. Colin had obviously looked after him. Alan. Jan 2018.
    We loved having the weekend with Gloria – it was hard to hand her back! She’s a beautiful vehicle! Jan. January 2018.
    A big thank you for great Australia Day with ”Bertie”! My husband had a fantastic time driving Bertie on his birthday – we both had heaps of fun! Joseph was great to deal with on the day – punctual, friendly and very informative about the vehicle. We will certainly recommend Vintage Classic Cars to our friends, and hope to trial more cars in the not-too-distant future. Karen Jan 2018.
    My husband and I had a wonderful time with Shelley and it was lovely to meet Peter and his wife. The day was a very memorable experience. Elaine Jan 2018.
    Great day with Stella turning heads wherever we took her .Owner was easy going and flexible,which in turn made everything easy as we had to change the days due to bad weather.Will recommend and use again.Thanks Salvatore Jan 2018.
    We wanted to thank you, and Pete, for a wonderful day! An amazing experience to take one of those out a spin. Thanks, Mike Jan 2018
    Black Mamba was very good. We enjoyed the day and car very much. Stuart Dec 2018
    ”Bertie” is a very lovely car to drive, and I had a very enjoyable day.  Soren Jan 2018
  • Thank you so much for letting us use Rocky, we had a great time. I attached a picture – Dave, recipient of this gift, was a VERY HAPPY boy 🙂 Had no issues at all, Peter and his wife were a pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much again! Julia Dec 2017
  • My partner and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with Sally! We cruised the coast line and took in all the beautiful surroundings. The Gentleman we dealt with was very accommodating and I would recommend the experience to friends and family.  Nicole Dec 2017.
    My father had a very enjoyable day in Pip thank you.  Brett Dec 2017.
    We recently took Sally Mustang for a day long drive and we LOVED it. She was a pleasure to be in and trip around our beautiful city on a beautiful day. What a privileged it was. Sally was a gift for my hubby, which he thoroughly enjoyed and the only problem now is WE would both like to own one. In the past, it was always his dream but I am now a convert! My teenage boys who are pretty hard to impress had a lovely day out with her too. Thank you so much and please pass on our thanks to her owner, who was so passionate about his car, and now I completely understand why. Hoping to hire her again some day. Gavin and Sandra Dec 2017.
    It was the best time. Great fun. We wandered round the Hunter Valley region all day, stopping for lunch and morning and afternoon tea. We were blessed with fine but overcast weather and could have the top down all day, except last half hour of rain. The owners of ‘Lynne’ were a charming couple; the pick up was easy and at drop off we chatted for a good half hour or so.
    Thoroughly recommend the experience. There’s nothing like the roar of a V8! Stuart. Dec 2017
    Many thanks for the follow up email and for all of your help in setting this up. It really made my boyfriends 30th birthday and he absolutely loved Rocky, so much so that he is now on the hunt for one to restore if he can (if you have any tips on finding one etc I’m sure you’d make him very happy!). I have to say the service was fantastic, Rocky is a beautiful car and obviously well looked after and we were surprised how economical he was. Thanks again for helping to create such a special memory, we’ll definitely be recommending it to any friends with special birthdays coming up. Thanks, Julie Dec 2017
    We had a great time with Jeremy for Mum and Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary, thankyou! Mum was so excited to drive ‘her’ car again and Dad had tears in his eyes, saying it brought back such good memories of when they had “Samantha” in the early 70’s. He also couldn’t stop laughing when I briefly hopped in the back seat (lying lengthways!) – in the same place they used to put me in my carry cot as a baby!  We took Jeremy up to a cafe in Maleny with views over the Glasshouse Mountains, where Mum read out from her 1967 diary from when they met and married! The day could not have been more perfect so thanks again for sharing Jeremy with us!  Tracey Nov 2017.
    Had a great day with Black Mamba. Owned a few Ford V8s in my youth and this brought back some sweet memories. Love that sweet roar of this Mustang’s V8, so much better than the harsh crackle of the Holdens I used to square off against. My son, who is a big Mustang fan, was totally thrilled to arrive for his Year 12 high school formal in such an immaculate (and noisy) example. Thanks for making his special day such a memorable one. Paul Nov 2017.
    Hi Keith, we had a great time with Miss Daisy! Thanks, Karina Nov 2017.
    Yes, we took Roger out for a drive arranged by MGCC Sydney to Wollongong for picnic/lunch. The MGB 1965 was OK, we had no problems and we did enjoy driving MGB in Australia. I will hire the same MG again when we go to Australia next time.  Rauno Nov 2017.
    Had such a perfect day taking Raymundo out with my Dad for his 60th birthday! No problems to report and Andrew the owner was a legend. Truly splendid experience.Thank you, Ben Nov 2017.
    Charley was great,no dramas with car had a blast but now I want my own! Mark Nov 2017
    Had a marvellous time with Stanley. I was warned that the brakes may need a heavier foot than my Astra’s power assisted break pedal…a great reminder. Ditto the lack of power steering. Again, a great time was had by both of us. Thanks heaps. Graham Nov 2017.
    Raymundo was fantastic and what a great way to get around! John Nov 2017.
    We have an awesome time with Bertie. It was great fun actually “driving a car” rather than just steering one. It was great to take the car up the old pacific hwy. My mother in law’s birthday was the reason we hired Bertie and she loved it. I think I had just as much fun as her driving my mother in law around and then playing chauffer to various other family members who wanted to go for a spin around the block. Great day had by all and Bertie handled all the attention beautifully.  Brett Nov 2017.
    We had an absolutely fantastic time in Hank, the Mustang.Peter. Nov 2017.
    We had a great day with the mini, and my wife was very excited when I turned up with “another lady” (Matilda).  Our anniversary day turned out great and the weather couldn’t have been better.
    No issues with the car after getting used to brakes and steering we had a blast!  Gareth Nov 2017.
    Just want to say a big thank you to you for our day with Stanley.We had a fantastic time and the weather was just perfect.We had do much fun and took heaps of photos. Craig was so very polite and helpful. Thank you once again.  Gail and Rob Nov 2017.
    We loved taking Bertie out – no problems at all and so much fun.  Sneha Nov 2017.
    It was a very enjoyable day and Charley worked perfectly.  Ross Oct 2017.
    I cannot say just how much we enjoyed our day with FINS. The day was a surprise 70th birthday present for my sister-in-law. To drive a red convertible had been on her bucket list for some time and she was absolutely amazed when she saw Finns. It was a flawless day altogether including the weather. May I also congratulate you and your team on the service we received, we could not have asked for more. Lyn Oct 2017
    We had a great day out with Miss Daisy thank you. It was a surprise birthday gift for my husband and he loved it! A Very comfortable and spacious car. Julie Oct 2017
    Penelope was great. One of the best experiences of my life. The sound she makes is spine tingling. Was just a shame that it rained on our wedding day so I was unable to get any shots with her and my new bride. But she was infallible. Gave me a greater appreciation for the E type than I already had. Thanks for letting me take her out. I will definitely be looking into hiring another car in the future. Tom Oct 2017
    Great experience with Rocky , from the phone call the day before , to a seamless pick up service , all good and a very enjoyable day. Vince. Oct 2017.
    Was a great day with Windsor, have always loved mustangs and finally got the chance to drive a classic.  Steve ORockyct 2017.
    Rocky was great. It was a surprise gift for my wife and she loved it. Will definitely do it again. Thanks. Gary. Oct 2017.
    I loved our time with Hank! Highly recommend and will be taking It out again!  Dale.  Oct 2017.
    Absolutely loved Blanche! Thank you.  Jackie Oct 2017.
    I wanted to send a quick email to thank you for the wonderful Mustang Hire over the weekend! My partner and I had such a blast in Windsor and I’m sure we will be back again. Stephanie. Oct 2017
    We really enjoyed our day with Windsor. It was perfect weather to put the top down and I don’t think we put it back up until we were headed home. A great day in a beautiful car, thank you!  Dan  Sept 2017.
    My partner was absolutely taken back in time from when she was a child and driving with her father, thank you for bringing back the good memories with Pip.  Hopefully we can do it again at a later date.  Garry Sept 2017.
    Matilda was great. It was the perfect car for our wedding day. We’ll be sure to pass on your website to family and friends! Christine. Sept 2017
    We had a wonderful time in Lynn ! Terry and his wife were lovely. Thanks again – we had a great time. Stephanie Sept 2017.
    The day with Windsor, the Mustang was great, we really enjoyed it.  Mick, the owner, was friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend it. Shelby Sept 2017.
    Owned an E-Type in the early 70’s so as you can imagine enjoyed the experience enormously. At that time the E-Type had the most comfortable drives cockpit of any car……….. and it ( Penelope) still still holds that title in my opinion, having owned an enormous variety of cars in the following 45+ years. Also relived that low down torque !!!!! ‘Penelope’ had the best exhaust resonance of any Jaguar I have owned or heard. Just added layers to the experience. All the arrangements were handled with courtesy efficiently. Thanks so much. Tony Sept 2017.
    We had such a lovely time in Windsor! Such a cool car. We had no problems at all. Thank you again for all the assistance from Nick getting it all sorted. : ) Fran Sept 2017.
    Black Mamba was a brilliant car; great sound; perfect day; we both loved every second of it. Iconic car. One little boy pointed at it and said “Mustang!” (At a roundabout near you) that put a big smile on my face, no-one has ever pointed at me and exclaimed “Toyota!” 51 years old, one speed wipers, no demister , roof leaked a bit; who cares! It was a memorable experience for us both, thank you for that. David  Sept 2017
    Thanks for your help with Matilda on Saturday.  Mum had a ball  driving it!  Christine.  Sept 2017.
    We had a great day with Roger.  The car was fantastic. We would love to do it again soon. Amanda Aug 2017.
    Stella did everything we expected and we had a great day. It was a great way to celebrate a birthday weekend.  David Aug 2017.
    Nothing like having a Ferrari parked outside your house to get the neighbours’ jealous! Our driver Sergio was fantastic. He drove like a pro showing the great handling of the car. The sound from the high revving V8 was music to the ears. Sergio had lots of stories of driving adventures past which he shared along with other interesting life stories. We did a loop of the city, driving in the Lane Cove Tunnel(lovely echo) over the Anzac Bridge, down to Millers point for some photos and then over the Harbour Bridge. All in all the Ferrari Joy ride was just a great day out – an excellent experience!  Guy.  Aug 2017.
  • The whole process with Pip was a dream and a joy!  Mike.  July 2017.
  • The drive in Stanley was nostalgia plus. I had a few English cars early in my career (1960s), in the workshop as much as on the road. The MG was good overall.Steering was very sharp on the move, good feedback, gearshift notchy but precise, handling & roadholding good. The growly exhaust was typical MGB but a relief for the ears to get back in the Honda.  Eddy July 2017.
  • It was really good. Roger behaved impeccably. Top down motoring up the Old Pacific Highway for lunch at Patonga was lovely. It brought back memories of my own, almost identical 1965 MGB (red, wire wheels etc) which I owned in 1975. Roger was in a bit better condition though. Thanks again for the great experience. Alastair July 2017.
  • We loved Windsor! The kids and Mel had a ball and I got home and now looking to buy my own lol. Loved every second of it thank you very much. Adam. June 2017.
  • I just wanted to pass on my thanks to yourself and Fred for the wonderful experience of driving Hank. We had an amazing day. What a pleasure to drive such a magnificent classical car. We drove to Wollongong to see our eldest boy at University. He was also very impressed and couldn’t get enough photos with the car. Actually, most of the Uni students that saw the car were suitably impressed. We must have taken literally a hundred photos. It was a fantastic day and an amazing opportunity. Please pass on our thanks to Fred. He was so accommodating and helpful. Thank you again for everything. Unbelievable, incredible experience! Leonie June 2017.
  • We had a great time in Black Mamba she was kind to us the whole day and didn’t miss a beat. We cruised up and down the coast as well as headed into the mountains and it was a really cool experience. Peter. June 2017.
  • It was fantastic. Husband Darryl had no idea. The Shelby was gorgeous and Darryl absolutely loved it. Meaghan June 2017.
  • We had a great weekend thank you. Frankie looked, sounded, and drove the part for sure. Was a 60th weekend present for my father in law who had a smile on face all weekend driving around the hills in such a stunning car. Frankie’s owner was so warm, generous and helpful it made the experience complete. Thanks so much. Ross. June 2017.
  • We took out Chuck for a spin. We had a great time. Chuck behaved himself very well and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. Athina.  June 2017.
  • We had a great day in Rocky. He behaved himself and enjoyed the stretch out on the freeway. Makes me want to buy one even more now that I’ve had a taste. Sue. May 2017.
  • My Brother & I greatly enjoyed our outing in Bertie, and a return to 60s something motoring. The MG performed faultlessly, however it is interesting to compare current sanitised driving to that era. Jim & Rod  May 2017.
  • Roger behaved beautifully and my dad had a great time driving his family around in style. All was wonderful thank you! Susan. May 2017.
  •  I was very pleased with Abigail, and the fellow who did all the paperwork. He was very friendly and easy to talk to. The car behaved very well. Gus May  2017.
  • By the size of the smile on my brothers face and his family , I’d say it was clear “Rocky” was a real success… thank you !!! I hope to book again soon. Carlo. May 2017.
  • Both myself and my partner had a great time driving Chuck, we took her along the Great Ocean Road for the weekend and it was amazing. The car ran really smoothly and other than she was a bit hard to start first thing in the morning (it was really cold) we had no problems at all. I would highly recommend this experience to my friends and family.  Amelia.  June 2017.
  • Thanks Keith. Rocky was fantastic. I forgot how amazing classic cars sound and smell! I admit I’ve been visiting the website to see what I might like to take out for a spin in future….. Ben May 2017.
