Our 1969 VW Beetle

Pick up from Brisbane (Red Hill), QLD
Group A Pricing – $290 per day
Seats 4 – Manual Gearbox
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“Ferdi” is your classic love bug. Cute and fun “Ferdi” takes you back to a place in time in your memories. Maybe your parents or grandparents had this model and you remember all the fun you had in it growing up?  Maybe recreate a special moment for them too? “Ferdi” loves whizzing in and out of Brisbane or just have a super fun day driving up the coast to Bribie Island and recreate a 60s beach party? “Ferdi” is such a joy for any car enthusiast to drive.

“Ferdi” is the car that has plenty of character and a great sense of fun. The model made famous through car #53 Herbie in the Love Bug movies, “Ferdi” truly is an iconic car of the late 60s and kept in original condition, right down to the roof racks. Get ready to laugh out loud as you go for a spin around Brisbane.  Make a day of it, stopping off and browsing the retro shops around Paddington, Oxley and Salisbury. The VW Bug is the eye catcher and great conversational piece.  Feel like having a day of fun?  Yes please!

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