“Black Mamba”

1966 Mustang GT350 Convertible.


Pick up from Sydney (Mascot), NSW.

Group C Pricing – $750 per day.

Seats 4/5. Automatic Gearbox. Power Roof.

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  • We absolutely loved Black Mamba and looking forward to the next run.   Holly
  • We had a great time in Black Mamba she was kind to us the whole day and didn’t miss a beat. We cruised up and down the coast as well as headed into the mountains and it was a really cool experience. Peter.
  • Hiring Black Mamba was a (significant) birthday present for my wife and she had a smile on her face all day. The car ran well and was a lot of fun.  Stuart. 
  • Black Mamba was a brilliant car; great sound; perfect day; we both loved every second of it. Iconic car. One little boy pointed at it and said “Mustang!” (At a roundabout near you) that put a big smile on my face, no-one has ever pointed at me and exclaimed “Toyota!”
    51 years old, one speed wipers, no demister , roof leaked a bit; who cares! It was a memorable experience for us both, thank you for that.  David

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The black mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis) is a venomous snake and that pretty well sums up this awesome Mustang GT 350.

Just as Dendroaspis polylepis will slither and snake around and bite you if you push it too hard, so will this Mustang. It is not for the faint hearted!! Minimum age 25 – but no maximum age. Go for it Grandpa!!

Over $30,000 was spent on the motor which pumps out 400 bhp (300 kw to you youngsters) through a 3 speed automatic gearbox. Awesome sound. Awesome performance. Awesome looks. Well, simply awesome!!

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