  • I apologise for not getting back to you earlier. In short, congratulations on the way the entire process is run from booking until the day. Very professional and the host at Yeronga was very good too. It was a lovely way to celebrate my Mum’s 80th birthday – she was delighted and is still talking about it to her friends. We were able to give Charley a good gallop on the way to the mountain and had some fun through the twisties. I was given the opportunity on the evening before to postpone as the weather was looking bleak which was very generous. As it was for a birthday I pushed ahead and fortunately the weather was beautiful on the day. Thanks again and best regards, Dave.  June 2017
  • We had a great day in Rocky and everything was fantastic. Great car! The gentlemen who prepared the car was extremely helpful and diligent. Great experience we would definitely recommend. Michael May 2017,
  • I hired “Stella” for my wife’s birthday at Surfers Paradise. Just wanted to say a big thank you for the car. My wife said it was the best birthday she has ever had. I will tell all my friends, thanks very much. Ben May 2017
  • We thoroughly enjoyed hiring “Bertie”. Pick up point in Miranda is so convenient to the Airport and then a day meandering through Royal National Park, down Coastal Road to Wollongong and return was absolutely fantastic in the red 1964 MGB. A wonderful experience – great fun! Roger Apr 2017
  • We both loved Lynn, the Red Mustang. It was a fantastic day and great way to experience a car you love but will probably never buy! Great to drive and lots of people stopping and staring!! Many thanks. Caroline June 2017.
  • We had a lovely day in Charley! We will definitely look at hiring her again!! Great way to spend a Saturday!! Many thanks, Jo. Apr 2017
  • We had a perfect day in the M3! It was easy to drive and sounded glorious. My boys (6 & 8) loved the novelty of driving in a car with no roof and we couldn’t have asked for better open top weather for the trip to Pearl Beach. Heinrich’s owner was very friendly and easy going. We would definitely consider hiring a classic car again. Perhaps an MGB next time 🙂 Gareth Apr 2017
  • Ha! Matilda was great and we all had a ball! Thanks again for the car! Brett Apr 2017
  • Had a great day with Loretta the weather was perfect and so was Loretta. She was easy to pick up and return Terry and his wife are a delightful. My teenage girls loved the day with the top down touring the vineyards.  Susan Apr 2017.
  • We had a great experience with Blanche. Beautiful car! Tom Apr 2017.
  • Really enjoyed  lynn. No complaints and would do it again for a special occasion. Brian Apr 2017.
  • Windsor was fantastic! Not a single issue! Wouldn’t mind having him at home! Peter. Apr 2017.
  • It was a fantastic day. Lynn looked pristine when I picked it up. The weather was a bit overcast so we thought it best to keep the roof on. I was initially nervous about driving a car like that (it was the first V8 that I have driven!). Again a great day and thanks to all. Damian Apr 2017.
  • We had the most tremendous day yesterday in Fins, my husband said it was the best birthday present ever and SO much more of an experience than he expected. Totally worth waiting for awesome weather.  Paul was great. Belinda Apr 2017.
  • We certainly enjoyed taking Miss Daisy for a spin. Great car, great contact, great day! Thanks again! It was an easy process and I would recommend it further. Fabian Mar 2017.
  • Being able to drive Rocky not only fulfilled a life long dream but reignited my desire to own my own classic Mustang. Rocky ran like a charm all day and roared when asked without hesitation. Thank you for allowing me to spend the day with Rocky. Daniel Mar 2017.
  • The day went exceptionally well. We were very pleased with the service provided for our daughter’s special day, and particularly the quiet drive home late at night after the wedding. Alfred didn’t miss a beat, all good. Graham Mar 2017.
  • Thank you for bringing your beautiful Sophia into the city and making the day for my young nephew and his grandmother! Thank you also for elevating me to the lofty status of favourite uncle!  Darren  Mar 2017.
  • Stanley was the consummate Gentleman. He enjoyed a cruise down Peninsula Link, where he joined us for lunch at T’Gallant Winery, followed by dessert at The Strawberry Farm. A quick visit to say hello to his counterparts at Charlie’s Auto Museum and a rest stop at Arthur’s Seat to take in sweeping views of the bay. Stanley and Darryl were two tired boys at the end of what was a very memorable day. The experience has only enhanced Darryl’s wish to purchasing an MG in the not too distant future. Cherie. March 2017
  • Hi Keith, we had a wonderful day with Penelope. Thanks again. I was very impressed with how she handled the 35degree weather the day we took her out. Now I just need to figure out how to get one of my own 🙂 Dylan. Feb 2017
  • Hiring Black Mamba was a (significant) birthday present for my wife and she had a smile on her face all day. The car ran well and was a lot of fun.  Stuart.  Feb 2017.
  • Black Mamba was a brilliant car; great sound; perfect day; we both loved every second of it. Iconic car. One little boy pointed at it and said “Mustang!” (At a roundabout near you) that put a big smile on my face, no-one has ever pointed at me and exclaimed “Toyota!” 51 years old, one speed wipers, no demister , roof leaked a bit; who cares! It was a memorable experience for us both, thank you for that.  David Feb 2017.
  • Yes had a great time with Hank , really enjoyed the few days we had.  Definitely do it again , thanks.  Robert.  Feb 2017.
  • A huge thanks.  Stella was  a wonderful surprise for hubby for his birthday and everyone loved the outing. My Dad (aged 78) and Mum (70) was visiting with us in Gold Coast and they absolutely loved the experience as did our teenage children. The weather was perfect and we drove to Byron Bay and shared seats in the Mustang at different times with the family. I enjoyed driving our SUV behind and watching them enjoy themselves. We enjoyed breakfast at Three Blue Ducks and to the beach and shops in Byron. Everyone was a little sunburnt but it was worth it! Susie Jan 2016.
  • Thanks to my Two Sons and Two Daughters and Step Son Scott For wonderful 70th Birthday present of driving Windsor The Red Convertible for the day .Unfortunately I was not able to drive Windsor my self But i took pride of Place in the Passenger seat and our whole family came along In a following Car taking turns at be a Passenger in this Wonderful Vintage Car in Immaculate Condition we even giving Windsor a chamois of the Body With loving Care. Thanks for such a wonderful Dream come true for me to Drive a Mustang. Terry Jan 2017.
  • We had a great day with Penelope. She behaved impeccably. The weather was perfect, and even though it was a hot day she showed no sign of overheating. We have a fantastic trip through the Royal National Park and over the Sea Cliff bridge. We will definitely be back for more. Richard Jan 2017.
  • Just to show you how much we loved Angelika I have attached some very special photos. John was also very good to deal with. He was just as passionate about our day being special as he is about his car. Nick was also very responsive in regards to arranging the booking. Overall, a great experience. Chris Jan 2017.
  • I had an absolute ball of a time with Roger. We had a family convertible picnic day in Kiama, traveling down via the sea cliff and with my daughter following in convoy in her 2005 VW Beetle convertible – Roger performed spectacularly going down the coast and then back home via Kangaroo Valley. I also had a fantastic trip up to Wiseman’s Ferry with my wife on Sunday – the road to St Albans over the ferry was a spectacular place to experience driving Roger. Terry was also a pleasure to deal with – he had Roger immaculately prepared, and thoroughly explained everything about the car. All in all I’m very happy with my experience in hiring Roger, everything went really smoothly and it’s a weekend I’m sure I’ll still be smiling about for months to come. Michael Jan 2017.
  • Rocky was excellent, a great day thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, thanks very much for the experience. Volker Jan 2017.
  • My wife and I had a lovely day in Goldie. The car ran faultlessly and the owners were very nice and explained all about the car. We would recommend this service to anyone.  Karl.  Jan 2017.
  • Our day was most enjoyable and Roger performed admirable. It was a great experience and brought back many fond memories of motoring with the hood down. May take up an opportunity in the future to try another of your classics. Tony Jan 2017.
  • Just got back from my ride in Rocky. It was fantastic ! The 67 gt mustang was beautiful and never missed a beat. Peter, my driver was a great guy and a pleasure to ride with, a wonderful knowledgeable man with a great sense of humour. Thank you for a great experience that I will recommend to all my friends and family. A brilliant day! Cheers and thank you very much. Richard. Jan 2017
  • Yesterday’s joyride was fantastic, my partner absolutely loved the surprise! And George was such a wonderful driver and we highly recommend him. Thank you so much for organising it all for me. Will definitely be using your company again if we ever need another car hire. Catherine Jan 2017.
  • All the arrangements went smoothly, we had a wonderful time in Stanley. Thanks for your help, especially for arranging it at such short notice. We will happily recommend you to our friends. Sandra Jan 2017
  • I can only say the day with Penelope was fantastic. John really enjoyed driving the car. As an experience, we are still talking about it and the photos are being shown around. I think we have stirred peoples interest in the concept. So maybe we can get you a few referrals in the future. Cheers Jane. Dec 2016.
  • Had a great day out with Bertie. My wife and I drove through the National park and onto Wollongong for lunch. It was a great day, highly recommended. The car performed exceptionally well and did not misbehave at all. I would recommend the day out on the road for anyone looking for a different style of fun. Robert. Dec 2016.
  • What a fantastic time we had with Sophia.  Thank you so much for making your precious Ferrari available for the weekend. Its one of those things I have always wanted to do …. just drive and enjoy a classic Ferrari with the top down.  So much fun and the whole family could fit, they loved it!  Peter Dec 2016.
  • Just got back from our ride in Rocky. It was absolutely awesome, what a great car. Peter was very friendly and accommodating. Thank you so much for the experience. Kirsty Jan 2017
  • Fins was great, had fun at our golden wedding anniversary and was reluctant to leave us on Sunday morning!  Bob. Dec 2016.
  • Was an awesome experience having Penelope for the weekend and as a part of our wedding. I will definitely be taking her again soon. Thanks for everything! Andrew Dec 2016.
  • My wife and I had a great time in Roger thanks.  Matt  Dec 2016.
  • We had a wonderful day with Blanche! Took her down to Palm Beach for breaky, Clareville for a swim and visited our brothers at work so they could check her out too 🙂 We absolutely adored her and hope one day we can have a Blanche of our own!!! Daniel and Holly. Dec 2016.
  • My husband was thrilled with his surprise MGB birthday. Spending the day with Bertie with the wind in our hair, zipping along the gorgeous south coast “living the dream” … it was just perfect. Bertie behaved himself beautifully & I can understand why… because he has been lovingly cared for by Peter. Thanks for a great day! Christine Dec 2016.
  • We had a great time in Windsor! The drive down the coast with the lid off was fantastic – with the sun shining and the Mustang’s V8 rumbling! Mick was fantastic with the details and everything was explained and exactly as he talked me through. The trip was for my father’s Christmas present and he loved it! Thanks again Paul Dec 2016
  • Yes Fangit was amazing ! The owner ,Paul went out of his way making suggestions of where to visit, gave us maps , a detailed description and history of the car ,even two of his caps to wear! He was extremely obliging and gladly handed over his keys to his prized possession for the day without any limitations( of course we were respectful and abided to the law ). I would have no hesitation in recommending or hiring again ! Tom Dec 2016.
  • Laura and I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful cars. Having Penelope was so special and was the perfect car for our wedding theme. Thanks again mate! We will definitely be seeing you again soon for one of your beautiful cars. Andrew and Laura. Dec 2016.
  • We had such a great time as expected. The boys loved Rocky. I’m sure they were wishing they were in my seat!   We’ll be back! Anna. Dec 2016.
  • Windsor was a treat to take out. Everything went smoothly this time and there were no problems whatsoever. My girlfriend and I took him out for a nice run up to Wisemans ferry and the surrounds. I really appreciate how helpful Nick and yourself were in accommodating and organising rescheduled dates for the different Mustangs.  Ryan Nov 2016.
  • Driving Rocky was an amazing experience. One of the best nights to drive with the top down. We both had an amazing night and would definitely recommend it friends and even do it again myself.  Fraser Nov 2016.
  • Yes we had a great day with Sally. It was a dry day but great regardless. Car was fine.The owner was a good guy also!  Allan Nov 2016.
  • We had such an incredible day with Stella! It was a dream of my dad’s to drive a mustang for many years now and he was very excited when we surprised him with it. We drove down country roads and then stopped for lunch and headed back along the beach. It was a gorgeous day so that made it even better. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. No troubles booking on the day we preferred and it was very last minute. Everyone was very professional and helpful. Thank you very much, Katrina Nov 2016.
  • Thanks Keith very happy with FINS. Ben Nov 2016.
  • We were very happy with Rocky and the way things went. Thankyou again for a great experience. Bernadette Nov 2016.
  • Hi Keith, yes Black Mamba was a bit of fun!, we enjoyed the day. Thanks for the follow up, Pete Nov 2016.
  • We really had a great day and I enjoyed driving the car very much! Rocky looks and sounds great. The process, pick up and return were all straightforward and friendly! Thanks. Stuart Nov 2016.
  • We had an amazing day out with Bartholomew. I hired him as a surprise gift for my partners 30th and he loved it! We went for a nice drive down through the Royal National Park and had lunch at the Stanwell Park on the beach watching the hang gliders. It was a beautiful, relaxing day. Your team made the whole planning very easy and the owner was extremely helpful in organising pickups & drop offs. Everyone who has asked me about the car I have recommended your site to. Natasha Oct 2016.
  • The car went down a treat! We had a lot of fun driving her and Matilda made a man’s dreams come true, and I must say there has been a lot of research into purchasing one of our own! Many thanks again. Caitlin and Andrew Oct 2016.
  • We had a great day out with Rocky. My husband Chris really enjoyed taking him for a spin.  Kristy  Oct 2016.
  • Johnnie was used for our wedding and close family friend of ours him. He had a ball being able to drive and bring the bridesmaids in. Many thanks. Josh. Oct 2016.
  • My mother and I had a great day out with Rocky. He was extremely well behaved! Courtney Oct 2016.
  • We absolutely loved Black Mamba and looking forward to the next run.   Holly Oct 2016.
  • We loved Shelley & will defiantly rebook her again as we had no issues with the car or the booking with you. Karen Sept 2016.
  • All went very well and we were very happy with Bessie for our wedding – and Phil for driving!  Tom Sept 2016.
  • We loved Penelope!!! Wish we could own her in fact. One of the greatest things about driving such a car is that you’re actually driving! Needing to check dials, listen to her and understand her ‘preferences’ as it were, made the day all that more special. Thanks again for loving such a wonderful old car! And allowing us to spend the day with her!! Richard Sept 2016.
