Our iconic 1966 Jaguar E-Type.

Pick up from Melbourne (Ormond), VIC.
Group C Pricing – $750 per day
Seats 2+2. Auto Gearbox.

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Imagine driving “Sebastian” on a jaunt down to Sorrento for a lazy lunch, or maybe a little further to Phillip Island? Or any of the other hidden gem destinations out of Melbourne. “Sebastian” is everyone’s dream of a shiny, classic red sports car that driving cannot wipe the smile off your face.   

“Sebastian”, this sexy red 60’s Jaguar E-Type Series 1, just wants you to slide on in and take her for a spin! Select “Drive” and off you go. Your ears reverberate to the magical sound from the classic 4.2L motor. Your fingers tingle as you feel the connection between driver and between car and road through the wood-rimmed steering wheel. Your face breaks into a wide grin as you press the accelerator and take a time warp back to the carefree days of Melbourne in the 60’s. Others go green with envy watching you having the time of your life.

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