1962 Jaguar Mark 2  

Reggie does love being the centre of attention.

Reggie does love being the centre of attention.

Pick up from Lane Cove, NSW.

Group B Pricing – $490 per day.

Seats 5. Automatic Gearbox.

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  • Everything went perfectly with Reggie- thanks very much. Ian was a brilliant driver as well, super helpful, friendly and really put us at ease. Greg
  • Reggie was a joy to drive on the day.  Anthony
  • Reggie has real class. And both my (now) husband and father had a great time behind the wheel. Emily
  • Just a note to say a massive thank you for tghe use of ‘Reggie’ on our special day (despite the rain). Mum and Dad were delighted and dad won’t stop talking about it. Thanks so much Holly and Chris

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THE classic Jaguar wedding car.  In fact, THE classic Jaguar saloon. It took the motoring world by storm when it came out in 1959.

“Grace, pace and space” said the advertising at the time and “pace” was demonstrated in the owner’s manual for it instructs drivers to increase tyre pressures by 5 psi if travelling in excess of 110 mph (176 kph)!!

Yes, this was the time when you could drive at any speed you liked, without a seat belt and with no concern over what you had in your bloodstream. Happy days? Maybe not with the number of deaths on the road but certainly a time before the fun police arrived, though don’t tell your Dad that if you are using Reggie as a wedding car!

Jaguar’s sales slogan at the time was “Grace, Space and Pace”.

The “Grace” came from the leather armchair seating in the front, the walnut dash, Wilton carpet and the cutest of picnic tables built into the rear of the front seats – just wide enough for a glass of champagne.

The “Space” was the cavernous boot and seating for five with the high roof line and large glass area giving a feeling or spaciousness to all passengers.

The cars “Pace” came from its legendary XK motor giving it a top speed of 125 mph (201 kph) and only needing 8.5 seconds to reach 60 mph (100 kph).

That “Pace’ was quickly noticed by two groups of people. Racing drivers, who immediately started dominating saloon car racing and local thugs who used it as the ultimate getaway car. It was these groups that gave the car such a cult following. You had the legendary Jim Clark, Stirling Moss and Mike Hawthorne racing door handle to door handle during the day and notorious gangland thugs like the Kray twins using them as getaway cars during the night.

Our Mark 2 is named after one of those Kray twins. “Reggie” is a Heritage Certified model from 1962. In its original opalescent pale blue body with matching upholstery and deep blue Wilton carpet, “Reggie” just oozes style and sophistication. Its original (50 year old!) 3.8 litre engine is mated to a 3 speed automatic gearbox and a limited slip differential. The suspension and braking was developed from their successful Le Mans racers of the fifties – the C Type and the D Type. Braking was so advanced at the time that there is a little red warning triangle on the rear bumper informing drivers behind that the car had ‘disc brakes’. I do wonder how many rear end accidents were caused by drivers tail gating so that they could read the sign!

“Reggie” is the most practical of all our cars for regular daily driving. Smooth and comfortable and with uprated rack and pinion power steering. It even has air conditioning. Well, the sixties version of it anyway – a black nob on each side of the dashboard that you can pull out to direct outside air onto your feet!

Great as a wedding car. Great for formals. Great for lapping up the miles on the way to the Hunter Valley to test out those picnic tables in the back.

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Reggie does love being the centre of attention.

Reggie does love being the centre of attention.

Langhams 6 star hotel and a Jaguar MK2. A perfect pairing.

Langhams 6 star hotel and a Jaguar MK2. A perfect pairing.

Amazing what you find in Reggie's boot occasionally.

Amazing what you find in Reggie’s boot occasionally.