Our stylish 1965 MGB Roadster.IMG_1620Pick up from Sydney (Baulkham Hills), NSW.

Group A Pricing – $290 per day.

Seats 2. Manual Gearbox. Manual Roof.

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  • We really enjoyed our 2 days with Roger. We had a good drive around Sydney and enjoyed our lunch at Glenmore Heritage Golf club.  Les.
  • I am happy to say that we had a wonderful time with Roger the MGB. He behaved very well and there were no issues. He started first time every time. The car was in top condition and obviously well maintained. Janet
  • It was a wonderful day when we drove Roger to the winery. It was a special birthday for me and I have recommended it to alot of my friends. It is a wonderful menory we will treasure for ever. We felt that our day was planned so well and Roger drove like clockwork – no problems at all.  Mary

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This is “Bertie’s” super tuned cousin “Roger”. Quicker, slicker, flashier and faster than dear old “Bertie”. “Roger” has a race tuned engine, a very flashy walnut dash, rally seats and a roll cage. A super slick 4 speed gearbox, the great sound from its Weber race carburettor and race exhaust makes “Roger” a real buzz to drive.

“Roger” is owned by Terry who spends most of the year organising charity fund raising rallies for Cystic Fibrosis. With travelling so much, poor old “Roger” was not getting the attention he deserved so Terry loves him being driven by other enthusiasts who can get the same enjoyment he does whenever he slips behind the wheel. Hood down, race exhaust rattling in your ears, steering wheel twitching as you hit the corners. Simply awesome experience.

The big question will be which road to take him on to enjoy him the most. The tight and twisting roads through the Royal National Park and down the coast road to a great pub lunch at Scarborough? The fast sweeping bends of the Bells Line of Road to Mount Tomah botanical gardens? The smooth, twisting tarmac of the old Pacific Highway on the way to Terrigal? The great country road to Wiseman’s Ferry, then across the Hawkesbury River to 20 kms of what we think is simply the best driving road in the whole of Australia, with the fabulous, historic, sand stone 19th Century Pub at St Albans. And those are just for daily drives.

Take him for the weekend and you can explore the great roads in the Blue Mountains, the Hunter Valley, The Southern Highlands. And as always with our cars, the journey is more important than the destination.

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Check out what our clients say here – https://www.vintageandclassiccarhire.com.au/testimonials/