  • Hiring Rocky was a highlight of my wife’s Birthday weekend. Everything went well and as expected. We had to remind ourselves that hiring a car of 49 years would have some very different controls and quirks. It was a lot of fun driving Rocky and getting all the attention in the suburbs, the highways or even parked on the road whilst having a coffee. Definitely will look into hiring Rocky again, or possibly acquiring our own (should II somehow convince Renee of that!). Peter Sept 2016.
  • We absolutely loved Rocky!! It was dad’s fathers day present and he was so happy!!!!!  Amanda Sept 2016.
  • Thanks very much for the opportunity to take Rocky out. What a great car, I’m not sure if Josie realises what she has started by getting me behind the wheel of such a nice piece of machinery.  Ben Sept 2016.
  • The day with Henry was excellent, a beautiful wedding and made even more special through the ability for us to have Emelia’s uncle and godfather drive her there.  Chris Sept 2016.
  • My partner Ian and I had a great time with Hank… though I think Ian wasn’t too impressed with my handling… !! Driving Hank reminded me of walking a big, badly trained dog… straining at the leash… he just wanted to run and run, but we had to hold him back!! The day went well, and we had many admiring looks.  Amanda.  Sept 2016.
  • Bertie was great. Full of character. A nice easy drive.  David Sept 2016.
  • I just wanted to thank you so much for the experience with Penelope! Rick loved it and she has left an indelible mark on his heart! Will sing your praises far and wide. Kristin. Sept 2016.
  • Bessie was absolutely wonderful! She’s a beautiful car and very well maintained. She added the touch of nostalgia and class we wanted for our wedding. It was so special for me to have an EK and they’re very hard to find in such good condition. Cathy. Aug 2016.
  • I had a great day. Perfect weather, drove her up the old pacific highway. Blanche was very well behaved  Thanks for setting it all up.  Tom Aug 2016.
  • The Cobra was AWESOME!!! It was probably the most fun I have had with my clothes on. He behaved himself immaculately and he is a real head turner. Great to drive and we certainly took him for a good run. I will most certainly doing it again and have passed your details onto a couple of mates who are interested in taking a car out. Thanks to you and all the team.  Damien Aug 2016.
  • My wife enjoyed having Lynn for the day, our son actually drove as it may have been a bit tight for the wife to get behind the wheel. I rode in the back with our daughter in law, and we all enjoyed touring the vineyards with the top down. All in all, a most pleasant day, with our son planning to hire the blue Mustang when his wife’s brother and his wife visit from the UK in 12 mths time. Clive Aug 2016.
  • We had a lot of fun in Matilda. Took her down to Southern Highlands. A good drive. It was a great experience. Greg. Aug 2016
  • We had a fantastic day in Penelope! Jacqui Aug 2016..
  • It was a great couple of days in Windsor, such a beautiful ride – no complaints. Fantastic time. Thanks mate. Michael. July 2016.
  • I absolutely loved having Bessie for the weekend! What an amazing car. It drove perfectly and turned heads everywhere I went. I didn’t want to give it back. Phil, the owner was a pleasure to deal with and a genuine nice guy. Thanks so much. Justin July 2016.
  • Had a fabulous time, Matilda was perfect and the day was exactly what I had hoped for – my partner was stoked! Nicola July 2016.
  • We had an awesome day with Windsor thank you. Mick, the owner of the car, was very friendly and easy going which was great. The car itself was very cool. We had a great time! Sheridan July 2016.
  • Rocky did perform very well, no hic-ups.   t did bring back memories of some of the cars I used to work on!  Colin July 2016.
    All went well with Bertie. They loved the surprise, the trip became more about the journey than the destination Ron said, so thanks to your efforts above and beyond they had a great time. So thanks for that. It got them all over the countryside and back. I will definitely be back in touch for future ‘events’. Alex June 2016.
  • My dad truly enjoyed the drive in Roger. Said it brought back a lot of memories of the one he had when he was younger. Thanks again.  Michele.  June 2016.
  • It was a great couple of days, Windsor was such a beautiful ride – no complaints. Fantastic time.  Michael. June 2016.
  • Boris provided the full older classic experience and got the newlyweds out to Double Bay and me back home to Strathfield. Alexei May 2016
  • Our time with Rocky was absolutely great. So good to drive a classic car as it was back then. He is such a cruising car with the top down on a beautiful sunny day as we had, it was absolutely unforgettable. A fantastic experience that both my wife & I have been raving about to family & friends. I’ve been passing on your website to everyone that has asked also. Tony. May 2016.
  • I think Shelley was more admired than the bride! Our experience was very good and my son was one happy boy. Thank you once again. Bernadette. May 2016.
  • From the collection and drop back you Penelope herself, both you and her surpassed my expectations. Thanks for a lovely weekend!  Darren April 2016.
  • We had a great time with Bartholomew. This was a surprise for my wife’s birthday and she was very surprised and had a fantastic time! This may have back fired as now she is talking about buying one!  However it did do a great job of making our friends and family very jealous with the pics we took on what turned out to be an amazing day for a drive! We still talk about Bartholomew now a month later. What a great adventure, well worth it! Sean April 2016.
  • The Windsor was great. We had a really fabulous time and my husband Peter really enjoyed driving his “dream car” for his 60th birthday . Instructions were good and he behaved himself impeccably. Would recommend Windsor to others.  Donna April 2016.
  • We had a great time with Penelope for the day, she behaved very well and was a pleasure to drive. It’s a really great feeling to actually have to drive a car – we are so spoilt for comfort in cars these days I had forgotten what it’s like to have to put some muscle and concentration into driving! Will.  April 206.
  • Rocky was an absolute pleasure to drive and behaved very well. He was a dream to cruise around in. Loved the noise and throb and my sons enjoyed the fun of cruising with the top down. Look forward to next time. Barry April 2016.
  • My dad had a blast in Bartholomew. Was an awesome surprise! Dru  April 2016.
  • We thoroughly enjoyed the few days we had Penelope, at 2,500rpm it makes the best sound ever. My English neighbours (who are in their late 70s) came around and couldn’t stop admiring it, so I had to take them for a short drive and they absolutely loved it. It`s one of those cars that makes even the youth of today turn their heads in admiration. A terrific birthday present for Sharna who loved the whole experience . If you decide to sell please contact us! Kevin April 2016.
  • It was loads of fun taking Rocky for a lovely drive up to the mountains. He is fun to drive and certainly has many well feds horses under the bonnet! He certainly turned a few heads and the three of us have appeared in many of the Asian tourists photo albums! A wonderful experience that my other half had given me for a Chrissy present. Also thank you for being so flexible with the dates for hire. I wish you all the best with Rocky and your lovely cars. Sam April 2016.
  • Rosie was perfect, thank you very much. We will send through a few pictures once we get them.  Matt April 2016.
  • I enjoyed the experience with Penelope and we had a nice day driving her around. I would like to do it again some time.  Adrian.  April 2016.
  • What a great joy ride! Keith and his Ferrari met all our expectations. It was an hour of fun packed driving down through the Royal National Park. Definitely recommended and not for the faint hearted.  Absolutely brilliant experience. Ildo.  April 2016.
  • Thank you very much for the lovely motor Penelope.  This was a fantastic birthday present.  Happy Travels.  Sharna & Kevin.  April 2016.
  • My wife and I had a great day out in Rocky, cruising with the top down in a convertible was a first for us both, and a nice sunny day was a bonus. We had heaps of people staring, waving and several compliments from people pulling up alongside. I found it easy to drive and enjoyed the V8 rumble from the exhaust…very nice. All in all….a really good day. Graham March 2016.
  • We had a great day and Sven behaved very well. I will send through a photo or two of Sven in all his glory from the day. Many thanks again to you for the service. Jason and Pam. March 2016.
  • Yes Henry was a perfect gentleman! We enjoyed our trip with him and our driver had a fantastic time too. The flowers were a nice touch! Craig and Fiona.  March 2016.
  • My husband had a fantastic day with Penelope. I think I have competition!  Patricia March 2016.
  • Everything went smoothly for our wedding. The Mustangs and Camaro were great as were the drivers.  Thank you.  Michael and Anna March 2016.
  • We both greatly enjoyed our ‘custody’ of Penelope for the day. The aural experience of driving her combined with a throttle that has a mechanical connection to the induction system (no ‘fly by wire’ here) made for a driving experience unlike more modern cars – push the throttle down, the noise increases, the nose lifts and Penelope lifts up her skirt and head off up the road in a manner almost entirely unlike my Subaru! A great day we would recommend to friends and family. Ian March 2016
  • The Mark V Jaguar – Bonnie – was wonderful and the bride was thrilled. The service was outstanding. The guests took a deal of interest in the car. I witnessed the interest and there have been a number of follow-up remarks. I enjoyed meeting and chatting with the owner. Please pass-on my sincere thanks. I would have no hesitation in recommending the car and VCCH.  Mike March 2016.
  • My husband was pleasantly surprised to find out that we had Rocky for the day. We were able to take it to Richmond then along Bells Line of Road to the Darling Causeway and through Leura before picking up the kids from school – who were very excited to be driving in a convertible. We had the top down most of the day until we were close to the Lane Cove exit of the M2 and we pulled over to put the top up. Rocky was great to drive – reminded us of the husband’s old ZD Fairlane – disc brakes and power steering that responded a little on the slow side . Either way it was an exciting ride! I was even allowed to drive it! Pick up and drop off were very easy and as the weather was a little on the iffy side – the owner was very generous to allow us to make the call on the morning of our day. Thanks again for the experience and we will definitely think of you when the next celebration comes around. Patricia March 2016.
  • Hi Keith, Penelope was a dream, thanks again for a great weekend. We followed your advice and went to St Albans, it was great advice!  Darren March 2016.
  • Bertie behaved well! We’ll be back for more from your brilliant garage. Pagoda Roof SL is the next preference!  Stephen and Vera March 2016.
  • My feedback on what was an enjoyable day. Firstly, Windsor’s owner Mick is a great, friendly bloke. He took us (my young son and I) through everything and showed us all of Windsor’s little behaviours, he even took us on a test run around the block. There wasn’t anything that was of real concern to us.
    During the day Windsor behaved admirably and put on a good display to the many eyes that followed him down the street. The whole family had a great day, it was the best birthday present I have ever had and will never forget. A huge thank you to Windsor for providing this highlight. Jeff March 2016.  
  • Hank photographed nicely alongside the new Mustang. A hassle free experience – which was the main thing we wanted. Kris. March 2016.
  • We had a fantastic time in Rocky thank you very much. Especially our 4 year old boy who thought returning to pick up mum’s car was a complete drag and he wasn’t impressed!  Thanks again…you were great and the owner was lovely.  Kristen. March 2016.
  • Windsor was wonderful as was Darren. We had a great weekend. Thank you for following up and look forward to doing it again next year 🙂 Rachel March 2016
  • Thank you Keith, Rocky was absolutely fun! Vikas March 2016.
  • Just returned Penelope. Absolutely marvellous machine. I now know which car to buy when I win lotto! She is a beauty! Thanks again. Jeff March 2016
  • Just wanted to let you know that we had a great day with Windsor a week ago. Mick the owner was fantastic and had the car in great condition for us. Thanks for all your help in making the day happen. Ps I’ve converted my young son into becoming a Mustang lover! Jeff. March 2016
  • Bertie was great. I was surprised how smooth it was off the clutch. I was expecting something rougher. Similarly, I think the brakes were better than they felt, they just needed to be pushed harder to get the reaction. Changes in technology! The briefing was good. Relaxed and a bit tongue in cheek which put me at ease borrowing someone else’s car. We went down through the national park to Wollongong for lunch and back same way. The wife was very impressed. Tick! I’d be happy to recommend it and have done. Ian February 2016.
  • We absolutely loved Penelope! Definitely one of the highlights and an unforgettable experience that we will cherish. And everybody wanted to get a glimpse of her wherever we drove. Thank you for sharing Penelope with us, and hopefully in the future we could borrow her again, without the stress of wedding timeframes, and just enjoying the open wind. Ronn. February 2016
  • I really loved Bertie and the owner was really great to deal with and clearly knew the car very well but wasn’t overbearing or precious.Colin February 2016
  • My dad hasn’t stopped talking about the jet flight and the joy ride in the MGA. Colin is a great guy my dad hit it off with him right from the start.  Thanks.  Kate.  February 2016.
  • Cleo was gorgeous, Owen particularly liked the suspension in Cleo. Owen seemed to be the envy of the boys that weekend, particularly his dad! I wouldn’t be surprised if Cleo gets the chance to stretch her tyres again when Owen and his dad decide to have weekend together. Thank you so much for organising Cleo. We had a blast! Kezia. February 2016
  • Thanks Keith for organising this. My husband had a great time and it was an excellent choice. Kids saving for their own Rocky so it’s nice to see a 66 car can still give kids a thrill. Mark was very obliging, all went great. Lisa. February 2016
  • Everything was perfect with Bonnie, your MK5 Jaguar! Thank you so much! Amanda. February 2016.
  • Oh yes, the boys loved the Ferrari Joy Ride. Ross didn’t stop talking about the experience. Thank you for everything, I have kept your contact details for any future correspondence. Carmel. February 2016.
  • We had the most amazing day out in Rocky. It is a beautiful classic ride and certainly turned heads of all ages. Craig has always dreamed of buying a Mustang , and driving Rocky just clenched the deal for him. There goes my idea of retiring soon. :)) Thank you for your part in making our day very special. Craig and Lyn. February 2016
  • The Ferrari joy ride in Sophia, was a dream come true. A great experience. This has been on my bucket list to do. Keith look after me and my friends. Lovely drive. Sharon Jan 2016.
  • So sorry for the delay in getting back to you – Fangit was perfect!!!!. We had the best day EVER. Steve literally could not believe it – it certainly was a WOW factor. We are still waiting for our photos. Once we receive then I will forward some on to you. Was definitely worth the price tag . Kerry. January 2016.
  • Thanks for your email. Hank was a big hit for the day! It was a mid twenties sunny day, so the weather was perfect for a drive. Nothing but positives are in order for Hank. Everything ran smoothly, from booking, picking up and driving Hank. I’ll definitely be hiring another vintage vehicle in the near future. Thanks again. Mitch.  January 2016.
