Our AC Shelby Cobra Replica.

Pick up from Sydney (Arcadia), NSW.
Group C Pricing – $750 per day
Seats 2. Manual Gearbox.

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  • We loved Shelley & will definitely re-book her again as we had no issues with the car or the booking with you. Karen
  • I think Shelley was more admired than the bride! Our experience was very good and my son was one happy boy. Thank you once again. Bernadette.
  • John had a grin on his face all day. We got about 320 kms on her when the rain came. Even with the top up people still kept on looking and we probably enjoyed Shelley more! Mark
  • My husband really enjoyed the 3 days with Shelley. It was such a lovely car to drive and received a lot of attention on the roads. Thank you for assisting with this special experience, it was a winning gift choice!  Robyn

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“Shelley” is an AC Cobra replica with a review that best sums up the experience. “A potent car with a chassis good enough to handle the enormous power. Fortune favours the brave – and the brave drive a Cobra”. For car enthusiasts, it’s a thrill a minute and envy for everyone else.

“Shelley”, a 2000 build AC Cobra replica can be best described as the most fun you can have on 4 wheels. High-powered, this immaculately maintained, blue bombshell of a roadster leaves every corner with everything feeling so right, so continuous and so fluid it’s almost artistic. The sensations are immediate through the drivers touch on the steering wheel. There are so many roads that this car will enjoy, you will want to go on, on and on. Remember, the more bends and turns the better. Maybe through the local motoring highlights of the Hawkesbury region? Webb Creek ferry and out to St Albans and the pub? Maybe try Cattai Ridge Road? Take that someone special and just have a ball, wind in your hair and mile wide smile. Maybe go for the weekend down the glorious south-coast where there are so many great roads to choose from that a one day hire will never be enough. Go on, surprise someone with this amazing experience. You know you want to!

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