1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Pick up from Melbourne (Rosanna) VIC.
Group B Pricing – $490 per day.
Seats 4. Automatic Gearbox.
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Fans of John Wick will love the ‘King Of The Streets’.
An awesome Chevelle SS to blow your mind!

The second you fire up that big block V8 you get that Mr. Wick feeling that you’re an assassin of the roads.
Sharkie has an unbeatable presence on the road. Other cars give way, pedestrians wave and tourists will want their photo taken with the car.

If you’ve ever dreamt of experiencing the ‘Heart Beat Of America’ then this American Muscle big block V8 is the pick for you.

Be prepared to be popular when you take him out for a cruise!
Welcome back, Mr. Wick.

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