  • Miriam and I had a very stylish anniversary day cruising the northern beaches and lower north shore in Penelope. She was extremely well behaved with more than enough cheek to give us a thrill and turn plenty of heads. It was also a real pleasure to meet your associate on the day – a very accomplished gent! Mark. January 2016.
  • We had a great day with Hank. He was the perfect gentleman and enjoyed stretching his legs on the open road. The V8 engine was beautiful to listen to and we enjoyed it all day. Hanks horn was hilarious and we enjoyed tooting away as we drove down the street. If we could take him out every day we would! We had a lovely drive through the national park and down to Kiama, and had many admiring comments of how great it was to see two girls driving such a beautiful machine. My partner thoroughly enjoyed her birthday surprise and we have already recommended you to many of our friends who were so jealous once they saw the pictures we had posted. Thanks again Keith. Hopefully in the near future we will be in touch to take someone else out for a spin. Brooke. January 2016
  • Yes, it was a great weekend with Lynn. It poured the first day up there in the hunter but cleared up enough to lower the roof after that. The owner’s name escapes me but he and his wife were very helpful and friendly. I will definitely be recommending the experience. We had a blast. Phil. January 2016.
  • It was fantastic. Ann-Maree and her friend had a great time in Winnie. Bob did his upmost to ensure the trip was enjoyed and comfortable. I would definitely use your service again! Marc. January 2016.
  • My husband did all the driving and absolutely loved it. We hope Bertie enjoyed his stay with us in Kangaroo Valley. Thank you so much for arranging this for us. Di. January 2016
  • Just a quick email to say thank you to you and Mark – the owner of Rocky the ’67 Mustang convertible. We had a great time out on Saturday – from Palm Beach to Bobbin Head and up to Brooklyn; the weather was perfect and the car was awesome! Our boys (12 & 10 years old) thoroughly enjoyed the open top experience and the attention the car attracts. I just now need to convince my wife I need a V8 again! 🙂 Brett January 2016.
  • Many thanks for today. Helen absolutely loved Penelope.  Colin January 2016.
  • We had a wonderful day in Cleo and Matt absolutely delighted in the car, it was fantastic. Thank you for allowing us to use her in lieu of the Mustang, it allowed me to give Matt a great birthday present and, what’s more, he proposed to me that day! The car made everything just a little more special.  Jasmine.  December 2015.
  • John had a grin on his face all day. We got about 320kms on her when the rain came. Even with the top up people still keep on looking and we probably enjoyed Shelley more! Mark December 2015.
  • I had a fantastic time with Rocky and the experience was everything I was hoping for. It was the perfect day to have the roof off and we drove around the Northern Beaches for most part. My 4 year-old daughter also fell in love with the car and has been asking me to get a similar car since! Thank you again for accommodating the pick up time and for making this great day possible. Anne. December 2015.
  • We had a great time with Rocky. Simon.  December 2015.
  • Blanche was great and so was Tim. Please pass on our sincere thanks. A joy to drive and a true personality. Fond memories of the Smiths dials! Happy to recommend anytime. Will & Lindsay. December 2015.
  • Yes, my partner absolutely loved taking Raymundo, so much so he’s now looking to buy one! Which I always knew was the risk. We cruised down to Kiama and back and the weather was perfect, we took plenty of brag snaps too. We had a great experience and I will be sure to recommend your site to my brothers and mates. Thanks again. Cassandra and George. December 2015
  • We had a wonderful time with Rocky, thank you very much. My partner was on cloud 9 all day and we had a great time driving up to the Hunter Valley.  Lynda December 2015.
  • Rocky was great….my husband used to love mustang. After riding it for some time he decided to buy his own soon!  Manpreet. December 2015.
    Thanks – it went well. Had a lot of fun in Rocky.  Philip December 2015.
  • They absolutely loved the 1 hour Ferrari Joyride. My husband was so impressed and the kids were thrilled. I would definitely recommend this as a gift or experience. Danielle December 2015.
  • I and my boys had a fantastic time and Mick was a great host. I recommend the 1 hour Mustang Joyride highly.  Jeremy December 2015.
  • Bessie and we did have a great day out. It was a great experience and certainly made my dads day. We went for a lovely drive and lunch by the river. Must say it was well worth seeing my dads reaction to his 70th surprise present he was very emotional and it brought back a lot of memories back from his early days when he use to own one. Only feedback is positive. Thanks again.  Michelle. December 2015.
  • We had a great time with Rocky. It was a gift for my husband and he enjoyed every moment of it! The whole experience was perfect from start to finish – thank you.  Belinda December 2015.
  • My husband really enjoyed the 3 days with Shelley. It was such a lovely car to drive and received a lot of attention on the roads. Thank you for assisting with this special experience, it was a winning gift choice!  Robyn December 2015.
  • Thanks for making our day, such a beautiful day.  We will be sure to hire Penelope again one day.  Maybe our anniversary!  Owen and Kezia December 2015.
  • Loretta and Lynn were great! Definitely was nice to show up to our ceremony in them and they were beautiful to drive. The boys were very happy too!   Eleasha.  November 2015.
  • My husband loved driving Hank, he had a smile on his face the whole time. He loved the power and the looks and the whole experience of driving a classic car! It was truly a surprise, so thank you for helping arrange it to be that way. The car looks great, we got a lot of looks from people we drove by – which my husband got a kick out of!  Sophia November 2015
  • Bessie was a sensation! John and Alice returned from honeymoon today and John declared that Bessie was one of two highlights of the wedding for him. It has been declared the best wedding ever by a number of people and Bessie certainly had a major role to play – what a Grande Dame!!! Thank you.  Jane November 2015.
  • Angelika was beautiful. The car was a present for my partner’s birthday weekend. I’ve never driven an old car before so it was a different experience but a good one. Louise November 2015.
  • We had a great day with Rocky, thanks very much for keeping him in such good condition and allowing us to play with him for the day. Great fun driving up to Leura for lunch and back…a real novelty. Has certainly inspired getting one like him….one day 😉 John November 2015.
  • The day was fantastic. My missus said it was the best birthday present ever and she truly enjoyed taking Roger, her dream car, for a spin.  Sean November 2015.
  • Was fantastic. I was actually trying to work out ways of not returning Bertie and just keep driving. Loved it. Dean November 2015.
  • It was a great experience! Chris was absolutely fabulous, super-helpful and very kind. And Bartholomew was an absolute dream. It was such a treat to have him for the weekend.  Many thanks.  Hilary November 2015.
  • We had a superb day in Roger. Every minute was an adventure and met a lot of nice people who had either driven, owned, had a relative who had an A or some other reason for coming over to us and casting a longing eye over the 50 year old. Thoroughly enjoyed the day (even though it was about 35 in the shade) and will have no hesitation in recommending to any or all of my friends. Thank you for the opportunity. John November 2015.
  • Yeah the car was amazing! My girlfriend absolutely loved it as did. There is something truly special about that car. The lines of the body, the stance, the rumble, the simplistic interior, was all amazing!!! I’m looking to hiring Hank again in the near future. Antony November 2015
  • All positive reports mate as she performed beautifully living up to all expectations. I took my girlfriend to the drive in at Blacktown, using Bessie really impressed! Thanks for your service, I will definitely be in touch again in the near future for our next outing (date!) Bruce November 2015
  • It was a wonderful day when we drove Roger to the winery. It was a special birthday for me and I have recommended it to alot of my friends. It is a wonderful menory we will treasure for ever. We felt that our day was planned so well and Roger drove like clockwork – no problems at all.  Mary November 2015.
  • The Morgan Joyride was fantastic. My husband was absolutely thrilled! He had no idea and was quite shocked we managed to keep it secret. Thank you so much for all your help in getting this together. A 30th wedding anniversary to remember! Linda Nov 2015
  • We had a fabulous day.  Best wedding anniversary by far!  Penelope is a treasure.  Jayne.  November 2015.
  • Our weekend with Raymundo was awesome! I loved the 70’s eccentricities of the car. Gauges,brakes and suspension. Everywhere we went he turned heads. Will definitely borrow him again.  Thanks again for the opportunity. The ease of the organising was also appreciated as was Andrew’s passion for me to enjoy the car. Peter October 2015.
  • Thank you for the opportunity to have a drive in a majestic vehicle. We had a fantastic day in Rocky. My husband loves Mustangs and the next time we decide to take a drive in a mustang, we will consider a longer time.  Judy October 2015.
  • My wife and I had the best time with Penelope. She was the perfect addition to our wedding day and made it that extra bit special. We didn’t have one single complaint or problem all weekend. Penelope has even persuaded my wife that we need a muscle car in our lives. So thank you!  Andrew October 2015.
  • Thanks for letting me use Rocky. It was a really fun time driving him around. Fanastic! Phil October 2015.
  • We had a great time. The sun came out eventually and we enjoyed the cruise to over the Harbour Bridge, Vaucluse, Milsons Point, Circular Quay, The Rocks, Bondi, La Perouse, Brighton Le Sands and Cronulla. I was a bit nervous at first because Bertie is such a classic, but I soon relaxed and was changing gears smoothly! I’d love to take Bertie out again one day. Trish. October 2015.
  • Rocky was excellent. A real fun experience and boy, we had the day for it! It was a great day out and I will be recommending it. Thanks so much.  Karen October 2015.
  • It was a loud and fun day. Hank’s engine/ exhaust sounded amazing and performed nicely.
    All in all it was a great experience, especially for the price and we enjoyed our day. Antony October 2015.
    was awesome!! We had a great day. We cruzed down through the National Park to Stanwell Tops, lunch at Scarborough Hotel & down to Austinmer. He was well behaved and was a pleasure to drive. Will be doing it again!  Craig October 2015.
  • We were very happy with Bertie Keith – and Peter was great, really helpful. Many thanks!   Andy  October 2015.
  • We loved the trip away we had, and enjoyed the experience of taking Hank, a 66 Stang, with us. It was a father & son road trip for my son;s 13th birthday and he absolutely was thrilled.  Pete October 2015.
  • Just want to say what a pleasure it was driving Henry, the London cab. Jamie was courteous and enthusiastic and most helpful. I’ve always wanted to own a London taxi. Oh well, at least I got to drive one.We all had a lovely day. Thanks again 🙂  Isaac October 2015.
  • Bertie was great, Peter was just lovely and my uncle had a wonderful time. Will definitely be recommending your joyrides as a gift to other friends. Gabrielle October 2015.
  • Had a great day with Windsor. Lunch at Scarborough, then down to Austinmer.  Car was great! Thanks again. Craig October 2015. 
  • Had a fantastic time.  Penelope was on her best behaviour.  She has fulfulled a long held ambition without disappoitment.  Many thanks.  Bob & Roz October 2015.
  • Mosey was great ! The girls had a ball arriving at the wedding – he made a grand entrance .Wes was fantastic upon pick up as well.Thanks. Ang September 2015.
  • We loved our day out with Rocky. Many toots & lots of stares as we drove around. Even when we stopped we were approached for pictures. Felt like a celebrity.  Samantha September 2015.
  • Kerry & I had a great day in Bertie. Kerry especially had a enjoyed herself diving a real car!. She remarked how different it was to her 2014 Honda Civic. Wonder what she meant???? Seriously we had a fun day after the nerves settled. Your suggestion on route was good .We had not seen that part of the city before. Bertie performed well with no mechanical problems. Wane & Kerry. September 2015
  • All went well for us. We decided to take Windsor out to more local spots. So we had a run to Bundeena and Kurnell and lunch in the Royal National Park. Certainly attracts a lot of looks! Thanks so much for your assistance with it. Mark loved the experience. He still says it was a great gift for him; even though he only has a limited knowledge of cars, he’s always loved Mustangs! And we just loved the red colour too! Thanks again and best wishes to you and to Mick – he was really lovely and a pleasure to deal with. Sue and Mark September 2015.
  • We had a great day out and Bertie ran like a dream! I was taken back to my first car (a 1966 mini) which I have fond memories of. At St Albans all the travellers marvelled at Bertie (and probably thought Dave and myself were the least likely passengers!). We really enjoyed the day cruising around in a beautiful old car that was all about the drive and removed us from the rat race. It was exactly how driving should be! Thank you again for letting us take out your pride and joy for a spin, the pleasure was all ours!!!  Melissa September 2015.
  • Had a great drive in Rocky, your Mustang. For the age of the car, it drives well, took about half hour to get used to it, but after that all good. Had an awesome day, would like to do it again, it’ll tide me over until I finish saving to buy one…Andrew September 2015.
  • We enjoyed our tripping around the Southern Highland in Bertie and he performed well. We did not push him and he rewarded us with a very pleasant weekend.He likes country roads, not so happy on motorways!  Gary September 2015.
  • Truly one of the best cars I have ever driven. Can’t wait to do it it again. Rocky is well tuned and handles like a dream. I really liked how it is geared so it’s not quick off the mark but gradually gets up to speed and once you are cruising on the highway it gives you further room to move. It reinforced my love of muscle cars. Thanks to you and Alexia.  Brett September 2015.
  • My father had a great day – I don’t think Bertie missed a beat.  Michael September 2015.
  • We had a great time in Bertie, really enjoyed ourselves, so much so we bought bought one!  Hugh September 2015.
  • Rocky was great to drive and we had a great time.  Daniel August 2015.
  • We had a fantastic day with Hank. Surprised my sister with him and she loved it. He was in great condition, and looked every bit as good as on the website. Thanks very much for everything, we’ll be sure to use you guys again for another surprise! James August 2015
  • We had a great time with Loretta at the wedding. She appeared in a few photo shoots . We took her for a run with the roof down on Friday which was good. She did behave herself and didn’t let us down. Everyone liked her. The owners are great people and easy to deal with.
    Thanks for rearranging the hire for us. Garry August 2015
  • We had a wonderful day out cruising in Rocky! He was amazing to drive and we got plenty of appreciative looks as we drove around 🙂 I would highy reccommend you and Rocky. You keep him in fantastic condition! Petra August 2015.
  • We had the most lovely day with Rocky. It was my youngest son’s 10th birthday and he is really into cars just now so it absolutely made his day when he saw Rocky and got to drive about in him all day. I didn’t drive myself but my husband said that, once comfortable with the sixties steering, he was a pleasure to drive – and the sound of that wonderful engine!!  Judith August 2015
  • My Dad had a great day in Bertie! It was a big success, so thank you very much.  Michael August 2015.
