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Vintage Car Hire Illawarra

Vintage and Classic Holden, MGs, Morris 1000, Jaguars and Mustang for self-drive rental in Illawarra and Wollongong, NSW.

Being self-drive, all our cars are, in theory, available anywhere – but these are the ones most convenient to the Illawarra.

Aren’t you lucky living in the Illawarra with some of the best driving roads in the country through the Royal National Park?  They really are fabulous roads which lead down to the amazing Sea Cliff Bridge. Why not stop at the Scarborough Hotel for some great views and great food?

As for which car to choose? If it was just me and my partner it would be a cute little MGB. If I had to take the kids, it would be a Mustang. Whichever one you choose, you will be thrilled at the experience of sixties motoring at its best.

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“Archie” 1956 MGA Convertible “Archie” 1956 MGA Convertible

    “Archie” 1956 MGA Convertible Pick up from Sydney (Lane Cove), NSW. Group C Pricing – $490 per day Seats 2. Manual Gearbox.

“Windsor” – Mustang Convertible

    “Windsor” 1965 Mustang Convertible. Pick up from Sydney (Loftus), NSW. Group B Pricing – $490 per day. Seats 4. Automatic Gearbox. Power

“Brum” – 1954 MG TF “Brum” – 1954 MG TF

    “Brum” A vintage MG TF from the Fifties. Pick up from Sydney (Appin), NSW. Group B Pricing – $490 per day Seats