Our 1964 MGB Roadster.

DSC_20673Pick up from Adelaide (Parkside), VIC

Group A Pricing – $290 per day.

Seats 2. Manual Gearbox. Manual Roof. 

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  • My Brother & I greatly enjoyed our outing in Bertie, and a return to 60s something motoring. The MG performed faultlessly, however it is interesting to compare current sanitised driving to that era. Jim & Rod
  • We thoroughly enjoyed hiring “Bertie”. Pick up point was in Miranda, so convenient to the Airport and then a day meandering through Royal National Park, down Coastal Road to Wollongong and return was absolutely fantastic in the red 1964 MGB. A wonderful experience – great fun! Roger
  • My husband was thrilled with his surprise MGB birthday. Spending the day with Bertie with the wind in our hair, zipping along the gorgeous south coast “living the dream” … it was just perfect. Bertie behaved himself beautifully & I can understand why… because he has been lovingly cared for by Peter. Thanks for a great day! Christine

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Let’s face it, everyone has lusted after a little red sports car at some time in their life and there was none better than the MGB which came out in 1962. Cheeky, easy to drive, cheap to run and cheap to buy. Over half a million were built from 1962 to 1980 and it remained the best-selling sports car of all time – until the Mazda MX5 came along in 1989.

What an MGB can give you that no modern car can is a total involvement with the road. The steering wheel kicks and bucks as you power round the corners. The wheels crunch in the gravel as you hit the brakes. The back end twitches when you floor the throttle. Wheels spin, tyres squeal, the engine roars and you laugh out loud.

“Bertie” is one of the very early ones – and the better for it. Like so many things in life, sequels are never as good as the original and every time they updated the B it got that bit softer, that bit heavier and that bit uglier. “Bertie” is a pure, unadulterated Series 1 from 1964. It has the sweet 1.8 litre, 3 main bearing engine from its predecessor, the MGA – in late ’64 they changed it to a heavier and slower revving 5 main bearing motor. It is the lightest of all the models with a fabulous 4 speed manual gearbox and rack and pinion steering made light to steer by fitting an enormous steering wheel. It has a snug fitting hood as well which doesn’t leak – much! Recommended attire when driving the B is flat cap and string backed driving gloves for the blokes and a Princess Grace scarf for the ladies with a foot or so loose to fly out behind you as you race along the country lanes. “Jolly good show chaps.”

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