Our super cute Mini.

Pick up from Melbourne (Albert Park), VIC.
Group A Pricing – $290 per day
Seats 4. Manual Gearbox.

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A Mini is the ultimate sixties icon and “Daisy” is yours to rent. In fact, it is the only Classic Mini available for rent or hire in Melbourne.

For when you are feeling nostalgic “Daisy” is the super cute, yellow mini with black upholstery that will fit the bill. With her low centre gravity and light weight body, this iconic car of the 70s is such a nippy, fun car to whiz round Melbourne in, and, “Daisy” is the only mini for hire in all of Melbourne. “Daisy” will take you up into the Dandenong Ranges, down or around the Bay, Could even be the star attraction for your 70s party? Just point and drive to your favourite destination.

“Daisy” is a blast to drive and simply everyone loves a mini. Collect your friends and cruise on down Chapel St, just to be seen. Head down to the St Kilda Esplanade (don’t forget to stop and grab a cake or 3 from Acland St), then continue south along Beach Road, watching others wistfully wishing it were them behind the wheel. You’ll wonder after driving “Daisy”, why big modern cars are even needed. As with all our cars, it’s all about the journey, not the destination. What more can anyone ask for?

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