Our Classic 1972 Porsche 911T.

Pick up from Sydney (Maroubra), NSW.

Group C Pricing – $750 per day.

Seats 2+2. Manual Gearbox. Manual Roof.

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Want to rent a classic Porsche 911? They are hard to come by as most of these chrome bumper cars are kept under dust sheets in a garage somewhere, so we are very lucky that Tony is more than happy for you to hire his vintage Porsche 911T for a spin – though not literally we hope!

The 911 is the ultimate driving machine born of the Sixties – with due deference to Ferrari owners! Released in 1963 with an air-cooled six cylinder ‘boxer’ engine slung behind the rear wheels. Only German engineering could make such a design not just handle but handle like a race car. The Porsche 911 has to be on every petrol heads bucket list.

The Porsche 911 is famous for the way that it talks back to the driver. The engine and gearbox in the rear means that the steering is beautifully light and responsive. Your fingertips can feel every subtle change in road surface or camber. Simply exhilarating to drive! Now you can too for just a few hundred dollars. Your dream Porsche is now yours for the day, the weekend or longer.

Which road would I recommend? Without a doubt take the Putty Road, via historic Windsor, to the beautiful Hunter Valley or up the Bells Line of Road to the majestic Blue Mountains – long sweeping corners and hairpin turns. Either way with the Targa top off you’ll enjoy the open air!

Incidentally, ‘Jurgen’ is named after Jurgen Barth, the Porsche Competition Manager from the Sixties.

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