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Vintage and Classic Car Hire is a division of The Vintage and Classic Car Hub Pty Ltd. which provides professional services to owners and enthusiasts to help them maximise their fun and minimise their cost.

This includes acting as agent for film, TV and fashion shots; Joy Rides, Self-drive hire; Restoration project management; Syndicated ownership and Educational Courses on buying, selling, maintenance and repairing Vintage and Classic Cars.

Please visit www.vcch.com.au for more information.

Vintage and Classic Car Hire is the brain child of Keith Mcilroy. Keith has been passionate about cars since his first Dinky Toy back in the fifties. Since then he has owned, restored, raced and rallied numerous classic cars and motor bikes in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. From Hillman Imps to Humber Sceptres, Datsuns to Daimlers and Moto Guzzis to Morris Minors. He currently drives a 1969 BMW 2002 in rallies in New South Wales.

His current collection was triggered by his daughter’s wedding. His daughter asked if he could drive her to her wedding in his recently restored MGB. In a rash moment he suggested a better car would be a white Jaguar E-Type roadster with red leather upholstery. Just a few days later such a car came up for sale and he could not resist! He then acquired an excellent Mark 2 Jaguar for his own daily use and added a Mustang a year later.





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Self-drive classic car hire

Self-drive classic car hire is the new game in town for car enthusiasts. It started in the UK in the late nineties where there are now over 500 cars to choose from. From there it spread to Europe and North America.

The reason for its popularity is that it enables enthusiasts to drive the cars of their dreams for just a few hundred dollars a day and it gives owners a regular income. It also ensures that the cars are regularly driven, for we all know how much cars deteriorate if they are left parked up for too long.

If you have always lusted after classic cars then self-drive is a cheap and practical way of having all the fun without the hassle – or the oil stains in the driveway!


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