Our zippy red 1970 MGB Roadster

 Pick up from Tamworth (New England), NSW
Group A Pricing – $290 per day
Seats 2. Manual Gearbox. Manual Roof.

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    • “B2” is your much dreamed about, zippy sports car of its era. In its original red body with black leather upholstery, “B2” can’t wait to get out and about around Tamworth and the New England region. Maybe start your day heading out to Nundle to browse some of the quaint shops cluttered with antiques, maybe an early lunch on the veranda of one of the eateries (or by the fire if its cold) and end the day with a scenic drive home. Or head up to Armidale, or out along Thunderbolts Way (“Captain Thunderbolt”, ruled the highways and byways of New England High Country and beyond for much of the 1860s). Choices, choices choices…..

Let’s face it, everyone has lusted after a little red sports car at some time in their life and there is no car better to capture this dream that to take our “B2” out for the day. Driving a roadster is such a magical feeling. Watching others watch you driving with the wind playing in your hair, your smile feeling a mile wide, and your passenger laughing out loud makes driving “B2” one of the best experiences you will enjoy. Maybe take “Ben” for the weekend to your favourite wine district or your favourite B&B, soaking up the wonderful drive along the hills, valleys and bends. Can you see yourself, purring along and seeing others wistfully wishing it were them? Go on treat yourself or someone you love. You know you want to.

And “B2” has a twin “B1”. These two like nothing more than going out for a spin together. Hire both cars in Tamworth and make a memorable day or weekend with friends.

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