“A Unique Experience Driving a ‘Great Gatsby’ Rolls Royce!”

Half Day Experience in Turramurra NSW.

$750 incl GST for up to 4 people

Seats 4. Manual Gearbox.

Call to enquire about other times

Driving a 1920’s Vintage Rolls Royce is an experience you will NEVER forget!

You start the session with a history of Pre World War II Rolls Royces, explaining the background behind the design and engineering that made it simply “The best car in the world”.

You then go on to learn how to start and warm up these amazing machines. Not quite as simple as cars these days!

Then the highlight of the experience. The owner takes you and up to 3 more passengers for a drive around local roads.  After demonstrating how to change gear, steer and brake the car, he then stops and you swap over.

Then off you go!  Chuggingalong in an 100 year old car with the wind in your hair and the looks of amazement from other motorists and passers-by.

We think this is the only such experience in the world. Book and enjoy!


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