Our 1968 MGB Roadster Automatic.

Pick up from Sydney (Mascot), NSW.

Group A Pricing – $290 per day.

Seats 2. Automatic Gearbox. Manual Roof.

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“My name is Bond, James Bond”

OK, so our cute little MGB is not exactly an Aston Martin DB5, but with the number plate – XI 007 – you pretend just a little bit.

“James” is a glorious MG.  A ‘B’ of course. Everyone, but everyone, has lusted after a cute little MG at some time in their life. Sadly, many are put off by money, family, kids, jobs…. life in general. Some are put off with the manual gearbox which 99% of MGBs had.

Well now, no excuses! Just hop in, select ‘drive’ and to put it simply, drive!  Roof down, of course.  Flat cap for the gentlemen. Grace Kelly hat and scarf for the ladies.  And put on your most photogenic look, for all those ‘Instagrammable moments’!


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