Our super cute Mini.

Pick up from Melbourne (Albert Park), VIC.

Group A Pricing – $290 per day.

Seats 4. Manual Gearbox.

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Classic Mini Hire

A Mini is the ultimate sixties icon and “Daisy” is yours to rent. In fact, it is the only Classic Mini available for rent or hire in Melbourne.

A work of design genius – light weight, low centre of gravity, front wheel drive and ‘a wheel at every corner’ made it the epitome of Nippy! Something that the race and rally drivers of the era soon discovered and worked to their advantage, the Mini in its Cooper and Cooper S guise soon ran circles around the big Fords and Jags on the race circuit and the Citroens, Jags and Fords on the rally circuit.

“Diasy” was bought by Jacqueline for its cute looks and easy driving. Whether heading out in the rush hour to your favourite spot or speeding along the great country roads on the way, little “Daisy” will put a great big smile on your face and make you wonder why modern cars are so enormous by comparison.  So get a Beetles haircut, don your sheepskin vest, dig out your blue suede shoes and relive sixties motoring at its best.

Take her for the weekend and you can explore the great roads around Melbourne and, as always with our cars, the journey is more important than the destination.

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