1964 Thunderbird

Pick up from Canberra (Flynn), ACT
Group B Pricing – $490 per day
Seats 5. Automatic Gearbox.
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“Rode down the highway…” so sang AC/DC in their hit 1991 song. They also “Broke the limit” which is not recommended. For two reasons – one, you may lose your licence and two, this car is over 50 years old and like all our cars, they need to be treated with the respect their age deserves.

Given that, you will love cruising in this stunning example. The automatic gearbox makes it very easy to drive and like most cars from that era, you can actually see the front of the car and the front wings so positioning it in traffic or parking is quite easy.

Just make sure you don’t get “…caught in the middle of a railroad track” !!

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