  • Being able to self drive a 66′ Mustang Coupe, in the immaculate condition of ‘Hank‘ was indeed a privilege. It was for my son’s 11th Birthday and the drive to the party venue was so much fun. A real show stopper and the sound of the engine exhilarating for us. I would not hesitate to recommend ‘Hank‘ and your organisation for the hire of Vintage and Classic Cars. Alexandra August 2015
  • We had a fabulous day with Lucalia thanks.  Surpassed Gregs expectations.  Debra July 2015.
    was was smooth as silk. Easy to drive. Loved it and Paul was great to deal with.  Rob July 2015
  • Sven has been an exceptional driving machine during the time I could munch kilometres with him! I have enjoyed every single litre of petrol that his engine has burnt away, no regrets. I will definitely consider spending more time with him! Matthew. July 2015.
  • Just wanted to say what a wonderful time we had with Rocky. My husband was speechless when he found out what the suprise was, and loved the attention as we drove around. We ended up driving to Palm Beach and having lunch at the Boathouse and then driving through Manly on the way back. Your daughter was lovely and very accommodating. Thanks again for helping my to create an unforgettable experience. Holly July 2015.
  • We had a brilliant time and we hope Penelope enjoyed having her legs stretched! Just like you said, likes letting her hair down when she gets the chance. She had a few chances to do so on a couple of perfect roads we found in the Southern Highlands that were very under populated and smooth. We aim to do something similar again, when we can justify it, maybe the Hunter next time. To be honest we feel privileged to be able to drive Penelope. We hope you keep her going for many, many years to come. Julian July 2015.
  • Thanks again for the hire. Had a great time!! Lots of fun and Rocky definitely got the heads turning – had to wipe some drool marks off bonnet! Phil June 2015.
  • My husband and I had a wonderful day with Rocky. Thanks to Alexia for being so flexible and re-booking dates when there were previous weather issues. Lily June 2015.
  • Everything went perfectly with Reggie– thanks very much. Ian was a brilliant driver as well, super helpful, friendly and really put us at ease. Greg June 2015.
  • Thank you so much for giving us Rocky for the day. It was a great surprise from my partner and one I won’t forget. He was an absolute please to drive and there were no issues what so ever. I have never received so many compliments or thumbs up while driving my van that’s for sure! Thank you again, and fingers crossed we get to meet him one day for another drive. Tom June 2015.
  • I just wanted to say thank you for allowing us to drive “Rocky” on the weekend. Tom had a great day driving him and I found a new enjoyment for the car. Once again thank you for all your help. Tara May 2105.
    We had a great time with Bertie! He drove pretty well, especially up the hills!   Kylie May 2015
  • What a thrill it was to get behind the wheel of Rocky.  I enjoyed the ride, turned more than a few heads (and even gave out some brochures!!).  It was a great not being able to use the phone and just enjoy the drive, the wind and the noise. Thanks for sharing him with me on my birthday.  Nathan May2015
  • Thanks for a lovely couple of days with Penelope!! We are totally in love with her! We could hardly tear ourselves away from her!!! She is SOOO much fun! Perfect thank you. Helen and Nick May 2015.
  • My fiance and me had a blast of a time in Rocky and John’s Angelika. Especially the latter, taking off gracefully from the front of the pact after the red light, felt like Moses leading the Hebrews.  Peter May 2015.
  • Wayne had a ball with Rocky. Said it could not have been better.  Brenda Apr 2015.
  • Hank was excellent. James May 2015.
  • Certainly did enjoy my turn with Penelope, thank you. We had a great time with her!  Rod Apr 2015.
  • We loved our day out with Bertie and had a fabulous drive along The Putty Road to the Hunter Valley. We will recommend this experience to others. Jane and Derek  Apr 2015.
  • Pia and I enjoyed driving Rocky, the Mustang in Sydney and up to the blue mountains. It was amazing because people truly like the beauty of the old cars and its nice driving a vintage car like this. So I was very happy about the whole experience. A very pleasant experience that I love to repeat the next time I’m in Sydney. Alex and Pia Apr 2015.
  • Penelope was absolutely fantastic, Keith! What a treat! Loved every minute of it. She is one of the prettiest cars ever built. Thank you so much and hope to see you again soon. Vera Apr 2015.
  • The whole experience was wonderful, everything went according to plan and it really was a pleasure driving Holly-Rose, I just wish I had it for longer.  Loch Apr 2015.
  • Penelope ran like a dream, she was a real head turner especially with Alison sitting in her, wearing her bridal gown!  Ryan Apr 2015.
  • Awesome day, my Dad was ecstatic, Rocky is the same model as what my dad used to race minus the hardtop. He hadn’t driven a Stang since he binned his at Lakeside. It was great fun and a 67 Mustang California is now on my toys to be purchased list. Jono Apr 2015.
  • Penelope was fantastic. Scheming to rent a Mercedes next from you. We really enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you very much!  Stephen Apr 2015.
  • I am happy to say that we had a wonderful time with Roger the MGB. He behaved very well and there were no issues. He started first time every time. The car was in top condition and obviously well maintained. Janet Apr 2015.
  • Absolutely loved our day with Angelika. Mary-Louise Apr 2015.
  • What a great way to spend my 50th birthday! Cruising with the top down feeling the air flow between my hair – though, wish I had some! Driving Holly-Rose, I felt young again. What a great car. Very comfortable with heaps of style and plenty of power. When the time to came to bring her back, well I had a tear in my eyes. I didn’t want to let her go. Chris Mar 2015.
  • Thank you for the amazing experience. We love both Rocky and Hank. Both cars ran very well. They also sounded great on the road. We had many admirers and will definitely recommend them to our friends and family. Amina Mar 2015.
  • Deb and I really enjoyed our day with the E-Type and would do it again tomorrow.
    The weather was perfect and Penelope was on her best behaviour.  Terry and Deb Mar 2015.
  • Hank was fantastic, it was the perfect surprise to take my partner down the coast for the weekend to propose. The only problem I have now is that she wants one of her own! Thanks for helping make a perfect weekend. Hayden Mar 2015.
  • We loved it! The day was a birthday gift for my husband as Rocky is his dream car.  Karen and Glenn Mar 2015.
  • Our experience with Vintage and Classic Car hire was an absolute pleasure – it’s not often in life you get offered the use of a red Ferrari for the day! Driving Sophia was a dream, gear changes with the close pedals made winding around coast roads such fun, listening to her engine roar behind us while people just stopped and stared! Our only regret is that we didn’t take her on the wide open road to feel her in her full glory…there’s always next time!  Anna Mar 2015.
  • We did have an enjoyable day with Rocky and took him up to Terrigal. Luckily the weather stayed good meaning we could leave the soft top stowed away. Ken Mar 2015
  • We had the best day in Rocky, and it couldn’t have been a better surprise for Greg’s milestone birthday. The look on his face when he realised he’d be driving Rocky for the day was priceless.
    The old Pacific Highway was a great route to take too, and there were plenty of opportunities for Greg to put Rocky through his paces, and he performed beautifully, according to the driver. I just loved the experience of being in such a classic convertible, and Rocky certainly attracted a lot of admiring attention on our trip to Wollombi.  Lisa and Greg Mar 2015.
  • We had a wonderful day out with Bertie and he behaved himself very well!! He must have enjoyed being out in the sunshine for the day as much as we did. Thanks again for helping me surprise my husband, he thoroughly enjoyed his birthday. Natalie Feb 2015.
  • We want to thank you for making our wedding day so special! Winnie and Dot were beautiful – the icing on the cake. We would recommend you to anyone. Jess and Dan Sept 2014.
  • Had a great time and it was good to drive an old mustang – one off the bucket list.  Sam Feb 2015.
  • Rocky was a great sport! Had such an amazing time, loved the vintage feel inside the car and the looks from everyone we passed. The sun was out and the V8 roared. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Linda Feb 2105.
  • Reggie was a joy to drive on the day.  Anthony Feb 2015.
  • My wife and I had a great time in your Mustang. It was excellent fun and I’d certainly recommend it to anyone. Brad Feb 2015.
  • Holly-Rose is a delight and she was so beautiful. What a beautiful car. Thank you. Ian Feb 2015.
  • We loved taking Rocky out for a spin for the day! Was heaps of fun.  Simone and Nathan Feb 2015.
  • We really enjoyed our 2 days with Roger. We had a good drive around Sydney and enjoyed our lunch at Glenmore Heritage Golf club.  Les Feb 2015.
  • We had a ball in Hank as a family, it was great to see Dad enjoy himself for his 70th birthday, a 67 Mustang was always his dream car and for him to have it over the weekend was great. Dad particularly enjoyed Sunday driving around the Southern Highlands before we returned to Sydney Monday. Many thanks for a great service and yes its wonderful to have access to these lovely old cars and have them benefit from a good drive around. What a great business service you run. Scott Feb 2015.
  • Hank was a pleasure to drive. Enjoyed our day out.  Kane Jan 2015.
  • Rocky is a hot ride!  Simon Jan 2015.
  • It was an amazing experience and we all had a blast. Thank you for letting me have Rocky for the day. He is a divine piece of machinery and once I got used to driving him, I was in my element. Your a super lucky person to have Rocky in your family. Hope lots more people get to experience the joy. Keep on cruising Rocky and Keith thank you to and Lexi for being so easy to deal with and flexible. It was the perfect gift from my family and I hope one day I will be back to hire Rocky again.  Brooke Jan 2015.
  • We had a great day. Rocky was great.  Elio. Jan 2015.
  • We all really enjoyed the day – thanks – Hank went really well and was a real head turner – the sound was something else!  Ray  Jan 2015
  • We had a great day with the Mustang. The car behaved beautifully, no problems at all.  David Jan 2015.
  • We had a great time – my husband absolutely loved driving Rocky and had nothing but good things to tell everyone. Rocky drove really well too so he was very well behaved. Thanks very much for the experience.  Sandy Dec 2014.
  • Roger was well behaved and there were no problems I noticed, nor issues with hood, handling, engine etc. I am sensitive to mechanical issues, steering, brakes etc. and didn’t detect anything amiss. Thanks for the loan. I had a great time and it brought back good memories.  Mike Dec 2014.
  • Loved driving Rocky again, our second time out together!  We had a great time. The proper authentic experience.  Here’s to next time.  Mark Dec 2014.
  • Rocky was a fabulous drive. Of course he got plenty of looks too with us two ladies in there!
    We got a lovely tan on the way up to the hunter valley and pulling into the winerys was divine with people asking where we got him from. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!  Steph & Jen Dec 2014.
  • What a unique experience. I’m always stuck on what to buy my husband as a Christmas present and for years he has been talking about owning a mustang, what better way than to own one for a day!  Thoroughly enjoyable and would highly recommend. Nina Dec 2014
  • We really enjoyed our trip with Roger, we had a great time.  Quite a bit of experience driving an MG! Laura Dec 2014
  • We loved our day out with Bertie. Everything was fabulous Pip  Dec 2014
  • Reggie has real class. And both my (now) husband and father had a great time behind the wheel. Emily, Dec 2014.
  • I felt like Steve Mcqueen for a day, so thanks to you again. Thomas Nov 2014.
  • I certainly had a fantastic time! It was a great day and it was the first time I got to drive a convertible. It was a beautiful drive and I enjoyed it thoroughly, so much so that I was really keen on maybe purchasing an MGB Roadster for myself.  Kavan Nov 2014.
  • Thank you once again for playing a part in what was a very special day for us made that much more nostalgic by adding in Reggie.  Jeremy Nov 2014.
  • I had an enjoyable weekend with Roger, and was enlightened to what driving an MG is really like. I would certainly consider hiring another one in the future. Schon Oct 2014
  • Roger was in great condition and an absolute joy to ride. Definitely lived up to the expectation. And the car owner was a pleasure to deal with.  Navid Oct 2014.
  • Hi Alexia. Last week we had the extreme pleasure of having Rocky (with all his power and grace) for 3 days, as we cruised in and around the Blue Mountains region. The hire was a gift for my beautiful partner Karen, which included a secret hideaway and a marriage proposal (she said YES)! I still think Rocky was the main event in Karen’s eyes though, he was simply wonderful! It was bittersweet to have to eventually return him, but it only stoked the fires to hire again for a future special occasion. The smiles and goodwill from admiring onlookers will also live with us for ages. All the best to you and Keith for making the experience possible.  Rob, Sept 2014
  • Thank you for the great experience we had with “Bertie” we had a wonderful week end enjoyed the driving so much we actually bought ourselves a beaut little girl called Ruby she was born in 1966 and has a good looking red body. Maybe one day we can introduce her to Bertie at one of your day out’s. Glyn, August 2014
  • The Rolls performed faultlessly, although it was very fond of petrol stations (we had to keep stopping at them) and I had problems with my eTag; possibly employing such a modern contrivance in a Rolls Royce was somehow undignified? Graeme, July 2014
  • Hi Alexia – sorry for tardily touching base, but just wanted to let you and Keith know that Chris adored his birthday drive. We had the best day and Penelope seeped into our bones and we now need to save up for a vintage sports car! He had no problems driving her, though she was, as Jude warned, heavy. The only issue we had was moving the seat forward, but Jude found Keith’s magic piece of paper for that. Thanks again for your help.  Gaynor, June 2014
  •  We felt like movie stars driving under the stars, bonnie and clyde. It really made the weekend special. I found it funny that people wait until their wedding day to do stuff like this, when in actual fact on that day it doesn’t really matter what your driving and things are so chaotic you cant even enjoy it. The owners were very trusting with their baby and also took the time to take us through all the ins-and-outs of the car. They were very kind to meet us at the airport at such short notice which we really appreciated on a long weekend!
