Our 1970 MGB Roadster.

IMG_3333Pick up from Gold Coast (Runaway Bay), QLD.

Group A Pricing – $290 per day.

Seats 2. Manual Gearbox. Manual Roof.

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  • In short, congratulations on the way the entire process is run from booking until the day. Very professional and the host at Yeronga was very good too. It was a lovely way to celebrate my Mum’s 80th birthday – she was delighted and is still talking about it to her friends. We were able to give Charley a good gallop on the way to the mountain and had some fun through the twisties. I was given the opportunity on the evening before to postpone as the weather was looking bleak which was very generous. As it was for a birthday I pushed ahead and fortunately the weather was beautiful on the day. Thanks again and best regards, Dave.
  • We had a lovely day in Charley! We will definitely look at hiring her again!! Great way to spend a Saturday!! Many thanks, Jo.

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“Charley” is a girl. So please don’t get that wrong. She gets very upset and will lecture you on political correctness.

She is very prim and proper, you see. Everything neat and tidy and in its rightful place.

And the rightful place for “Charley” is cruising the fabulous roads around Brisbane with the wind in her grill and your hair – if you have any! Sit your bottom in her lovely driving seat and instantly become one with the car and the road. There is nothing like a sixties MGB to give you that complete “I am in control” feeling while driving a car.

So leave your automated, all singing and dancing, modern contraption at home and discover REAL motoring.

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Check out what our clients say here – http://www.vintageandclassiccarhire.com.au/testimonials/