A vintage MG TF from the Fifties.

20120607_095530Pick up from Sydney (Appin), NSW.

Group B Pricing – $490 per day.

Seats 2. Manual Gearbox. Manual Roof.

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Meet Mick and his mid-life crisis – “Brum”. And what better way to get out of your mid-life crisis than an MG – the quintessential British sports car.

“Brum” is a 1954 MG TF, the last of the pre-war MG designs before the futuristic MGA came out in 1955. The MG TF kept the styling of the cars made famous by Spitfire and Hurricane pilots during World War II, but gave it very modern mechanicals making it as easy to drive as a sixties MGB.

In stunning condition, this TF will delight the driver and anyone else who sets eyes upon it. Roof down, with a flat cap for the driver and Grace Kelly scarf for the passenger, take a trip back in time on some of the fabulous country roads around Sydney – the Illawarra escarpment and sea bridge, Southern Highlands, Kangaroo Valley, the Robertson pie shop, Bells Line of Road, the Old Pacific Highway, Wisemans Ferry Road, The Royal National Park or  Putty Road. While you are out there, why not visit the excellent antique shops surrounding Sydney for a great vintage shopping trip.

There is something about the sporty sound of the MG engine as it takes off and shifts through the gears with that little burble as you back off the accelerator, sitting low to the ground with tight suspension, direct steering and the roof down you can’t get a more exhilarating experience.

As for your wedding? What more stylish way to arrive than in the passenger seat of this wonderful car with your wedding veil flying in the wind and your father at the wheel.

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