    Kiarash, May 2014
  • We had a fantastic time cruising in Rocky and took him to Palm Beach. The drive was great and weather too! We had booked mid week and needed to leave a lot earlier to get through peak hour traffic to pick up the vehicle, but worth the bumper to bumper drive to spend the rest of the day in a 67 Mustang. We’d do it again! Belinda, March 2014
  • The Mustang and the service that we received were excellent. It was a gift for my husband for our anniversary, he loved and it and so did our 4 year old son. It was fun for the whole family. We took it cruising down the beaches and really enjoyed the roof off experience. Glorious weather in a beautiful car. Would have no hesitation in doing it again on another special eventJulie Feb, 2014
  • Went for a drive in ‘Bertie’ the ’64 MGB with my mum for her birthday recently. Had such a great day driving up to St Albans Pub and back. She really enjoyed the surprise when I turned up unannounced in the driveway with this! Thanks guys- can’t wait to do it all again some day soon!” Graham, February 2014
  • I’d just like to extend a massive thank-you to both you and Maggy for facilitating the hire of Bertie your MGB last Saturday for Victoria and my wedding!  It was excellent and could not of gone better. The feedback was incredible. Gyles, January 2014
  • Driving ‘Bertie’ was such a fun way to spend the day – amazing car! Keith was a great host too… really knew his stuff. The whole day was a great success, and we’d definitely do it again soon! Peter, January 2014
  • The best day out we have had in a long time. Very, very sad to hand Penelopes keys back! The company recommended a great route which was perfect for the car and very scenic. The great weather helped, we had the hood off all day. Robyn, January 2014
  • We had such a great time with Rocky; it fulfilled a 20 year long dream for Warren. Thank you so much for the recommended drive, it was just perfect. Sonia, January 2014
  • The ’64 MGB brought back memories of both a previously owned MGA and MGB The MGB was in excellent condition, we had a great day driving from Sydney to Hardy’s Bay for lunch, an excellent gift much enjoyed. Ross, December 2013
  • Just a quick thank you for an excellent day out in Bertie!! Both Lars and I really enjoyed the roadtrip to Bathurst and back.  It’s just such a characterful and charming little classic. On the way back we were actually both totally convinced that we needed our own little ‘B’ too.  😉Anders, December 2013
  • Thanks you very much for your help with the booking, the Mustang Coupe experience was amazing!!!!! Fred and his son were very nice and helpful. I can’t recommend you guys enough!!! Max, December 2013
  • Fallen in love with Rocky! many thanks Michael, November 2013
  • Thanks so much for lending Penelope to us for the day, Neil loved driving her and when given the choice to drink wine or drive her home he chose Penny!! We put the top down and away we went, what a beautiful way to experience the Hunter Valley. I didn’t get to drive her but was happy to be a passenger and see my husband enjoying it so much on his birthday.  Suzie and Neil, November 2013
  • Thanks for everything, Bertie was great. It was a wonderful day the best fun my wife and I have had for a long while.  Phil, September 2013
  • Had a great day with “Sven”. Felt like I was in a movie from the moment I sat behind the wheel. I look forward to the next time. Marty, September 2013
  • We picked the car up first thing and had a thorough briefing on the car – my first time in an e-type so well done. We headed up to Wisemans Ferry and St. Albans and once free from traffic could relax and enjoy the car. Had a short stop at the Settlers Arms and then headed back to Wisemans Ferry and then on to Wilberforce and Richmond. We then headed down to the Nepean River before heading back in the late afternoon on the M4. Had the top down all day. Perfect weather and a thoroughly enjoyable day. Mark, September 2013
  • Cruising to Katoomba with the top down and my top 100 ’60s songs blasting on the E-type’s Blaupunkt sound system was a ’60s boyhood dream come true. I was only 10 when Penelope was in her prime… but at 54 I thoroughly enjoyed my 1960s fantasy day with my wife in her best Carnaby St gear navigating on the iPad. Keith’s recommendation that we take the “scenic route” via the poetically named Bell’s Line of Road and Blue Mountains National Park was spot on. We recommend the Apple Bar at Bilpin for wood-fired pizza by the open fire or a coffee stop. Thanks Keith and Maggy. Murray, August 2013
  • We had a wonderful day exploring the northern beaches and Pittwater with Bertie.  It was a wonderful gift for Lachie’s 40th Birthday from his brother & sister in law, as at one point Lachie dreamed of getting an MG for his 40th!  He has a 1966 HR Holden instead which has been handed down through the family, so it was great for him to live his dream for day!  Lachie had a ball! Thank you and best wishes Jacqui & Lachlan July 2013
  • Thank you, Sydney Classic Car Hire!  “yes”. On a weekend where you hope for all to go smoothly and without a hitch? no, wait with a hitch, anyhow the important part is both car and weekend went perfectly, and I thank you. It was after much planning and rescheduling on our end.Your team catered for us flawlessly, and it was nice to receive some old fashioned service along the way. You delivered an amazing car for our exciting day, which had us both smiling  all weekend long. Penelope showed us how her age only enhances the look, feel and drive of this amazing car. I’d like to think a “yes” was a strong chance with or without the car, let’s just say it most definitely helped my cause. Thanks again. Andy July 2013
  • Wow, what a surprise to come home Friday and find a ’67 Mustang “Oscar” in my garage.A 50th birthday present from my wonderful husband. We had the car until Monday and had great fun driving to Dee Why and everywhere else I would normally go on the weekend. I was nervous to drive it at first, but after a few instructions from Paul, loved every minute of the 3 days. Our 3 teenagers also enjoyed driving in a “classic”. Comments like, “how do you get the windows down, and how do you lock the door!” made us chuckle. Totally enjoyed the experience. Had a smile on my face all weekend. (made the guys at church a bit envious too!) Thank you so much. Would recommend classic care hire to anyone. Susan July 2013
  • For a lot of people this experience just means lots of fun, to me it was going back in time when I used to drive cars like Bertie that were, mechanically, an exciting experience. I loved it but because the weather wasn’t the best I am thinking I will need to get this car again in the future when the weather is finer.Regards Justo June 2013
  • Millie the MG Midget – What a great day of 1960’s nostalgia! Heading north on the old Pacific Highway, down through the gears at every hill and bend to the burble of Millie’s exhaust. First coffee stop at  Brooklyn Marina overlooking the Hawkesbury, then on to  Woy Woy for fish and chips, returning with afternoon coffee on the outside deck of the Mooney Mooney Club overlooking the oyster leases.A pleasure to drive such a well restored Classic, Millie and I are sure to spend more time together.Russell. May 2013
  • we were very happy to have had the London cab for our wedding.Having ‘enry there really completed our day and would like to thank yourself and Keith for making it happen.We have alot of friends who live or have lived and travelled to London so it did receive alot of attention.Chris, our driver for the day said he heard multiple calls for “taxi!”  during his drive around town, quite exciting.I’ve attached a few photos of our day with ‘enry. Darren and Holly, May 2013
  • It took around 15 minutes to learn the ropes of this magical E-Type Jaguar. We drove to Wiseman’s Ferry with the hood off and reignited our youth. From Wiseman’s we ferried across the river (about 10 minutes) and then drove 20km to a lovely Settler’s Arm Inn (1836 era) where we enjoyed lunch and much admiration for the Jag. We were given very detailed written directions to our destination by Sydney Classic Car Hire. The whole experience was amazing. We had intended having our own picnic lunch but unfortunately our picnic set would not fit in the car. Robyn May 2013
  • I have a long standing passion for Mustangs. my girlfriend have me a Red Balloon voucher for the self drive day in the 67 Mustang. I enjoyed reliving my yourth and having to REALLY drive the car unlike todays cars. Being a convertible albeit with a cloth top gave a fantastic feeling of freedom on the open road. April 2013
  • Driving ‘Bertie’ was such a fun way to spend the day – amazing car! Keith was a great host too… really new his stuff. the whole day was a great success, and we’d definitely do it again soon! Peter, April 2013
  • We had an absolute ball and Brian finally got his Mustang desire out of his system. Thank you for being so easy to deal with. Sue, April 2013
  •  The car (Bertie) was immaculate, drove well and we had a great time. This is a 5 star value experience for such a lovely old car. It is light on fuel not a guzzler. We had a lovely day weather wise so could drive around with the top down. Leanne , April 2013
  • I would like to thank yourself and Keith for the great day June and I had in the Mustang ‘Rocky’. Particularly given that the car was off the road and its rapid ‘recovery’ to enable us to enjoy. Again thankyou for facilitating our special day. In our life it is very difficult to schedule time to ourselves let alone manage an inteerstate trip without months of planning, so we really do appreciate what you did for us. A special thankyou also for Maggy for facilitating our transport to the train station .Cheers Kym and June, April 2013
  • Just wanted to say how wonderful our English taxi cab Henry was, it made a real head turner at our sons wedding, with the photographer commenting that he had never photographed a bride with this sort of car, just wonderful service thanks again. Toni, April 2013
  • Just a note to say a massive thank you for tghe use of ‘Reggie’ on our special day (despite the rain). Mum and Dad were delighted and dad won’t stop talking about it. Thanks so much Holly and Chris, February 2013
  • We had a fantastic drive in “Rocky”. Clint really enjoyed his 40th birthday drive. Kylie, January 2013
  • I received a ‘day with Hunter’ as a Christmas present from my girlfriend. As a life-long fan of old-timers, I was eagerly looking forward to this experience – and I wasn’t disappointed! Hunter is a great little car, in fantastic condition, and was remarkably easy to drive.We had a terrific day, cruising the twisty roads through the Ku-ring-gai  National Park and up towards Palm Beach. The car was even better on fuel than I was expecting. Thanks to Keith and Sydney Classic Car Hire for an unforgettable experience! I’m sure we’ll be back! Adam, January 2013
  • I hired the 1964 MG as a surprise for my girlfriend on our anniversary. The car was awesome, every traffic light you could feel people looking in, the day was flawless as we drove thru the national park down the south coast and to wollongong and kiam for lunch and coffee’s> definately would recommend to anyone looking to do something fun and diffrent. Felipe, January 2013
  • The car was well prepared. Time was taken to explain driving and technical information. The experience highlighted how cars have changed. Great for a fun nostalgic day out. Rob, January 2013
  • This was a gift from our daughter for our anniversary. We drove the little red MG . At pick up we really enjoyed talking to the owner (forgot his name) he made it sooo easy to take his beloved car out, and gave us confidence in taking it. My husband loved the quick gearbox and I loved not having a roof! The car ran really well and we went along the coast road stopping here and there. All rounder great day out. Next time MKII Jag baby! Thanks. Brenda, December 2012
  • Simple, informative start with the host. The car in excellent condition and ready to go. Pickup and drop off very straight forward. Hosts pleasant and easy to deal with. Enjoyed a wonderful day in a beautiful car driving up the northern beaches.Kylie, December 2012
  • Had a great day out in perfect weather conditions. met lots of TV stars from the “Home & Away” TV series at Palm Beach so it made my wife’s day. Would definitely recommend this venture. the car was a lot of fun. Dean, November 2012
  • this is the best gift you can get. A day to roam the scenic drives south down to the illawarra and back. Amust for anyone that dreams of owning an mg but dosen’t. Phillip, November 2012
  • Absolutely delighted with the Mark2 experience.I as the driver had such fun driving the car, even though not a huge distance.  It was great to be reminded of how beautiful cars used to be made, with their own idiosyncrasies.My son and his date for the night of the formal just loved the experience.  For them, it beat hands down the Extended X5 that took his mates to the formal. Lachlan, November 2012
  • We had a fantastic time with Rocky over the weekend and were sad when the day was over and it was time to return back to normal life in our normal car. Thanks to you and Keith with the arrangements, Simon got the biggest surprise when he saw Rocky waiting for him outside our house… although I’m not sure if he may have already heard him roaring down the road! It was such a great experience and would recommend to all car lovers out there. Elise, November 2012
  • A great experience with a knowledgeable and genial host.Dennis, October 2012
  • He had an amazing time! Thank you so much! The weather was perfect to which made it more enjoyable being a convertible! We will definetly keep an eye out for another car for next time, as he has another adrenalin voucher to use! Nadina, September 2012
  • My family & I had a fantastic day driving  in Rocky, thanks very much, I’m sure you will be on a winner with the business with this classic car. Rocky is a well maintained 1967 mustang muscle car, which you can rely on to cruise in for the day. Thanks to Keith for being friendly, helpful & through with ensuring our day was perfect. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Hope to do it again sometime. Gary, September 2012
  • What could I say more than the pictures attached! We both had a fabulous day and we enjoyed every minutes of the ride.Thanks to Bertie and to your great advices. Marie, August 2012
  • It was excellent! We drove Penelope to the Blue Mountains via Bells Line of Road and then back via Leura. The sunny day with the car top down made the drive all that much better. It was great to drive a car of this vintage. Anthony, July 2012
  • Just like to say my Wife, Kids & I had a great time over the weekend with Hunter. After having owned a sports car prior to Kids, it was a real treat to get behind the wheel again. Your friendly manner & enthusiasm for British Classics was much appreciated by us. We will be hiring again.Scott, June 2012
  • Loved my first experience driving an MGB. Could not have had more fun! Tim, June 2012
  • A great day …….can’t be improved on. Keith is really friendly and knowledgeable re his cars. Graeme, May 2012 (Drive Day experience)
  • The MGB was a lot of fun to drive and a real thrill to be in such an iconic car from the sixties. It was something I had wanted to do for many years and definitely would consider doing something similar in the future. The people at British Classic Cars (Sydney Classic Car Hire) were very helpful and good to deal with. Colin, April  2012
  • It was a great day.Our young boys really enjoyed crusing around in a convertible. Fantastic experience and can’t wait to do it again. Samantha, April 2012
  • My boy friend definitely wants to own a mustang! Prior to this experience he wasn’t sure but after having had the chance to drive this classic for a day he is convinced that it is on his list of things/toys to have in the garage to admire and restore
    Wendy, April 2012
  • Lots of fun and well organised  Susi, March 2012
  • My husband and I hired Rocky, the Ford Mustang, to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. The car was immaculate, and we had a fantastic time driving down the coast with the top down. Couldn’t recommend it any more highly… A classic car and a fantastic day out!! Jane, February 2012
  • Firstly I just wanted to say thank you to Keith. You made everything so easy and you were an absolute pleasure to deal with. It was also really nice to talk to you about cars and mechanics. Your knowledge was very good and I felt very lucky that I got the opportunity to take out Rocky for the day. We had the most amazing day, the weather was fantastic and Rocky just put the icing on the cake. Rocky was a pleasure to drive and made the proposal (marriage) that much easier. We felt so relaxed in the car, those seats are so comfortable! I must say the power steering was perfect making him so easy to park and get around with very little effort. Rocky didn’t miss a beat the whole day and turned so many heads. The only thing I must mention is that now, unfortunately I don’t like driving my normal every day car! Ha! We loved Rocky and will definitely hire him again in the future. Mitch, February 2012
