1966 Mustang Convertible.


Pick up from Geelong (Drysdale), VIC.

Group B Pricing – $490 per day.

Seats 4/5. Automatic Gearbox. Power Roof.

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  • We took out Chuck for a spin. We had a great time. Chuck behaved himself very well and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. Athina.  
  • Both myself and my partner had a great time driving Chuck, we took her along the Great Ocean Road for the weekend and it was amazing. The car ran really smoothly and other than she was a bit hard to start first thing in the morning (it was really cold) we had no problems at all. I would highly recommend this experience to my friends and family.  Amelia.

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“Chuck” is named after Chuck Berry who sang about his “cherry red Mustang Ford” back in the Sixties with some great lyrics –

I got a nineteen sixty-six cherry red Mustang Ford
It’s got a three hundred and eighty five horsepower over load
You know it’s way too fast to be crawling on these interstate roads
I broke her in at the airport on a runway at the J.F.K
I just touched the gas pedal and like to ran off into Jamaica Bay
I had to spin the wheels backwards or the momentum would have carried me away
It’s getting to be a big problem trying to figure the best possible route
I tried to stop in Indianapolis once, and had to back up from Terre Haute
But now I can slow and stop her with my windbreaker parachute

Sorry – no parachute!

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