An awesome AC Cobra Replica.

IMG_0504Pick up from Sydney (Haberfield), NSW.

Group C Pricing – $690 per day.

Seats 2. Manual Gearbox. Tonneau Cover.

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  • Cleo was gorgeous, Owen particularly liked the suspension in Cleo. Owen seemed to be the envy of the boys that weekend, particularly his dad! I wouldn’t be surprised if Cleo gets the chance to stretch her tyres again when Owen and his dad decide to have weekend together. Thank you so much for organising Cleo. We had a blast! Kezia.
  • We had a wonderful day in Cleo and Matt absolutely delighted in the car, it was fantastic. Thank you for allowing us to use her in lieu of the Mustang, it allowed me to give Matt a great birthday present and, what’s more, he proposed to me that day! The car made everything just a little more special.  Jasmine.

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This is Fred. Does he look happy or what? Fred is the owner of “Hank”, our 1966 Mustang Coupe and he has now added this awesome looking replica Cobra to his garage and our hire fleet.

“Cleo” is one of the best Cobra’s around. Race tuned Jaguar Suspension and brakes from the Brits linked with 5 litres of Detroit Iron with its big V8. Simply ‘Hunky-Dory’. The original Cobra was bolted together in 1962 by Carroll Shelby (yes, THAT Shelby) who took an excellent, lightweight British sports car, the AC Ace, and stuck a big V8 in it. The result was an instant race success, though not a commercial success and very few were built. So here is your chance to drive one of the most iconic race cars from the sixties.

Surprisingly easy to drive – Fred and his brother simply hopped into it in Perth, pointed “Cleo’s” nose East and just kept driving all the way back to Sydney. Sans air conditioning, sans roof, sans all that modern stuff that just puts barriers between you, the car and the road. Go on. Spoil yourself!

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