  • My husband and I hired Rocky, the Ford Mustang, to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. The car was immaculate, and we had a fantastic time driving down the coast with the top down. Couldn’t recommend it any more highly… A classic car and a fantastic day out. Jane,  Feb 2012
  • We had a wonderful time with Rocky on the weekend, it was a great experience to drive such an iconic car it certainly was one of the things to do on my bucket list! My kids also loved the experience of driving with the roof down and were amazed to see roll up windows and an ignition key that really looked like a key! I would certainly recommend the experience to family and friends as Keith was very diligent in ensuring we understood Rocky’s personality.Danielle, February 2012
  • Thank you very much. We enjoyed the day with Penelope very much. Patrik & Celine, February 2012
  • Keith was great to deal with , even offered Rocky for an earlier pick up time. Car was a lot of fun to drive. Brought back a lot of memories of my old,albeit tamer, XD V8. It was a gift from my wife and was thoroughly enjoyed. I would highly recommend the experience. Neal C, January 2012
  • We had an excellent dat with Bertie!. The car was every bit as exhilirating to drive as described. Gladly recommend this experience to others as we plan on doing it again in the next few months! John S, December 2011
  • Had a great time! Car was easy to drive and I saved heaps.The cheapest quote I had for a wedding car was $750 for the first 3 hrs and $250 per hour thereafter.Here I had the car for the whole day for $290.00 Keith and Maggy are great and very accommodating. Thanks a lot.Steve Z, December 2011
  • We had a very enjoyable day, cruising in the “B” down through the Royal National Park & the coast road, over the Seacliff Bridge to Wollongong. The MG was well presented, and drove like an MG should, never missing a beat. Keith & Maggy were a delight to deal with, very friendly and helpful. We would recommend this experience without hesitation. Phil Gibbs, November 2011
  • Abbey and I had a great day out with Bertie. I was quite impressed with the flexibility of the engine with the gear ratios. It made it a real pleasure to drive. Shane, November 2011
  • A big thankyou to Sydney Classic Car Hire for a great family day out in the E-Type, MGB and Mustang. We all got to drive each of the vehicles and thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of zooming along in a convertible on a great day. This was a great opportunity to drive classic vehicles that I will never due to my interest in Landrovers, but have always had respect for these classics. The Landrovers are a little slower, so a totally different drive. Added to the feeling of driving one of the classics, was to see another in front, and one in the rearview mirror. Dad used to race MG’s when he was a young lad, so was a great trip down memory lane for him when the challenge was to beat the Sprites, and they did. David, Joan, Ian and Bec, November 2011
  • I hired Penelope, the Jaguar E-type Roadster for my 50th birthday in August. The The launch of the Jaguar e-type had just celebrated it’s 50th birthday as well, so it was a fitting celebration. The first week in August was one of the warmest on record and Juliet and I enjoyed a trip to the Hunter via the country lanes north of Sydney. We had the roof down all day and were totally immersed in the sights and sounds of driving such a wonderful car in the Australian country side. We would recommend it to anyone. Rob F, November 2011
  • It was a wonderful day out, for anyone that wants to relive an era when a car was a true car this is for you. Kerry, October 2011
  • We both really enjoyed the experience. As a young man, when these cars came on the market , I would always stare enviously at them as they went past , it was great to finally fulfill that boyhood dream to actually drive one! It was amazing driving along , wind through the hair , low to the ground, felt like you were zipping along faster than you actually were, of course .Even though the weather turned wet around noon , we quickly put the canopy on [as explained to us when we picked up the car that morning ] ,and felt as snug as a bug and continued our journey unperturbed. The car went very well all day. A great day !! I would recommend it to anyone who wants a day out with a difference! Ian, October 2011
  • Just wanted to write and say a big thank you for giving us Rocky for the long weekend! Bernard absolutely loved Rocky and drove him around to as many of his friends as he could. We will definitely be recommending Rocky to the rest of our family and friends..Thanks again!!! Eric, October 2011
  • Had an AMAZING day with the MG! As soon as we saw the car our day was perfect! And as soon as we returned the car we have been looking at hiring another car to do it all over again! Thanks Sydney Classic car hire. Claire, September 2011
  • The car was well presented and maintained. The owners were delightful to deal with. We thoroughly enjoyed a day out with “Rocky” the Mustang. Wayne, September 2011
  • Keith was really helpful, we had a fantastic day. Highly recommend. (MGB) Stephen, September 2011
  • I hired Penelope, the Jaguar e-type roadster for my 50th birthday in August. The launch of the Jaguar e-type had just celebrated it’s 50th birthday as well, so it was a fitting celebration.The first week in August was the warmest on record and Juliet and I enjoyed a trip to the Hunter via the country lanes north of Sydney. We had the roof down all day and were totally immersed in the sights and sounds of driving such a wonderful car in the Australian countryside. We would recommend it to anyone. Rob F, August 2011
  • We had a truely wonderfull day.(MGB) Shannon, August 2011
  • I enjoyed the car(MGB). But the heavy traffic spoiled it a bit, would probably go on a weekend instead next time. Other than that a great experience I’d recomend to anyone, also owners were helpful and easy to deal with. Rowena, August 2011
  • Weather not the best but Bertie still managed to get us smiling, we were well rugged up and a stop at a warm and cosy pub fueled us up for the return to Sydney(coffee and hot chocy of course)..we loved it thanks Bertie! Bob G,  July 2011
  • We felt very cool and hip driving around in Rocky, he certainly turns heads…A shower in the afternoon made us put the hood up and we couldn’t wait to get it down again…definately need the wind in the hair to get the full thrill of this old boy. Meg, July 2011
  • Reggie played a great part in our special day being automatic made it much easier on our best man who was very nervous about his speech but managed to keep his composurer while driving Reggie. Mich, June 2011
  • We would like to say thank you for the great day and your service…keeping these old cars on the road and comfortable can’t be easy but well worth it from point of view..we enjoyed cruising the beach fronts in the Mustang. Andrew, May 2011
  • Great drive in the Mustang. Peter, April 2011
  • I had “Rocky” hired for me as a surprise 30th birthday present and what a memory that will be, seeing him pull up with the roof off!! The attention he grabbed on the road was amazing and it was good to pretend for the 2 days that he belonged to me!! I have never had as many comments “nice car”, or “love your car” etc than I have when I was driving Rocky. The sound as you squeeze the throttle was enough to send chills down your spine as he roared to life causing people to point and stare (not that I blame them). We had a good trip winding through the national park in the Sutherland shire area and also a good trip up to the Northern Beaches of Sydney (although the run to the service station to get undercover before the hail started falling was a bit nerve racking … made it though) Iain, March 2011
  • It really was a great day. Having wanted to own one from my early motoring years it was a dream fulfilled to experience the thrill at last and to rewind the clock to my youth. Phil, February 2011
  • We had a great day cruising the coast. Really enjoyed it. Warren, February 2011
  • A great day cruising the South Coast and Southern Highlands in a classic ’67 Mustang with the roof down. We would recommend the experience to anyone. Cheers Ron and Jen, February 2011
  • I just wanted to send a quick thank you for allowing my father in law & I to hire your beautiful MG. The car was a big hit on the day & was just perfect! Thank you for everything, we will certainly be recommending anyone who is after a beautiful classic car to you. Andrew, January 2011
  • This is an experience that everyone should do at least once in their lifetime.. Tony, January 2011
  • Bertie was a great friend for four days around Sydney. Received plenty of attention and really knew how to impress the crowds with the top down and a great growl from under the bonnet. We had a fantastic drive around the beaches and up to the blue mountains. A real pleasure and recommended to make any trip more special. Rob and Charlotte, January 2011
  • Thankyou so much for Rocky. We had a fantastic time and Sydney put on the perfect weather for us (even though my daughter and husband got very sunburnt sitting in Rocky). We would have being totally lost without TomTom so thankyou for that too. The car was in perfect condition and Keith was a fountain of information for us. We enjoyed the drive and my husband said it was the “best birthday present he had ever got” which made me sooo happy I had organised it. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to future travellers. Karen, December 2010
  • I would just like to say a great big thank you for a fabulous day out in your Beautiful Red MG Convertable, it was a stunning day, driving down the freeway, along the coastal road, with the hood down, and we even did the classic pull over to the hard shoulder to put the hood up in a short rain storm. All in all a fantastic day a fantastic car, thank you very much for allowing that to happen. Paul, December 2010
  • We had a great day out with Rocky I’d just like to thank you and your husband for helping us make my fathers birthday a memory we can all cherish. Haleh, December 2010
  • What a truly special experience. We borrowed Penelope for a day knowing this will be our last trip in a little sporty convertible before the arrival of our first child. We expected a beautiful older car but never expected something as special as Penelope. She drove like a dream and was so comfortable – vital needs for a heavily pregnant woman! But had all of the sporty needs to appease even the fussiest of men! Thank you so much for lending the car to us and for keeping her in such amazing condition. You are preserving a very important part of history and we are so grateful for this amazing experience. Kristy and Todd, December 2010
  • Having the MGB Roadster for a day was a fantastic experience. I bought this for my boyfriend who loves classic cars and he couldn’t keep the smile off his face all day :). the owners Maggie and Keith were very friendly and lovely to deal with. I would highly recommend this experience as we thoroughly enjoyed it. Carmen, October 2010
  • Thanks again for the loan of the MGB Roadster – we had a wonderful day. Attached is yet another photo for Bertie’s scrap book (at the Wollongong lighthouse). Cheers Richard and Sue, October 2010
  • As promised, I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you so much for lending us “Bruce” over the weekend. The car really did fit the occasion. Michelle has a passion for MGB’s having owned one (albeit a new MGTF in the UK) and sharing the same initials so her face lit up like a kid at Christmas when I pulled up at her work and declared this is hers for her 30th birthday weekend…Bruce was as amazing to drive as he was to look at. To be honest without him, the weekend would just not have been the same. It certainly influenced a certain answer to a certain question that’s for sure… We will be sure to contact you again for another hire and most certainly will recommend your service. Craig, October 2010
  • I just wanted to tell you what a great time we had cruising down the coast in Rocky yesterday. Mum had a great time driving him on her birthday. I will be a weekend we won’t ever forget. Thanks Matthew, October 2010
  • My husband and I had a fantastic day in ROCKY. Great weather, roof down, cruising up the coast in a 67 Mustang pony. Past a few truckies who all gave us the thumbs up for a nice old beast on the roads. Even at red lights everyone were commenting on how good the Mustang looked. I’m sorry we both pretended we owned ROCKY But just for the day. Answering all the questions people asked. { what year, is it a pony, whats under the bonnet and how does it go on the highway. Even a cyclist at a red light said to Wayne { you are really looking after the old girl arn’t you} To which my husband just smiled. Thanks for the experience and we are already planning our next { Rocky } Mustang day trip. Although Wayne wants a couple of days now. { MUSTANG OWNER FOR THE DAY } It was Wayne’s 50th birthday present. Thanks Lorraine and Wayne, September 2010
  • We had a great day cruising in rocky yesterday – we had several other passengers for short rides also. We managed to have the top down all day even though it was a very windy day – and for the last part of our journey from galston to lane cove we had the heater on. We got a few nice comments and waves from passers by who thought it was a pretty cool car- definitely a flash classic – and we were very happy to secure it for fathers day – all in all Gary had a good day ! Hope you get lots more bookings as we passed on to friends how good it was and took a couple of friends for a spin- Gary and Janice, September 2010
  • Mark LOVED the opportunity to drive his dream car, the initial moment of presenting him with Rocky was priceless. He loves the ‘stang, no question, and Rocky’s great! At one point we’d parked in Bowral and ducked into a store to get a coffee, and came back out to walk past the car to another store to see a lady stopped and taking photos of Rocky on her iPhone. That was fun. The only thing that dampened the experience was the rain. The sheer thrill of getting behind the wheel of a car with such history and class and power was unforgettable, and I know he appreciated all of Rocky’s charm and idiosynchracies! And thanks also to Keith, we enjoyed our time and experience with him very much. Heather, September 2010
  • We had a fantastic time. A real trip down memory lane. The only two problems we had were: we had to give the car back, we didn’t want to give the car back! Thanks once again for the great service and we’ll be back for sure. Have already recommended you guys to some friends also so keep up the great work….. We miss you Bertie!! Stave and Vanna, September 2010
  • Just wanted to say a big thank you on behalf of our family. We booked the Mustang for my Dad for his birthday and he absolutely loved it! Nearly two weeks later and he is still talking about what a great day they had and hinting very heavily that father’s day is just around the corner! Dad and Mum had a beautiful sunny day and cruised down the south coast with the hood down, just enjoying the ride and enjoying the attention. He was totally thrilled with the experience and is now thinking of buying one of his own. The process of booking the car was easy and the pricing was very reasonable especially considering the satisfaction gained!Kylee, August 2010
  • Dear Maggy, Danny had a wonderful day in the Mustang last Sunday. Thank you very much.Kate, August 2010
  • Would like to thank you for a great day out, David’s 50th birthday surprise was the E-type for the day, I will never forget the look on his face when he looked down the driveway and saw the jag there in all it’s glory! The drive down the coast with the top down was the best, parking outside a cafe on a beachfront having lunch while everyone was looking at the car just made the day perfect, a great car to drive so easy what a ride! Thank you, can’t wait to do it again..Alison and David, August 2010
  • Bill and I loved the experience!! Bertie was amazing to drive and we had a fantastic romantic day driving to Palm Beach. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bertie to anyone! Anna and Bill, July 2010
