“Winnie & Dot”

Twin white Jaguar Mark 7 wedding cars.

NE0368Pick up from Sydney (Appin), NSW.

Group C Pricing – $690 per day.

Seats 6. Automatic Gearbox.

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  • It was fantastic. Ann-Maree and her friend had a great time in Winnie. Bob did his upmost to ensure the trip was enjoyed and comfortable. I would definitely use your service again! Marc.
  • We want to thank you for making our wedding day so special! Winnie and Dot were beautiful – the icing on the cake. We would recommend you to anyone. Jess and Dan

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Meet “Winnie and Dot” – our two classic Jaguar MK7 wedding cars.

Conveniently located for weddings from the Southern Highlands up to Sydney city centre itself and across to the coast for Wollongong weddings. They also regularly travel further South for weddings in the Shoalhaven.

They are couple of delightful old ladies from the fifties who love to gossip about their passengers.“Oooo. Did you see her lovely wedding dress Dot?” “Yes it was lovely Winnie, though I suppose I am a bit old fashioned. I mean. White? Really!”

But if you want luxury wedding cars, then “Winnie and Dot” are the way to go. A cavernous passenger compartment which can take 3 with room to spare and an enormous bench seat in the front that can seat another three. Both together can take a wedding party of 12 self-drive or 10 with drivers. Great value for money for budget weddings.

Either “Winnie” or “Dot” are also a great car for any special occasion or for a retro tour of the best scenic roads around Sydney.

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Check out what our clients say here – http://www.vintageandclassiccarhire.com.au/testimonials/

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