  • The Etype hired for the day was a gift from my wife Maureen so that I could experience first hand the joys of driving my ‘dream car’.The weather turned out to be in our favour making it a great day and our trip to Bowral and back was wonderful. I doubt that I will ever own my dream car but hhaving the pleasure of driving it that day was something an old chap like me will never forget. The only hiccup we had was having the GPS fail on the way back through Sydney, but your husband was extremely helpful with the directions and made for a safe journey back to base. David and Maureen, June 2010
  • Thank you so much Maggy and Keith, for a very memorable weekend. Andre was fairly speechless as we walked up your driveway. We were blessed with amazing winter weather all day Saturday and drove down to Wollongong where Andre did his first sky dive. After that he was even more speechless as we cruised back to Sydney. It really was a brilliant birthday and we would highly recommend your services to anyone. We were stopped a few times and handed out your cards too, as we just didn’t have the heart to pretend Penelope was ours (even though we wanted to!) Claire, June 2010
  • A day out in Bertie the MGB was a present to me from my wife and daughter. They thought that an old English car would be a suitable companion for an old English gent like me. And so it proved to be. I shared the day with an old buddy of mine, suitably English of course, and we took Bertie out on a beautiful sundrenched day. Motoring caps and sunblock were the order of the day closely followed by nostaglic enjoyment. After only 30 minutes of driving it was as though I had been transported back in time. The rumble of the engine and the rush of the wind was complemented by inquisitive looks from all the drivers of modern cars as they sped past us. We had a ball. Bertie behaved himself and performed wonderfully well. A fantastic day out and a big thank you to you, Keith and Red Balloon for providing the car. Chris, May 2010
  • I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know what a great week-end my wife and I had with Bertie the MGB. Driving Bertie really took me back in time to the 60’s with the hood down, sunshine glowing and wind through our hair (the weather was fantastic). We had a great time driving south along the highway to Mittagong where we turned off and explored the winding roads of Kangaroo Valley. What a thrill it was driving Bertie through the valley stopping for lunch and continuing our journey to Mollymook. I was surprised at the amount of interest from onlookers as well as some comments made when we had our pit stops. Our daughter who was very excited for us took photo’s before we departed and posted them on Facebook for family and friends to see. I received numerous comments from them about me re-living my past. The whole experience was very enjoyable and a week-end that we will treasure for a long time. hanks to “Bertie” who didn’t miss a beat on our journey. Peter, May 2010
  • Thanks for letting us use “Reggie” for our Hunter Valley wedding, everything went off without a hitch. Not only did Reggie look stunning in the photo’s, our parents loved driving him around for the rest of the weekend. David and Deanne, May 2010
  • Santi and I really enjoyed the experience. It was so great to spend the day with ‘Rocky’ and feel like a mustang owner for the day. It was a surprise for my husband and he certainly enjoyed himself. Although a little hard to say goodbye at the end of the day. Cheers Elena, May 2010
  • Better late than never! We really enjoyed our day out with Bertie! He was well behaved and his beauty inspired a few whistles, some horn honking and lots of admiration! The weather was beautiful the day we went out adding to the whole experience. The wind blowing through our hair was just right, protection from any forward blasts being provided by Bertie’s windscreen. What more can I say even though we have no pics the experience is firmly planted in our brains and we would recommend this experience to anyone want a fun memorable day. Thanks for all your help and sharing the “Bertie” experience with us! Gracy & Kevin, April 2010
  • We thoroughly enjoyed our date with “Rocky” – he certainly is a “look at me” type of guy as we drove along the windy roads and through the national park. Even the crew filming a commercial at Stanwell Tops stopped to stare as we rolled up in our classic 67 Mustang, shining in the sun. It was the best birthday present for Steven especially considering he and Rocky share the same birthday- 1967! Thanks so much Maggie and Keith! Steven & Virginia, April 2010
  • We had the most enjoyable day driving the MG B up to the Blue Mountains. In fact it was more of a drive down “Memory Lane” with lunch and a round of golf at Wentworth Falls, and we had the hood down all day. Thank you once again for a great experience. Alan & Carole, April 2010
  • Hi Keith, well it has been just over three months now since we hired your little Bertie for our Christmas Eve wedding in the Hunter Valley and we haven’t forgotten what a wonderful contribution he made to our big day. We have recently received the photo’s of the wedding and have attached a couple for you. Hope all the cars are well!!! Neil and Fiona, April 2010
  • I recently arranged for my Dad to take out the MGB (Bertie) for the day, so that he could relive some old memories of the cars he used to drive when he was younger. On the day of the drive, the weather was perfect so Mum and Dad took Bertie up to Palm Beach. According to my Dad, Bertie was a pleasure to drive and received plenty of attention on the road. They stopped for lunch and took their time driving back into town. Dad thoroughly enjoyed himself and even donned a vintage driving cap for the day. It was a great experience and the guys at Sydney Classic Car Hire made it all stress free. Thanks for helping me take my parents back in time…they loved it and will look back on this day fondly. C Doughty (East Ryde NSW), April 2010
  • I was given “Rocky” as a surprise gift for my 30th when I was back home visiting friends and family. Without question, the most memorable day of the holiday! I love vintage cars and this old Mustang is in impeccable condition and drives like a dream. Smooth, carefree, relaxing driving at its best, Rocky is a must for anyone looking to ‘escape’ for a day or two. I only wish I could take him home. It also caused a bit of a commotion driving through the streets of Sydney, especially with the roof down! Rhys Evans (Aussie living in London), March 2010
  • To steal a metaphor from everybody’s favourite car show, to drive your dream car for the first time is a bit like meeting your childhood hero. So many expectations, hopes and ideals….we are pleased to say Rocky exceeded them all . The wind roaring past, the sound of that mighty engine, passersby frozen as they stared in awe. Nevermind admiring beautiful beasts such as this in shiny posters and magazines, this is living it. On our drive from coastal cities to country towns, we took Rocky through many different environments. There was plenty of sun, but when the rain hit, he held up just as well. That electric top sure is a blessing when you’ve been caught out by a storm! Many people stopped to chat and it would be a lie to say we weren’t tempted to claim it as our own. However the credit truly goes to Keith and Maggy, not only for having such a fantastic vehicle, but for being kind enough to share it with us. That’s all really, we just had a great time! Claire and Andrew, March 2010
  • Jeff and I just wanted to send you a quick message to say that we thoroughly enjoyed our day out in Bertie on the 31st of January. It was such a lovely experience to be able to take such a stylish little car out on the road for the day. It is very evident that you love and care for your cars. Julie and Jeff Fielke, February 2010
  • Hi Guys – Thanks for great day – ” Bertie” the 64` MG was very well presented and fun to drive – drove all day with top down – enjoyed all the northern beaches had to offer – Thanks again.Greg & Debra, February 2010
  • Sorry for the delay in sending these photo’s but we are not very technically minded. Hope you can use them anyway. Chris was absolutely delighted with his “surprise gift” of spending the day with Penelope. He said it was the most fun (with his clothes on) he’d had in years! Zara & Chris, February 2010
  • Bob and I were thrilled with Bertie the red MGB. It was a warm day and it was just lovely to have the roof down and the wind in our hair. We received a number of admiring looks and as we drove along the highway. One lady almost fell out of her car trying to tell us what a great car we had. I am so glad Bob knew how to drive a manual gearstick. Thanks again for a great day and I highly recommend having Bertie for the day. Sandra Campbell, January 2010
  • Just want to say thank you for lending us ‘ROCKY’ for two days.WOW! what a beautiful car. Dad absolutely loved it. The best surprise he’s ever received, that’s for sure. Took it for a drive up the coast and we were the envy of most drivers on the road. Not only does it run smoothly, it’s surprisingly quite light on the fuel. Dad hasnt stopped talking about it. Rocky’s not just a hit with the boys, the ladies loved it just as much. It definitely gets those heads turning. Dad still hears it roar down the drive way. He hasnt been able to wipe the smile off his face. Thank you so much for making this happen. ‘ROCKY’ was an absolute pleasure. Ray & Bec, January 2010
  • Maggy & Keith, I just wanted to thank you kindly for the opportunity of taking one of your cars out for the day. It was an exciting & most enjoyable experience. Well behaved & very stylish, ‘bertie’ looked after us without a hitch and provided a nice relaxing day for both my partner & I. I look forward to becoming familiar with a few more of the fleet over the coming years. Thanks once again. Alex, January 2010
  • We had the most awesome day and it was the best surprise for Ronny, he still talks about it!! Rocky is a beautiful car and it was an absolute head turner!!! Thank you to you and Keith for making it a wonderful experience 🙂 I will definitely be recommending you to friends and family and hopefully take another spin in Rocky one day in the future 🙂 Thanks very very very much.Melanie, November 2009
  • Maggy, We thoroughly enjoyed Penelope’s company for the day. She was a pleasure to drive and never missed a beat. Thanks for asking. Chris & Zara, November 2009
  • Just a note, to say thank you again for thinking up such a marvellous business that makes dreams come true. After our battle this year, “Reggie” was a boost not only to my husband, but to the whole family, to see him so happy. I thought it might quench his thirst a little, for his dream car, ever since he was a small boy, but he wants one of his own more than ever now. Oh dear, that sort of “back fired”! Dixie and daughters, October 2009
  • Dear Maggy We had a thoroughly enjoyable two days in your car (Mark 2 Jaguar) thankyou… we both enjoyed the leisurely motoring in very comfy seats. Best wishes. Kathie, October 2009
  • Hi Keith, Just thought I would take the time to thank you and Maggy for the loan of Penelope yesterday. She is a beautiful lady and gave us much enjoyment on our drive down the south coast. She performed faultlessly and seemed to revel on the open road purring like a kitten as she gobbled up the road and bathed in the starring eyes of the passing traffic. I’ve always wanted to drive an E type and now that I have I WANT ONE, Kathleen says No, but she has agreed that we can hire Penelope again, perhaps for a weekend so could you please tell Penelope that our love affair will continue… David, October 2009
  • Nothing but positive feed back from our weekend away in Bertie to Kangaroo Valley. He ran like a dream and to be honest was far better on fuel than I would ever have imagined. I’m sure it would be a treat to take him anywhere but Kangaroo Valley is such a special place to go for a drive in a car like that. The windy roads and places to stop and have a bite to eat or read the papers and check out some of the views was just unbelievable in the car. I would recommend the weekend away to anyone. Thanks again Maggy. Andrew, October 2009
  • Maggie & Keith, Thank you once again for your generosity in making your 1968 E Type Jaguar available on 14.010.09. The roadster version is such an icon. Penelope lived up to expectations and we noticed she attracted a lot of attention on the road. We met up with our car club members for lunch by arrangement and it took some explaining as to how we came to be arriving in such style. We are looking forward to hiring from you in the future for special occasions. Bill and Jan, October 2009
  • We had a fantastic time in Bertie and the weather just managed to hold off for us. He was in fantastic condition and was a pleasure to spend a day with away in the mountains enjoying a change from the hustle and bustle of the city. We look forward to the opportunity to take another of your cars out for another special day one time. Patrick, October 2009
  • My (now) wife & I had a wonderful experience escaping the city in Rocky the Mustang. What an awesome car & what a great way to elope. I loved the idea of driving my dream car for a week & then giving it back to its caring owners. This car is over 40 years old & still delivers in style & power. It IS very very cool. There is a sense of freedom when you take off down the freeway in is such an iconic vehicle. Maggy & Keith take very good care of it & they are very accommodating. I would recommend this experience to anyone, hang the expense, it is well worth it! Scott, September 2009
  • This Mustang is a beautiful car and great day out. Loved cruising around and getting looks and thumbs up. It was a major dissappointment to have to get back into our pulsar at the end of the day! Keith and Maggy were very friendly and made us feel very comfortable about taking their car out for the day. Bridie, September 2009
  • The Mustang was an amazing car – the ultimate head-turner – what a ride! Annie & Craig, August 2009
  • The E-Type was no museum piece, still a fire breathing, head turning rocket. Car sounded and felt fantastic – sad to return it after the two days (tried to smuggle in in-cabin baggage but couldn’t quite fit!). Noel & Helen, August 2009
  • Hi Alexia! Boy, am I glad we set aside the two days’ break with your most excellent MGB!! … life’s been full since then! It’s true, we had a sensational time on our overnight trip to the Greenwell Point ‘Anchor Bay’ motel … I think we discovered one of the perfect drive scenarios for your future clients. Straight out of the city via Royal National Park along the ‘Grand Pacific Drive’, avoiding the freeways by driving all the old roads, including 7-mile beach backroad to Nowra. Return trip went inland to Kangaroo Valley from Nowra, and then over Bellawongara Mountain back to Berry and Sydney on the same route. The northern views along the Sea-Bridge coast are even more spectacular than the drive south. Our trip missed peak-hour in both directions and had plenty of time everywhere. An excellent restaurant called ‘Pelican Rocks’ awaits the traveller at Greenwell Point. We have a fabulous photo of ‘Bertie’ alongside grassy banks on the peaceful Broughton Creek at Berry, but it’s on Pamela’s phone and we haven’t yet found out how to get it into a computer – too busy. If we work it out, I’ll send it to you! To improve the experience?? … No, your service was without fault from the beginning. You know how much I appreciated your ‘can-do’ attitude when we asked about making the 24hrs overnight, … and your extra graciousness in arranging the hours in line with your school schedule at no extra cost was the icing on the cake. I’ve already been putting your name forward in recommendation. Phillip, May 2009
  • Thankyou Alexia We loved Reggie Thankyou for letting us loan him. Our day was beautiful, we got a little rain but reggie saved the day by allowing us to sit in him until it passed. We do have some lovely photos of him when they are online I will send you one. Thankyou very much.Megan & Paul, May 2009
  • The MG was great, particularly as the weather was good too so we could keep the top down. We got quite a few comments from passing cars and people in the street when we stopped about how good the car looked. The car itself was clean, in good mechanical condition and the owners were very helpful and pleasant. I can highly recommend this experience. Elizabeth, April 2009
  • Reggie was the perfect companion for my mates wedding. It looked absolutely gorgeous next to the happily married couple and added an extra something to what was already a very special day. He was well mannered and easy to drive and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone! Andrew, April 2009
  • Hi Alexia, Bertie was a great driving experience. It’s been a long time since I was in complete control of a car. Today’s cars with computers, power this and that, take so much of the driving away. It was also relaxing as I never felt that I was in a hurry. Paul, January 2009